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Question Black Butler

I know what images are going through your mind right now. BUt the series is not what you think. It may be worse. I only watch episode 1 on Comcast On-Demand. From what I gather, the storyline invovles a butler who made a deal with the devil to become the best butler ever while serving this rich kid.

Now I have learned not to judge a series by its first four episodes. I know I missed out on some good ones in the past by giving up too early. But Black Butler really seems lame - and stupid.

Has anyone else ever seen this series? If so, is it as dumb as the first episode, or does it get better?
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I think i saw a preview fo rthis show looked like it touched on the man love side of the house so i never watched it.
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Man love? Outside of the butler, the only main character is the kid. So do you mean. . . ? Oh, that's so sick!

But there was none of that in episode 1. Other episodes are available on my cable. Anyone else know anything about this? Is it worth watching?
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I've read a bit of the manga and seen a few episodes of the anime, and it's not bad. It's quite dark, much more so than the premise implies. And let's see if the spoiler button works (minor spoiler that's resolved in an episode or two, probably don't even need to hide it but oh well!):

It's not the butler who makes a deal with the devil. The butler is the devil, and the kid made a deal with him to make the devil serve him.

It's not something I'd rush out and buy, but I have to admit that Sebastian is freakin' cool and I love the darkness behind the bubbly scenes at the mansion.

So in other words, if you're getting it on your cable anyway, I can think of a lot worse series to watch.

EDIT: Also, about the "man-love," there are instances in the manga that make fun of the whole butler-master thing, which is probably where that idea comes in. From everything I've seen, this is not a "boy's love" series. It's just used it infrequently for comedic purposes and to make fun of the no doubt countless fan fiction stories that are already out twisting the characters' relationship away from where it actually is....
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Black Butler

It is not a bad series really, I own it, the 1st season at least. There is a 2nd season finished in Japan whether or not they bring it state side is another question since Funimation is the producer/distributor and they tend to be the licencessor alot of the anime properties/titles since Geneon USA went belly up.

I think it's a matter of who you ask, if you ask a pre-teen/teenager Black Butler is all the rage right now it's huge to them right up their with the twilight books/movies but a more season veteran may be inclined to not agree as much.

Basically if you like the Victorian era (jolly 'ole England)enjoy eating tea and cumpets and love those British accents (which the voice actors did a good job)
like a bit of the darker macabre side and dig dressing up in elegante' lolita gothic fashion then this should be up your alley. There is no shota or BL bwt
the main 2 characters, you may purpose that ques. to the other character Grell which I am not sure male or female? They imply stuff there.........?
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