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Unhappy Najica Blitz Tactics

Najica Blitz Tactics is a series about -- PANTIES!

Najica and her humaritts partner Lila work for a secret organization which sends them on secret missions. These missions are designed to give us a look at their panties, as well as the panties of various other female characters. Oh, and Lila being a humaritts is sort of an android made to look like a young teenage girl. That means we also get to see her butt!

So if you are a male virgin over the age of 35, or if you are under a court order keeping you away from young children, this is the anime for you! But you have to sit through a lot of poorly written dialog. For example, several times minor female characters keep talking about how cool Najica is and how they want to be like her. I guess there is a book somewhere of stereotypical formula dialog which gave the writers their inspiration.

Seriously, I watched the first disc, episodes 1-4. They were so poorly done, including some rather dull animation, that I only watched the English dub rather than both the English and Japanese. Why sit through this twice?

But if anyone can think of a reason to keep watching this, let me know -- but without the spoilers. Frankly, I don’t expect a response.
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This was made in the heady, silly days of the anime boom, to go with the likes of the naked bungy-jumping in Burn-Up W and the panty-flashing of Agent AIKA. Heck, I think the Najica boxset actually came with a pair of panties.

So if the novelty has worn off, I don't see any reason to keep going.
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I didn't keep going. Actually, after posting my original comments a month ago, I forgot all about this series. I had to re-read my first posting to remember what this series was all about! How's that for a classic?
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