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Richie (Ashes friend) would be in no more that the Quarter finals, but probally more like the final 16 or 32.
How come the Pokemon leauge Finished that Day???
There should have been at least 2-4 more days left in it the comp.
How were the trainers suppose to rest there Pokemon, If they had to battle in a couple of Hours time.
And they could of a least shone us the Final Match
Or the Face of the Trainers who finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Did you notice that the crowd, all look the same.
Must be a lot of Cross Breading around there.

And is pokemon suppose to be set in Japan or America???
theres been sighs of both counties
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of course the the league ended there! there would be no more involvement of Ash and so any exess would be a waste of cells .

Same reason for the faces...saves animation costs...

iunno...i never payed attetion to where it was set...

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