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Exclamation Metal Gear RPG Application Thread

Well, as some of you who browse the RPG General forum may already know, I've been planning this RPG for a while now. Well, here it is, people... everything you need to know.

"Do I need to know anything about Metal Gear to join?"

Not really. Yes, you'll need to know something about it to PLAY, but you can find all that out here. However, it helps if you know at least the style and setting of the series.

What is Metal Gear?

For anyone who doesn't know, Metal Gear is a series of videogames revolving around using stealth to infiltrate certain facilities. The games were always story driven and by their later incarnations, VERY HEAVILY so. The stories are, in many people's opinions, some of the greatest ever fabricated for the videogame market. Same with the characters - lots of human drama, humour too, but in far less measure. In short, it's a continuity that can be fairly easily adapted to the RPG world, especially as most combat was unique in style. (For example, a battle with an invisible psychokinesis expert who attacked you with flying chairs, a fisticuffs battle between two identical twins on a small platform 50ft in the air, a battle with a vampire who could dodge bullets by observing muscle movements, etc.)

"Tell me more, bitch."

Here's a list I made earlier, plus some new points (if you've read it before, read it again - it's changed):
  • This RPG is set BEFORE the Shadow Moses Incident (Metal Gear Solid) and AFTER the Zanzibar Riot Incident (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake). The only elements of the original story that will be referred to THAT often are Big Boss and the basic outcomes and events of Zanzibar and Outer Heaven. This means NO Les Enfants Terribles, NO Patriots, and certainly **NO S3 PLAN**. Yes, I do like these plot elements, but none of them were known before MGS and MGS2.
  • Anyone who needs information on the Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Riot incidents should head on over to , go to 'Metal Gear Solid 2', and then to 'Previous Story Transcript'. The kind fellow who wrote that FAQ copied out, word for word, the summaries of these two incidents that were included in MGS. Don't worry, they're pretty darn short. (You don't need to read any of the huge-ass ones that relate to Shadow Moses, as that hasn't happened yet in the RPG.)
  • Although elements of the actual Metal Gear continuity are involved, NO EXISTING CHARACTERS WILL BE USED. Yes, this means no Psycho Mantis, everyone. For anyone who played Metal Gear Solid, the members of Fox-Hound who were depicted there, as it said, were only a small percentage of elite soldiers who rebelled - thus, it is entirely feasable that more F-H operatives existed who were not featured in the games. These are who we will play.
  • For those of you who don't know, Fox-Hound codenames follow a specific formula. So, your character would have a codename generated using that system... basically, the first part of the codename is usually a speciality of the character, but it can also be a quality of them... and the second part is an animal that they seem to resemble in some way or have an affinity with. For example, the codenames in MGS were Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf and Decoy Octopus.
  • The focus of the RPG would be on character interaction and story, and combat IN AN INVENTIVE MANNER. This means NO unfair balances of power, NO hack-and-slashings, and certainly no frequent scuffles. No complex point systems, either, just fair play and originality.
  • Unlike the games, the infiltration in the RPG will not be a solo effort. Instead, the players are dispatched in groups and work together.
  • Yes, there will be spoilers and plot twists. Probably an awful lot of them.
  • Radars, arenas and layouts will be mapped out by me, and posted whenever the operatives reach a new room. This is simply so that every player has an identical perception of a room's layout and sentry patterns - it's great when the players are ad-libbing in most RPGs, but since the nature of Metal Gear requires strategic stealth and (in this case) working as a team, a definite map must be provided.
  • Communication. Ooh, this is a good one... for anyone who doesn't know, characters in the Metal Gear series often communicate by Transceiver or Codec. The Transceiver is a simple long-distance radio system, whereas the Codec is far more fancy. The Codec consists (in this RPG, at least) of a reciever which directly stimulates the small bones of an operative's ear, and a microphone which harnesses vibrations directly from the voice box of an operative. In short, the operative can have extended and loud conversations without being heard at all by anyone in his or her physical vicinity, unless they de-activate the codec. Nanomachines in the body allow the codec to be operated and turned on/off mentally, and also serve as a power source for the system. Another point to note is that the modern Transceivers in the RPG can patch into Codec frequencies to communicate with those using the Codec system.
  • About Codec frequencies... basically, frequencies used in Fox-Hound range from 140.00 to 141.99, with 140.99 and 141.00 being the turning point between the two. Each character equipped with a Codec or Transceiver has their own frequency, by which they can be reached by other characters; for example, 141.80, 141.52, 140.85 and 140.15.
  • There is a communal frequency which any operative can call at any time; this hails all other operatives on the mission, and any can join in the conversation. When making 'private' calls between operatives, any other character with a codec could hear the conversation thanks to the Codec's 'monitor' feature. However, if the two having a conversation turn the 'monitor' off, then NO-ONE BUT THOSE TWO CAN POSSIBLY HEAR IT. So that no-one gets suspicious, it's generally a good idea to leave 'monitor' on unless you have a damn good reason to speak in absolute privacy.
  • Last point about communication. When an operative uses the codec on either the 'communal' frequency or with the 'monitor' turned ON, they should write it like this in their post:


    Snuffles, his back pressed firmly against the wall, breathed a sigh of relief as he crouched down to use his codec. Raising his hand to his ear, he concentrated on Gobbo's frequency....


    Snuffles waited patiently for Gobbo's response, and before long the fat man's image had sprang up in faded green in front of his eyes, speaking to him in unison with the voice: "So, have you infiltrated the ice cream factory yet?"
    Snuffles gave a sigh of frustration. Gobbo ALWAYS asked this. "No..." he began. "No, I wanted a raspberry ripple, so I stopped at the van outside."
    "You moron!" Gobbo began. "Get a move on, NOW!"


    Snuffles then reflected how Mag would kill anyone who called their character Snuffles or Gobbo before he realised that he should be in the Middle East instead of an ice cream factory.


    So basically, it's a seperate tag that shows up in the post just to let the players know what you're doing. HOWEVER, if two characters are conversing with the monitor turned OFF, then they must do it via PM or AIM... *snigger* This way, they really do get privacy from the other characters. Wouldn't want someone to know if you were planning to jump them, would you?
    But, I do request that I get forwarded all 'private' codec calls to my PM inbox. This is just so that if someone DOES plan something, I can work it into the story nicely for them. ^_^ (Thanks to Hiigaran for this suggestion.)
  • Yes, the plot is about 60% determined. However, I'm not willing to determine the remaining 40% until we get a starting cast's applications, simply so that I can give everyone's character a nice role in the story... ^_^ If anyone has any special requests, be sure to PM me following your application.
  • The final point, and it's about the plot... I'm not going to spoonfeed anyone here. I've noticed that in a lot of RPGs, the GM will never leave the player in the dark permanently about something that happened. Basically, it's up to you to deviate from your missions, have your own hidden agendas, eavesdrop your own conversations and press for your own information to find out the truth about the incident. NPCs will react as realistically as possible, and I'll be putting clues and conversations for people to find and eavesdrop all over the place. If you go through without being inventive, you'll have a lot of story holes at the end and may well not know how to take on the formidable Metal Gear unit itself...

Now that you've waded through the exceptionally long list, it's time for the application form. ^_^ However, before that, let me just say: "Feel free to ask any questions at all about anything you want to know or don't understand."
Ok with that? On to the app form, then!


Application Form

Player Name: (Just your AB name here.)
Character Name: (Your character's real or birth name. Any answers of 'Unknown' will be mocked, laughed at and ridiculed.)
Character codename: (Your Fox-Hound codename.)
Age: (Self-explanitory.)
Nationality: (See above.)
Speciality: (Your character's Fox-Hound speciality. You will be VERY, VERY good at this, and while still competent in other fields, nothing spectacular in them. It's also a good idea to include characteristics of your character's tactics. Example: "An expert with assault rifles and rapid-fire handguns. While he is very good at watching his own back, coping with covering others has never been his strong point.")
Description: (A physical description of the character.)
Brief past/history: (The past/history as you want other players to see it at the start, without any 'revelations'.)


Uncensored past/history: (Go on, cough it up. All the spoilers about your character.)
Requests/intentions for ties with the story: (Basically, if you'd like your character to tie in with the scenario in any way, list it here and I'll look it over. I know I'm not revealing any of the plot, but it's up to you to help invent some of it too. I might just tie your character up with other things in ways you wouldn't expect too, but nothing too drastic without asking permission.
Other: (Anything else you think I should know.)


Ok, that's basically it! Like I say, any questions or comments, post 'em here. Also, again: post the FIRST part of the app in this thread, and PM me the SECOND part. ^_^

90% BITCH 10% ANGEL 100% GRRL ^_^

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Re: Metal Gear RPG Application Thread


Application Form

Player Name: Forever Z.E.R.O.
Character Name: Axel Page
Character codename: Ballistic Lynx
Age: 29 yrs old
Nationality: German(but born in America so he has no real German qualities)
Speciality: Axel is a fan of big guns. He's a specialist in guns all around, but he favors heavy machine guns like belt fed machine guns, and an automatic shotgun. While he carries a pistol in most cases, he would rather use his knife. He calls a pistol a 'sissy' weapon. He figures a knife has real stopping power if you jam it far enough into the enemy's skull. His lack of an efficient secondary weapon is a real weakness in a drawn out firefight
Description: He's a fairly well-built soldier. His main skill is in heavy weapons use, so he has a lot of muscle to him to avoid compromizing his movement. He wears a large black trench coat with many many pockets for ammunition and other weapons. He usually carries 2 weapons. His heavy secondary weapon on a strap over his shoulder, and his main gun in hand. He has brown hair, but on missions he mostly keeps a black full head mask on. Its like a beany, but it has 2 eye holes and a opening for his mouth. His mask is distinct from any possible enemy soldiers because it has a design on the face. Sewed into the face are 4 red slashes that look like cat claw slashes. He is a fairly normal guy personality-wise. He has no problems working with others, but will never fully become dependent on teammates. All his allies need to know is to stay out of the way of his bullets and they'll work together just fine
Brief past/history:
He has had serious physical training. Trained to be a heavy weapons specialist, but not slow down the mission. He has a lot of muscle to him, so obviously he has a high skill in martial arts. He started out in a small, snowy town in Colorado. He left when he was 18 yrs old to join the military and see the world. After a few years in the Marines, he was contracted to join Foxhound.
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Player Name: Fairybane
Character Name: Tanya Dmitriev
Character codename: Silent Dove
Age: Born December 20, 1972
Nationality: Russian
Speciality: Silent Dove's specialty is being unseen and unheard. A master of stealth, Dove also excels at lockpicking (both electronic and coventional), minor hacking, bypassing and nullification of security measures. Unfortunately, loud noises rattle her nerves, and as far as squad assault tactics goes, she's fairly useless. Her preferred weapon is a Special Operations Command(SOCOM) HK23/Mod0 Pistol, though she prefers to avoid combant all together. She also has a working knowledge of explosives, mostly in appliance to safe-cracking.
Personality: Dove is quiet and introverted, a definite loner who is loathe to entrust herself to others. Paranoid under the emotionless exterior, she is constantly analyzing and trying to second-guess her colleagues, secretly fearing betrayal.
Description: Silent Dove is a very slender, delicate looking woman with moderately short black hair, and light green eyes.

Brief past/history: Tanya Dmitriev was forced to flee her homeland of Russia due to allegations of espionage and burglary. Her exodus led her to America where special circumstances led to her joining FOX-HOUND in 1994.

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Player Name: SSJfemme
Character Name: (Alexis) Lexi Russell
Character Codename: Hie Vixen
Age: 28
Nationality: Irish-American
Specialty: Handguns – Multiple Target Shooting. Prefers rapid-fire handguns (such as uzis) to rifles or clunky revolvers. Handy at disposing large numbers of enemies in close quarters combat, but fails at tasks that require pinpoint accuracy such as sniping.
Description: Lexi has a strongly independent and highly creative nature, with drive and ambition to have experiences and accomplish things out of the ordinary. She can work intently at whatever is new and holds her interest at the moment, but Lexi’s interest wanes quickly when drudgery and monotony set in. Obstacles to her progress or restrictions on her freedom to act create a sense of frustration, which may cause her to feel resentful and even rebellious. She can then become intolerant of others, and caustic and belittling in her expression, thereby imposing stress on her personal relationships. Although Lexi has a clever, quick, capable mind, her progress in life is restricted by instability in her affairs and misunderstandings with people. Her impulsive nature can lead to actions which she later regrets taking, or to accidents. Relaxation is elusive, and depletion due to nervous tension can develop to the point where Lexi becomes subject to moods of depression and morbid thoughts.

Psychical description in attachment…

Brief Past/History: At the age of 23, and after her graduation from Columbia University, Lexi had been interested in starting a line of work which had been ‘government’ related. After her brief career in the FBI, as the Assistant Director of Operations, Lexi had been contracted by FOX-HOUND.
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Player Name: minwa
Character Name: Haruka "Todd" Kesshin
Character codename: Silken Mink
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese-American

Speciality: Damn good with computers, is fluid when he's in the system. His build is not suited for any sort of heavy combat, though he's decent with a smaller sort of gun. Often, Mink goes into a trance when taking over a system ... it's hard to snap him out of it when the going gets tough. (However, he's a light SOB, so...) Mink is fluent in both English and Japanese. Can run like the wind, cannot lift anything heavier than his laptop.

Description: Occasionally looks like a walking corpse. His skin is pale from not seeing sunlight often, and his sharp ice-blue eyes are normally behind trendy sunglasses. Enjoys wearing black tight anything, leather prefered. His hair is -- either naturally or no -- white with red tips, hanging past his tense jawline. Once he was handsome, now he is wasted... normally seen smoking when not near a computer. (Hey, he has to have something.) Normally snipish and hateful towards ANYTHING that breathes and speaks to him. Keeps to himself. He has sharp teeth.

Brief past/history: Once dependent on drugs and sex, he is now dependent on the internet and hacking. They are his new drug. Trained by the government he hates so much, he is a vital tool for missions requiring someone so intune with the machine...
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Loverboy himself.

Ain't he precious?
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"I am the Black Mage! I casts the spells that makes the peoples fall down!"
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I love you all.

Brilliant apps, everyone. Zero, there's just one or two things I need to clear up with you (mostly simply because we haven't RPed together before so I need a writing sample), but you're gonna be in anyway.

Can't wait for more! And since we now have two hackers... no more hackers, please.

All going well, expect us to be starting around Monday.
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*happy dance*

Player Name: Chestax3
Character Name: Duncan Michael Baines
Character codename: Assault Lion
Age: 27
Nationality: British (Scouser)
Speciality: Lion’s favourite attack method is a stealth approach and silent kill using his bare hands. He is therefore vulnerable against groups of heavily armed opponents. It’s not that he prefers stealth – his large powerful frame makes true stealth hard to achieve - but he likes to think about the situation at hand instead of rushing into something foolish. His weapon of choice is a P90 sub-machine gun. This is effective at short to medium range, penetrates Kevlar with ease and has a 50 shot clip, making it a devastating weapon against groups of opponents. This counter-balances his weakness in one vs. many situations.

Description: Standing 6’1” above the ground, this green-eyed man preferably hides away in jeans and a Liverpool top. His most beloved features would be his hair that he keeps waxing backwards and his goatee, but he grows fonder and fonder of his arms as they strengthen from his extensive training.
Brief past/history: He was once part of the covert military team, one of the finest examples of black ops and anti-terrorist tactics, the S.A.S. Since leaving, he was quickly introduced into the FOX-HOUND fold.
Nice entrance Shade. You have all the grace of a brain tumor in a mincemeat maker.
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Player Name: UNITMK1
Character Name: Joshua McKenzie
Character codename: Archer Wolf
Age: 25
Nationality: British
Speciality: Joshua is an expert sniper. However, unlike most snipers he does not use a normal bullet sniper rifle, but a self-loading crossbow with cyanide tipped French arrows. He has the ability to move very quietly and will rarely strike without backup or a so called "plan B." In his oppinion the average rifle is crude and too loud. In case of short rango combat, he uses a USP with silencer.
Description: Archer Wolf is 6'0", has jet black hair and light blue eyes, and uncommon combination. He has a medium built, and ussually wears a long, black leather trenchcoat. He also wears black jeans and a blue shirt underneath and is rummored that he has a tatoo of Cerberus on his back. He also tends to snarl in the back of his throaught if things are not to his liking.
Brief past/history: As a child, Wolf was always amazed by the military and weaponry. Unfortunately he was not allowed to join the army, mainly due to pressure from his parents. He ran away from home and still did so. Two years later a bad accident got him kicked out, and he was selected by Fox-Hound.
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maggles, i know nothing about metal gear, but it sounds cool and i had a fun time making up my char.

Player Name: Phantom Angel

Character Name: Nicholas Daniel Atvory

Character codename: Defective Kitten

Age: 14 (going on 15 ^^)

Nationality: Dutch

Speciality: Electronic Gadgets. He can put together just about any sort of listening device, communicating device, recording device, camcorders, or any other thing required for spying on someone, or gathering any sorts of information. He is pretty knowledgeable with computers, but he likes working on building his little "pets" more. He can build just about anything with the proper materials, and with time.

Description: A fairly tall, dark-haired boy, with sharp green eyes, he has a lean yet well defined body. He likes to keep in shape with his martial arts, and ocassional boxing sessions. Nick's favorite clothes are his faded denim jeans and his nondescript black shirt. He doesn't care much about appearances, being too preocupied with his pets to spend much time away from his "lab".

Brief past/history: Nick is a boy genius. At the age of 14 (mind you it is 14 years, 11 months, 29 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes and 15 seconds) he has graduated from MIT, with a double degree in engineering and computer sciences. He took on the name of circus master because he usually likes building animal like robots, that do completely surprising things. His main speciality are dogs and cats, as well as little insects and bugs. This comes from his fascination with animals, as a little child. He got picked up by the secret service, and he trained with them for a while, before going to MIT, but after his graduation he decided he would like to go solo, although he ocassionally does a favour or two for his friends.
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Well, sorry, people... as I already said to MK1 and PA in PMs, we actually have a starting quote of characters either interested or already applied. At the moment, I'm working on a first-come-first-served basis, with people who registered their interest in the original RPG General thread getting priority as they technically came first. So, everyone from that thread, post up!
If we have any vacancies later, I'll let the 'new' applicants know... once again, apologies.
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Player Name: Kiva, KtHM, RPG Goddess, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Raper (ooooooohhhhh, Toby.... please, please let me lick your nipples!)

Character Name: Esperanza de Estrella

Character codename: China Cat

Age: 27

Nationality: Mexican-American

Speciality: Strangely, China specializes in hand-to-hand combat, especially martial arts and specifically kung fu. Specifically most Northern Shaolin styles for their long range jumping attacks, Monkey style (yes, that is a real kung fu style and it is deadly and so effing cool to watch and very very very very effective and scary witha cool history I kill you now) and though she's still effective with them, she isn't as strong with Choy Lee Fut and Wing Chun. She can shoot a gun but she neither likes to nor is she an amazing shot. (She can hit the damn thing, but she isn't like a gun specialist) She also has near-to-no patience with computers.

Description: Average height and strong, she's not some dainty woman. Attractive and powerful, with light brown hair with blond streaks pulled back in a ponytail, and mocha-colored eyes. (mmm... mocha) Tan skin, full lips (so Latino girl) thick lashes, and delicate looking hands. She generally wears a dark green short sleeved shirt under a black vest, with black cargo pants. Her shoes are generally lightweight, as all that kicking becomes a real pain if you're wearing heavy combat boots.

Brief past/history: Spanish girl from the slums, she worked her way through college with scholarships and determination, studying Chinese, and went over to China for three years of her college career. She was recruited by Fox Hound after her tenure in China, about a year ago.

(yeah, yeah, I'll put that PM together right snappy, Captain.)
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Current situation:

Players accepted are Forever Z.E.R.O, Fairybane, SSJfemme, Minwa, Chestax3, KtHM. Players who registered their interest but are yet to submit an application are Hiigaran, Millions, and Tifa. That makes the starting quota of 9.

I'll PM the remaining three right now. ^_^
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I will take anyones place if they decide to drop out . .
You all want me.
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Player Name: ? Hiig if you don't already know. Or Hii.
Character Name: Joshua Glace
Codename: Arc Raptor
Age: 20
Nationality: American

Specialty: See that tiny little dot in the distance? That coke-can sitting on a pole fence 1000 meters away? If Arc Raptor is nearby it probably has a hole in it. Long range ballistics(AKA Sniping). He likes Big Bore sniper rifles (Barrett M88 .50 cal) and smaller bipod mounted semi-auto assault rifles (HK G3).

Description: 5'10", relatively bulky build, always carries at least two weapons. Main rifle and an assault rifle backup. Also is never found without his backpack which is chock-full of ammunition(however with such large caliber weapons, this means not much) Shaggy brown hair down to just below his eyes which is rarely combed though it often gets in his way while shooting. He has intense eyes, very very dark. Maybe even dark enough to be considered black. Always wears the standard grey/black body suit which is accompanied by standard issue combat webbing with a myriad of pouches attached to it, holding god knows what sort of things in them. He sometimes wears a bandana a la snake to keep his hair from his face, but usually just lets it go wild.

History: Living in the backwoods, born to redneck hick parents, they were perturbed when Josh took an interest in "books" at an early age. They quickly raised him to be a sharpshooter, being that they ran the local chapter of the state militia. He still read in his spare time, but impressed his parents with a crack shot, and an equally incredible wit. Completely self-educated, he was picked up by Fox Hound after winning sharpshooting competitions while performing tricks to impress the fans, such as shooting with an eyepatch on, and shooting while lying on his back and still getting perfect scores.
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