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A T h 401
(5/16/00 12:56:37 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Death & Rebirth
Well, this might be where i post my radical changes of perception with regards to NGE,

but for now i just want to get a general feel.
I thought that D&R was exellent, it actually made some things a lot clearer. (this is in quite contrast to my first impression of EoE). I would certainly recommend see this before EoE.

Also i think it was my opinion that humans did not come from Lilith, well if that was the case i have now converted. It seems quite clear that Humans were born of Lilith (But i still maintain Adam was First)
(i think Access you are refering to Gendo when he says Adam is the First Man- i can now see where you are coming from,

but look here

____________________Lilith_____________________________ _____
________________Adam______humans_______________________ _____
________________all the____________________________________
______________other angels

Is this how you see it, Lilith giving birth to Humans and Adam

but it should be this

___________________Lilith______________________________ _____
_____________________Adam (first man 2nd angel)____________
__________Angels(3-17)____ Humans (18-)

our return then is also to Adam- our originator (the first man)
and His return is to Lilith

Otherwise humans are = to Adam and any angel would just have to contact a human to return to Adam.


But this
Lilith(2)__ 3- 4 - 5 - 6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 14 -15 -16 -17

is more to your thoughts???
this way Humans can Return to whence they came namely Lilith.

Thats all for now, and i may be wrong


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A T h 401
(5/16/00 12:45:29 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Re: Death & Rebirth


it did not format the way i wanted
it is ruined

and i had to reconnect and all

well soory about those lines but its the only way to get it looking as i originally intended


(5/16/00 1:13:35 am)
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Re: Death & Rebirth
Lillith ---- Lillim
The Ultimate Being
Adam ------ Angels

Angels and Lillim are on par, only thing that makes them differnece is that Lillim got the fruit of wisdom while Angels got the fruit og Life.

A T h 401
(5/16/00 1:24:48 am)
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Ok then but humans arent the 18th angel they are the first of Lilith.

It is Misato who says to Shinji we are born of Lilith
and it is Misato who says we are the 18th

but i have just realised the answer

the attcking forces invading Nerv are humans and the 18th test/trial

so in that respect we are angels of Lilith but also the 18th

i get it now
Your line diagram makes sense
But then to what does Lilith return to, She is not complete
as she was born of a perfect being, who is now divided.

It was Gendo's/Yui's plan to Reunite Lilith with Adam, Creating the ULTIMATE RETURN


(5/16/00 1:29:00 am)
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Re: Death & Rebirth
So you mean for a month I have been telling you this and only now you understand... I think I need a better way of typing stuff.... my message never seems to get across.

The Nondescript
(5/16/00 6:52:23 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del It's all so clear now
Not having seen the movies and trying to screen myself from them (partially) only hearing about bits and pieces has muddled my view.

This argument is very logical and seems so simple.

I've spoken too soon. What about G saying Adam is the 1st human? I spose Lillith is also the 1st human from the same ultimate being? Yeah that could work.

(5/17/00 4:17:08 pm)
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Re: It's all so clear now
Well acording to relgion Lillith and Adams first son made mankind.... Anno could of just flicked out Cain (Adams son) and made Adam their.

A T h 401
(5/17/00 11:20:44 pm)
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I hate to nitpick but not according to religion
according to varied folklore ( and there are many different stories of Lilith, of which only some say that)

be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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