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(5/12/00 9:41:47 pm)
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Is their a difference between instrumentality Plan and The complemntation Plan.

Complmentation = Help each other fill each other up, be close with one another.
Juxtuaposed to....
Instrumentality = Being alone, isolated, by yourself.

I have hear recently that they are differnt, it was said that Instrumentality is trying to force the Children to believe that they cant live on without being an EVA pilot, for some greater benefit to speed up the Complementation Plan.

What is the go, does anybody know? I have heard it is a misstranslation, like it actually was surposed to be Complementation, but was changed to Instrumentality, but forgot to change it everywhere, if this is true why use completely opposite words. I think that they were choosen for a reason, so is their any difference between the two plans?


(5/13/00 1:32:03 am)
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access : "Instrumentality = Being alone, isolated, by yourself."

to my knowledge intrumental means "of one" instrumentality is not a real word, and i guess implies merging into one. however my dictionary defines instrumental as : "(adj) serving as a means or factor."

so i guess i may be wrong. but instrumentality doesn't mean being alone.

(5/13/00 2:15:20 am)
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I brought back to the surface some old threads on the topic to see what we have and from what i see it's both the same thing...

but i am not sure exactly, i think i will also have to bring back another old thread that is related...

then everyone can read them

(5/13/00 2:24:06 am)
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Human Instrumentality/Complementation Projects = human (the children) using the Evas as a tool or instrument to artificially induce human evolution ?

(5/13/00 1:02:14 pm)
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Re: Instrumentality
3f Instrumentality a tense of Instrumental, this is when you play an instrument by yourself. While Complmentation is being together helping each other. They ARE opposite words, I just wonder why? And are they differnt plans?

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