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(5/16/00 1:47:40 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Salvage
Oxford tells me that salvage is: "The action of saving a ship or its cargo from wreck, capture, etc."
In NGE, relevant reference is made three times, once during Shinji's salvage operation, twice, during that operation to Yui's conducted 10 years earlier, and the third time, in ep24 by Ritsuko right before she destroys the Rei dummies.

What exactly is the process of salvaging? Is it the recovery of the soul, the body, or both? This ties into my earlier question about cores and into the issue of souls and the room of Gaph. I got a whole lot of related questions too.

Salvaging is probably different from implanting a soul into an Eva, although the two processes are probably closely related.

Where is the soul in an Eva? In the core?

Does a person have to be dead before his/her soul is transferred to an Eva? Does the first person to synch with an Eva impregnate it with their soul pattern?
Kyoko's case: was her soul transferred into Unit 02 after she died, or was her mental condition a result of her soul being sucked into Unit 02?
Naoko's case: was her soul transferred into Unit 00 after she died, or did she replicate/impregnate her soul pattern as a result of a successful synch test?

Eva's soul=pilot's mother's soul?
Unit 00's case: false.
Unit 01's case: true.
Unit 02's case: true.
Unit 03's case: Unknown.
Is Unit 00 the exception, and 01, 02 and 03 do contain their respective pilots' mother's souls? Or is it only incidental that 01 and 02 contain their pilots' mother's souls?
There isn't any hard evidence that Touji's mother's soul is in Unit 03. Bits of information, such as the unclear whereabouts of his mother(she could have run off with another guy) and Touji's father/grandfather are researchers at some facility(unclear if Nerv/Gehirn related), are circumstancial. I can't say with any certainty that the Eva's soul=mother's soul equation is correct in all cases.

Anybody want to help me make sense out of this mess?

AnThraX C
(5/16/00 2:36:58 pm)
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Soul Searching
I think that the soul in UNIT 01 and UNIT 02 is without a doubt the soul of the respective pilots mother, but I don't even know who's soul is in UNIT 00 so I can't comment on that. The sould within UNIT 03 could very well be Touji's mother, and the fact that his father/grandfather work in the places they do may very well justify it.

Salvage (I think) is the process of saving or rescuing something. It may or may not NEED saving, but if it is then it has been 'salvaged'.

In my opinion, a 'soul' is nothing physical and I don not understand how they 'transfer' souls. Someone help me out ?

How did Yui die ?

Is it possible that Gendo knew what would happen and looked for embryo's (babies inside the mother, thus had to find the mother and exam there unborn child) and when finding the mother got them to have sync test with an eva.... In each case, the mother could have perfectly synced with the eva (as shinji did) and been assimilated into it (sould and all). This could be where the pilots motehrs went (i dont know about Yui).
To explain Asuka's motehrs mental illness, her sync may have been slightly off perfect, thaking only part of her sould and sending her insane. Having only a partial sould within UNIT 02 could be the reason Asuka never really 'connects' with it (knowing that her mother is there) until the final movie.

These are all just my opinions and what possible senarios there could be


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(5/16/00 3:00:16 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Soul Searching Indeed
Anthrax: "I don't even know who's soul is in UNIT 00 so I can't comment on that."

I stand corrected. I ASSume(yeah, the first three letters spell...) and it's my opinion that Naoko's soul is in Unit 00. True, little hard evidence for this assumption, although I believe bits and pieces of info here and there indicate so(I can gather and present them, but I think this issue has been debated somewhere in the depths of this MB).

Anthrax: "In my opinion, a 'soul' is nothing physical and I don not understand how they 'transfer' souls."

Neither do I. ^^; But within the context of the series, it seems to me that the movement/transerring of souls is accounted for, and salvaging seems to have something to do with it. Is that a vague statement or what?

Anthrax: "How did Yui die ?"

She died during a synch test with Unit 01, in 2004. Unit 01 absorbed her, body and soul. Whether it was an accident, planned(by Yui and/or Gendo), or sabotaged(Naoko), is not clear.

The Nondescript
(5/16/00 3:02:42 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Destrudo
I believe the operation is called the 'Destrudo operation'.
Destrudo is even said in the Jap version (I think?).

I have read Destrudo is latin for expulsion. Fitting if that's the case.

Supposedly the destrudo process would recombine Shinji from the broke up form he was in. Take him out of the amalgamation. All of him. Body and soul.
I believe he had turned to LCL. The primordial soup.

In LCL form he could join with his mother, (be completed with her?). When in this state he has no definate self form.

On Guff, I have read somewhere that the end of the world would be signified by the birth of a soulless child (Rei?). Indicating that the hall of Gauff is empty and no more children would be born.

AnThraX C
(5/16/00 4:10:46 pm)
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Well, knowing now how Yui died only puts more evidense to my seedy theory of the pilots mothers being absorbed by a perfect sync with a the eva.

What is Guff and the hall of Gauff ???


Ambition Is Just An Excuse For Not Having The Guts To Be Lazy

(5/18/00 1:46:34 am)
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i've read somewhere (rcb?) that destrudo is a psyc term for the self destructive instinct in humans. i think this fits well with the theory that yui and gendo knew that she would "die" in the 1st activation test. (i think you hear it said in the flashbacks to before the test)

(5/18/00 2:03:44 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Auksa's mom
Didn't she go nuts after some experiment, which led her to want to destroy herself (and Auska I guess)?

I guess that would mean that she lost her "soul", or her brain got damaged when a copy was made? (depending if your a cynic or not)

Perhaps it can also apply to Unit 00 going wacko those tims and wasting to kill Rei.

(5/18/00 4:57:50 pm)
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Destrado - Destrudo
Well actually fasad the term you're thinking of is Destrado, and yes it is in the RCB (and also another name that i use) I don't think I ever heard the term Destrudo in the series, i'm not sure if just japlish pronunciation of Destrado or a completley different word, anyone else know?
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A T h 401
(5/18/00 11:26:30 pm)
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Im sure i have heard it said in the series,

it is said by some unknown technition of some sort, the destrudo experiment or something

im sure the girl saying it is meant to be german, or have a german accent (in the dubbed)

Though i also thought that the self destructive instinct in humans was called Thantos by Freud.

oh well it seems from reading the RCB i didnt get it when it ws said

can anyone check this out?? ( i will be watching the entire series from begining to end soon, to do my webpage but thats probly after exams)


(5/19/00 1:22:05 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Thanatos/Destroto
Yea, Thanatos is the "death instinct". Depending on who you follow it's the ugre to kill or the urge to be killed. (If we didn't do dagerous stuff we'd never survive)

Thanatos was the greek god of death, who ironically, looks like a Chistian angel (It's also my older bother's name, go figure).

I think Destroto (wasn't he in GI-Joe? ) was the experiment that Auska's mom was in, so the scene should be in her flashback episode (22?).

(5/19/00 3:15:40 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Re: Salvage
This is a tough one, Yui is definitely linked to Unit 1 but she was taken into it by a perfect synch ratio. The soul of the eva as I take it is the pilots. There is definitely something in there other than the pilot. Especially with the Unit 0 incidents
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