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(5/29/00 10:01:54 am)
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Why couldnt Auska sync with her EVA.... it is said that her mothers soul was hiding by Kaoru but what dose this really mean? Was it because Auska was losing self respect or what?

(5/29/00 1:27:27 pm)
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It was because Asuka no longer had the will to fight or in fact live, so she had no motivation to use the EVA so she couldn't synch with it. It wasn't that her mother was hiding by Kaoru it was that she wasn't there at all. There was no dominant soul there (Ie. Asuka) so Unit-02 was an empty shell which kaoru could easily synch with

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(5/29/00 10:49:09 pm)
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No i think that Asuka's mother was hiding. Remember Rei saying Eva has its own mind (or its own something in the subbed version), that was an aspect of the dominant soul within (01 and 02- the pilots mothers).

When Asuka began to lose herself esteem her bond with 02 began to weaken, and her sync ratio dropped.

What this could have been is that mentally Asuka was raising her own A.T. Feild to a point where little contact with the outside world was possible (hence her catatonic condition).

Asuka's mother was not the most stable woman, and to sense her daughter falling into this pit of despire, caused her (asuka's mother) to withdraw as well. Leaving 02 an empty husk.

When Asuka finally comes to, it is to the calling of her mother.

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