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Music Videos

I only saw the last bit... all of the comedy and some of the action right before that... I actually thought that the spillover ones were better.... but does anyone know who won? My guess is it was either "hubba hubba zoot zoot" or "right now" for comedy.....
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Cut and Paste from AMV Mailing list


Vlad Pohnert - Memories Dance - Studio Ghibli films
I've already spoken at length about this video in my AX 2K1 review. I still
have some kind of thematic reservations about it, but I will say that the
visual/audio synergy is better on repeated viewings. A good way to start the

Aluminum Studios - Dreams of Red - Sailor Moon
The song by Sting is an intense one (far more so than most of his other
recent efforts), and the footage was sometimes equally intense, sometimes
not. I liked the silent-film style text screens in the middle, but found
the "magnifying inset" effect rather annoying. Although I'm not sure the
footage always matched the lyrical message, I will give due credit here for
trying to do a bona fide character-focus video, something that seems to have
fallen somewhat out of favor of late.

Eye/Vocal Attack Productions - Girl Go - Doukyuusei (End of Summer)
This was definitely a romantic video, although the strong funky rhythms of
the song proved occasionally difficult for the source footage to keep up

Chris Frampton - Who Wants to Live Forever - Lunar Silver Star Story
Being unfamiliar with the game this one is based on, a lot of the intended
sentiment was probably lost on me. That being said - it's the video's job
to be poignant anyway, which I fear didn't happen for me. On the good side,
the edits were crisp and on-beat.

Alvin Polanco - Bus Stop - Totoro
I don't want to be overly critical and call this video a "one-trick pony",
but the reliance on the "umbrella" motif in the lyrics while ignoring the
romance they contain leaves me little other choice. The pacing of the
footage chosen struck me as erratic, and I wasn't made to buy into whatever
story the footage was telling.

DIGITAL GOD - Everything You Want - Evangelion
Great thematic match here. The edits used during the song's chorus hit
especially close to home. In the simplicity and even rawness of this video's
emotional appeal, it seems to harken back to the earlier days of AMVdom and
vids like "Captain Nemo Sailed Away" or even the Enya Lodoss one.

NeoAlus - Here With Me - Utena movie
I liked the rhythm on this one. The creator might want to watch the reuse of
footage in the middle, but overall a very nice effort.

Fellow Hoodlum - She's So High - Final Fantasy IX
Once again I haven't gotten around to playing the game (too much Super Robot
Wars walkthrough writing), but this time I felt buoyed by the great control
the editor exercised over the flow of energy in the footage and music. This
is one of very few game vids I know that I could watch without reservations.

Griffin Waldau - Vivaldi Concerto #10 in B Minor - Original footage
Okay, this took BALLS. This sort of video is in a totally different
category from anything we normally think of as an AMV. This style of art
promotional video is much more like the X^2 image video promoting CLAMP's
X art. I happened to really like the art style on display, and the camera
work was captivating on a professional level. This artistic tour de force
may not be an "AMV" per se, but it did make its own extremely valuable
contribution to the contest. Thank you Mr. Waldau!


C.J. Mucci - Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) - X
The dark, threatening musical tone was a very good match at first.
Unfortunately, the song itself is too long for the subject matter as
presented; I began to lose interest as things went on and on. I don't
usually advocate cutting down songs to fit footage constraints, but given
how well this started I might be tempted to recommend it as an exception.

Ivan Ku & Daniel Ku - In the End - Trigun
Sweet! This was a great audio/video match with well-executed editing.
Definitely a tour de force for the creators.

Hsien Lee - Film - Perfect Blue
Definitely demonstrates the competence of a seasoned AMV creator. Good
tempo and visual energy match here.

Stealth Visions - Spike's Elegy ("Out of Body Experience") - Cowboy Bebop
This video hasn't diminished any from its screening at AX. The tone matching
isn't just good, it's superb. This video draws in and entrances the
viewer like few others out there. As a fan of a certain HK director, I
really love how this video brings out the John Woo-ness inherent in the
Bebop footage.

Nathan Bezner - Hit Me - Utena
This was one interesting video. I've never seen another video that does
as much with creative multiple-split screen effects, and does them so well.
Their use in the video accentuates split-screening already used in the show
to great effect - the visual texturing is a feast for the eyes. The song's
heavy instrumentation and visuals demand and receive the audience's
attention. Much like the Macross "One Day More" vid, this vid is _indeed_
a drama that may be difficult not to laugh at the first time through.
I consider this the second best video in the category by a narrow margin,
and definitely look forward to more of this creator's work.

Studio KZ - Hemhorrage (In My Hands) - Rurouni Kenshin OVAs
This was an engaging video which managed its intensity well. Footage was
well-chosen for the song.

Charles Bethel - Papercut - Ghost in the Shell
This video had the benefit of a very good song, which can cover for some
shortcomings in footage choice or editing. While I wasn't entirely in
tune for the plot of the video, I could still enjoy it as a whole.

Brian Schulkin - Pull Me Under - X
This was not a _bad_ video, but I didn't feel there was much being added to
the already beautiful, mostly pointless destruction portrayed in the X
movie itself. I was a bit sad that the video went out with a whimper instead
of more of a bang. Or maybe the *schlunk!* of a severed neck followed by
someone screaming out someone else's name... or something. ^_^;;

Robert Chrisco - Live and Let Die - Cowboy Bebop
Question: can this song actually be taken seriously? If so, then this video
can be taken seriously too. For better or for worse, the audio/video
synergy here is very close. I just can't get over nagging doubts I've
always harbored about the song itself...

Adam Radtke & Jim Versace - Body Count - Cowboy Bebop vs. Trigun
Nice use of a variety of editing techniques making this one. Good song
synergy and inter-series combat tie-ins. And the ending was a _great_
attention-grabbing one. The real shame is that this very good video has
competition this year from an even better one using the same Bebop/Trigun

Danniel Cecava - Commisar - 3x3 Eyes
This had great action cuts, and matched tone and rhythm well with the
song. Once again, the song was probably a bit too long for the video's
schtick; about a minute less and there would have been no danger of boredom.

Surreel - Camera Obscura - Xenogears
This video did a good job with rapid cut work. Unfortunately, it's a bit
too short to form much of an opinion about one way or the other...

Kitsune - Dies Irae - Vampire Princess Miyu TV
This was also a little too short to really dig into for "deep" commentary.
The music did seem somewhat too majestic for the concrete, hard-edged
footage. The rhythmic matching also seemed somehow out of alignment.

Scott Melzer, Lukas Chen & Terry Tao - This is Your Life - Dragonball Z
This is one of the best uses I've seen of controlled fast-and-jerky cuts.
The creators display a great sense of how to exploit the lyrics to their
advantage, as well as nice visual kinetics with how the fights are
interspersed and pieced together. Great job!

Lee Thompson - Rhythm Generation - various
I liked the opening disclaimer. ^_^ This video demonstrates how hard
"various" vids can be - visual rhythm or tone was inconsistent between some
of the component series and harmed the unity of the video as a whole. The
"linking" actions between series can be a very good idea (as demonstrated by
"Mama Said Knock You Out"), but in this case the purpose of the links also
felt a little inconsistent.

Peter Schall - Heart of the Sunrise - Tenchi Muyo
This video features fairly sophisticated effects for a very high eye-candy
factor. I think these effects were definitely worth the production time -
this video struck me as fluff, but in the same good way that Miyuki-chan in
Wonderland is. ^_^

Joe Croasdile - Lost in Space - Irresponsible Captain Tylor
As we saw at AX, this is a peppy, high energy video which displays all-
around moderation to very good effect. The moments of lip-synching come off
well on this one.

Aaron Novak - Medium Stage 2 - FLCL
The editing was choppy and chaotic in ways that very nicely match the
source FLCL footage. While it may be hard to tell a story with this kind of
arrangement, it does at least offer a nice sense of synergy.

Demon Kitty Productions - Particle Dance - Utena (TV and game)
This video features very good momentum caused by carefully maintaining
visual rhythm. The use of still and background shots as change-ups is a
definite plus.

A.T. Chang - Happy Boys and Girls - various
Yay for dance vids! This is my second favorite video in the category,
featuring a great song, well-managed amount of humor, and nice diversity of
footage. To make this video even better I might recommend more aggressive
use of cuts, on quarter notes instead of on half notes as was often the
case. Also, beware of overusing the DiGiCharat group dance footage in the
chorus. Between this and Odorikuruu, I hope we're seeing a rising trend in
dance vids...

Lee Sheng - Stress - Cowboy Bebop
This song has wonderful lyrics that the video exploits to the fullest,
meaning that this video would work either well in Action or Comedy. The
footage choice and editing are a joy to behold, and this video manages the
major feat of being "goofy" without being hard to take seriously where
appropriate. Seeing such finely-tuned aesthetics at work is what makes AMV
fandom great. ^_^


Nic Neidenbach - Jinnai & The Bugrom Live - El Hazard
This video is just so fun to watch and to listen to - it really is a work of
genius. Not too much more to add to my AX evaluation of it.

Jesse Glidewell - Metalicops Napster Napster - FLCL
Short, sweet, and well-chosen footage. A nice morsel of an AMV.

Patrick Delahanty - Survivor the Japanese Animation - various
This vid does a very good job of aping the original series. I like the
unusualness of the concept.

Chris Heilman - Powerpuff Girls Theme - Mahou Tsukai-tai! TV
Another nice morsel - short but convincing for people with any knowledge
of the Powerpuff Girls series.

Senta Miller - White Shonen - Sailor Moon, Trigun, and Bakuretsu Hunters
Evidently the title evolved somewhat since AX. As before, I found this
video to be somewhat amusing but definitely not _hilarious_ like many in the
audience seemed to. The "give it to me baby" sequences were quite well-done
I thought (especially the one with Daughter ^_-). I guess the hit-and-miss-
ness of this video is just how comedy goes.

Jason Galteno - Kill the Wabbit - Tenchi Muyo
Is interseries splicing becoming the next frontier in AMVdom? This video
had very sensible footage choice and sweet, if not seamless, editing. I'd
also not remembered hearing this version of the song before.

Adam Mimick - TV Dinners - various
Nice variety in footage choice and good sense of comic timing and pacing.
This video was a good choice for comedy since "food" is one of those
ubiquitous things that everyone can laugh at.

Doki-Doki Productions - Right Now - various
This was the second-best comedy video at AX, and without Tainted Donuts
going head-to-head it was the best at Otakon. I can't add much to the
rave review I've already given it.
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my uncle submits music videos there. Last year he made the finals, but this year he didnt. His was shown last in video 2 on saturday. the song was "what a lovely bunch of coconuts" Almost every guy was clapping along even though someone screwed up the sound.
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I had helped to make the Bohemian Rhapsody one that showed in overflow III, did anyone see that one?
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Originally posted by Stu
I had helped to make the Bohemian Rhapsody one that showed in overflow III, did anyone see that one?
I saw it, it was great! Can I download it anywhere?
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The video isn't on a location with permanent hosting yet, I'll let you know once it gets on in a few weeks, that or I'll host it special for ya,
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