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Fallen Angel part 2 GW/SM X-over

"You know. I have had the weirdest feeling that I'm being watched..." Minako told Rei when they met up in the park.

"Hmm? That's weird...why do you feel like that?" Rei asked her friend.

"I don't know, but I don't like it. It's putting me on edge."

"You think it might be trouble..."

"I don't even know anymore, Rei. I just don't like it." Rei sighed as tears began to form in Minako's blue eyes. "Come on, Mina-chan. We'll go to the arcade, meet up with the others and we can relax, okay?"

"Hai." Minako said in a soft voice. Once they were gone, Wufei stood up and looked over at Heero.

"Now, why are we following them around again?" he asked the Japanese boy.

"One of them have the crystal that that guy was telling us about."

"I still think this is kinda silly..."

"It's a mission, that's all I care about. Come on, we can't lose them."

Meanwhile, Duo was getting bored. The girl he was supposed to be following hadn't even woke up yet. 'Man, I hope she doesn't sleep all day.'

Suddenly the door opened and another girl with pink hair walked in and plopped down on the bed. The girl he was supposed to follow jumped up and shouted,


"He's not here, Odango Atama!" the pink girl said sarcastically.

"Go away, Chibiusa!"

"Nope, your mother told me to wake you up. Plus, you were supposed to meet the others today at the arcade!"

"Oh crap! I forgot!" Usagi yelled, jumping out of the bed. Duo jumped back and listened as the girl ran around getting dressed.

"USAGI!" her mother yelled.

"Coming!" Usagi yelled back. Duo chuckled as the girl hurrily left the room and ran downstairs. He ducked away and went to find her again.
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