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alright, the final chapter is finished. enjoy.

What came from the end: Chapter 5, a new beginning part 2.

It was almost dawn. All of the children were asleep except for Shinji. Shinji had his eyes wide open while looking at the stars. Shinji just couldn’t sleep because of the intense day that he had. It kept him wide awake without a bit of sleepiness.

“How beautiful” ,said Shinji, “ without all of the city lights, the sky can look so incredible at night” .

There were billions of stars filling the sky. There wasn’t a single cloud either. All there was was an endless trail of dust spreading over the sky. Shinji lifted his right hand into the air in a futile attempt to grab some of the stars. He clenched his fist against the air and then opened it again to reveal only his sweaty palm.

At that very moment Rei woke up and creased her eyes open. She slowly guided her vision over to where Shinji was lying down. Rei exhaled and got herself up off the sand. She slowly began walking on the cold sand in an attempt to get nearer to Shinji.

A sudden thought went through her head, “why am I doing this? What am I doing?.”
She quickly forgot about her thought and laid down next to Shinji. As Rei set herself down Shinji laid his arm back down at his side.

“ What are you still awake for Shinji?”, questioned Rei.

Shinji’s hand twitched as he answered, “ I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything.”

“Everything?”, said Rei while looking over at Shinji.

“ yeah, you know everything. Like yesterday and the day before that, you know, what happened and stuff”, replied Shinji softly.

“I’m not sure I understand,” said Rei.

Shinji forced a small grin onto his face and turned his side over to Rei. Quickly changing the subject Shinji said, “ Rei, I was wondering, what are you going to do now that this is all over?”

“I was hoping to live with father”, she replied.

“Why him, Rei? What if he tries to use you to create another impact?”, asked Shinji.

“He won’t. he understands that mother-our mother-is beyond his reach, now”, answered Rei. “I’ve…. Dissuaded him from attempting a 4th impact”.

Shinji gave her an “ O.K” sign and just stared at her ruby colored eyes. They looked even more beautiful in the moonlight. They just seemed to stand out more than they do in the day.

Rei continued, “ what do plan to do, Shinji.”

Shinji looked over at the sleeping Asuka. She looked so angelic and peaceful as if she really was an angel.

Shinji replied with a smile on his face, “ I know I’ll think of something.”

Rei got up and started back in a sign of relief that Shinji would be able to get some sleep. At that very moment Shinji stood straight up and said, “ Wait Rei!!”

Rei stopped and turned her head over to Shinji, “ yes?”

Shinji looked down at the pale sand and said quietly, “ Araigato.”

Rei nodded and continued walking back to where she was sleeping.

Shinji watched as she sat herself down and fell asleep against the sand.
When there was nothing else to watch her do, Shinji sat down also and slowly laid down onto the sand. With one last look at the endless trail of stars, he folded his arms behind his head for head support and fell asleep immediately.

Shinji slowly opened his eyes as he woke up the next morning. The sun told him that it was morning. As he stood up to stretch, he noticed that he was no longer standing on sand. In fact, he wasn’t even on a beach at all. The ground was moist and thick like mud. It was brown and not white. There was even a vast field of grass that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Flowers and bushes were also rising from the ground.

Shinji had his eyes full of tears. But they were not sad tears. They were tears of happiness and joy, “has the world been restored? Is this really real?”

A small tear streamed down the side of his cheek. A large smile stretched onto his face.

Then a voice from behind answered, “ yes it is, Shinji-kun. This is how it is supposed to be”.

Shinji, startled by the voice, turned his head around to see Rei Ayanami standing about 10 feet behind him with Asuka.

“It’s about time you woke up, Shinji! You can sleep through almost anything” , hollered Asuka.

Shinji walked over to Asuka. He placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “what’s for breakfast?”.

Asuka, surprised by what he said, answered, “ the usual.”

Shinji smiled, “ good. While you cook it I think I’ll go for a walk around the beach…I mean…field. Rei, you can come if you want.”

Rei answered, “ no thankyou.”

Shinji just shrugged and turned to walk away. The ground was so fresh and the air was so clean. It was like how everything was before the 3rd impact. Every breath he took on his walk was a cherished moment for him. He always inhaled and exhaled slowly. The walk lasted for about 20 minutes. As he walked further down the field he heard birds chirping as they flew through the air. He also saw mice and squirrels walk by his feet every once in a while. This was about as restored the world was likely to be.

When Shinji returned to Asuka and Rei, he found that breakfast was ready. Asuka seemed to have set up some kind of breakfast triangle. Shinji found his plates, bowl, and utensils on the right side of the setting. He knew it was his side because it was the only side that didn’t have someone sitting in it. As he sat down he asked Asuka to fill his rice bowl. She did so. As he rice got scooped from the bucket into his bowl he said, “ so what did you two do while I was walking?”.

Asuka replied, “ not much. All I did was make breakfast and Rei just stood there looking at the sky. For what reason? I don’t know.”

Shinji took his chopsticks and began to eat his breakfast. It was of the same quality as yesterdays. So it was rather excellent. Rei put down her bowl and asked Asuka and Rei a question, “what do you plan to do with your futures.”

Shinji swallowed his rice and answered, “ I was hoping to live in Tokyo-2 and see it through the end.”

For once Asuka didn’t make a verbal comment. She actually agreed with him and made a nodding action with her head with her eyes shut as she ate her food.

Rei opened her mouth and commented, “ I see. I wish you all well on your futures.”

Rei got up and walked away from her half-eaten breakfast. She slowly raised her head and looked up at the sky again.

Shinji looked over at Rei and said, “ where are you going Rei?”
Rei quietly and softly answered, “ I am going to be…..with…father”.

After those quiet last words, she started to fade away into the air. Her whole body became that of a ghost and then she slowly disappeared.

Shinji looked up, “ I guess father must be up* there*.

Asuka just said, “ how rude. She didn’t even ask to be excused.”

Shinji ignored her comment and still just kept looking up. About a minute later he looked back down and quickly finished his meal. Asuka finished her meal about the same time he did.

Shinji looked directly at Asuka and said, “ what should we do now.”

Asuka shrugged and said, “ I guess we should go to Tokyo-2 and find misato and everyone else.”

So they both headed to Tokyo-2 in order to live their new lives. Asuka and Shinji barely talked during their journey (probably because it wasn’t a very long one).

They walked on the soil for about 15 minutes until they both saw a big hill in front of them. As they walked up the hill, they both had a gut feeling that it would reveal Tokyo-2. to there hopes, in front of the hill was Tokyo-2. it’s large buildings and stores were all there. They could even hear the sounds of cars and people talking.

They both quickly ran down the hill and onto the cities grounds. The first thing that was there was the train station.

“ I’m going to go to a telephone and see if I can call misato”, said Shinji running to the nearest one that he could see.

Once he found a telephone booth, he immediately grabbed a quarter out of his pocket (he never remembered having a quarter there before).

As he lifted the telephone up and ready to dial he said, “here goes.”

“Shinji!” Shinji’s sentence was cut off as he heard his name being called. He turned to see Misato Katsuragi, formerly NERV’s Director of Operations, running down the hall toward him. She stopped short of him and quickly wrapped her arms around him in a near-bear hug. “I was afraid I’d miss saying good-bye,” his former roommate guardian said to him.

“Misato,it’s…it’s you..”, said Shinji trembling in her arms. Tears slowly began to gush from his eyes. As the tears ran from his eyes and attached to Misato’s red sweater, Misato whispered to him, “ welcome back Shinji.” Shinji remained sobbing. Misato began to rub his greasy hair with his hand to comfort him. At that very moment Misato noticed Asuka standing about 12 feet behind her and Shinji. “Hi Asuka, welcome back”, said Misato waving her arm.

“ Hi Misato, it’s been a while”, said Asuka walking slowly towards Misato.

“ we should go home now. Are you okay with that kiddo?”, said Misato holding the crying Shinji.

Shinji nodded and they went to her car. Everyone was silent on the way back to her apartment. Shinji was still crying, but not as much as he was before.

They arrived at her apartment in about 10 minutes. Misato and Asuka both got out at about the same time. Shinji was the last one to get out.

None of them waited for him and left Shinji alone. As they both walked into the apartment building Misato told Asuka not to bother Shinji for the rest of the day. Asuka nodded and they both walked in.

Once shinji stopped sobbing, he found the keys to the room in his hands. He stepped out of the car and walked towards the apartment building. Once he got inside he looked at the keys.

“room 303..” he thought to himself.

As he walked up the stairs, old memories came back into his head of himself walking home from school to Misato’s apartment. he had such good times in that apartment. this made him so anxious to get to it. He began walking up the stairs faster and faster until he was running up the steps. Once he reached her room number, panting with breath, he turned the keys in the knob and opened the door. The first thing he saw was Misato’s smiling face. Once he saw that wonderful expression of hers and smelt the scent of the apartment room he said with a smile on his face, “ I’m…I’m home.”

Misato answered back happily, “ welcome home.”

*Perhaps somewhere in his heaven, God was right with the world*


"Everything past and future is vivid. Only the present is fuzzy."
-Yoshitaka Amano
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has anyone read my final chapter? i was hoping for some response.
"Everything past and future is vivid. Only the present is fuzzy."
-Yoshitaka Amano
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That was well written as usual :B:
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Great job dood!
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yes sheesh well done!
-Every successful person has had failures but repeated failure is no guarantee of eventual success..
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