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Hope ya enjoy! Something I wrote for the shear pleasure!

The thin woman with shiny gray hair held the hand of her love. They walked slowly for they were old. They had never forgotten their childish ways; she still remembered the first time he teased her for her strange hair. She hadn’t worn her hair like that for many years, but she had her daughter’s children to wear the hairstyle and to pass it on to the next generation. She remembered his strong lean body, with his black hair, it was now gray, and his body was weak and thin. She smiled and tears of joy swelled in her eyes, they had such a happy life together.

“Lets sit down, love.” George said to his wife of many years. She smiled and sat on the bench letting him put his weight on her. “It’s a beautiful day, I’m glade we came.” It had been a long time since they had gone to the park. They sat back and watched children running about and mothers talking with sleeping babies.

“What joyous times those were!” She said with a giggle. He looked down on her and smiled remembering.

That night they slipped into bed. They gave each other a kiss and said their prayers. They wove each other into one another’s arms. Hazel didn’t fall asleep but she heard her husband breath the way he does when he’s asleep. She listened to the sweet rhythm of his life. But then it stopped, and she knew her time would come shortly. She smiled knowing that she would see her love again. A few minutes later the beat that had given all the long years stopped.

(just shake your head and pretend you know what Im talking about!)

Im inocent I really am even if you dont believe me.

Dont mess with me because I might like it and then youll never get rid of me!

Just because I wont let you have my a$$ doesnt mean it isnt cute!
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Awww...that's so sweet and so sad...Alecia, you have done it again.
It's been a long time...But I'm Back...Reika the Dark Angel has returned...
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