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Well, I started writing some scripts a while ago... and so far, I've written five episodes, and the sixth is in the works. Each script is roughly nine or ten pages long.

The series background:

A budding young writer of 15 walks into a bookstore... to find a fully published copy of a book that he only started brainstorming that day... with his name on the cover! However, it's not log before he discovers why... the book is destined to cause first contact in five years time (aliens like bad literature, you see), and a mysterious enemy from the future is trying to STOP first contact by replacing the book with an UNBEARABLY bad version, a few years earlier!
Another version of the writer, from 15 years in the future, travels back in time to try and sort it all out... but the whole situation just gets even more complex, until both versions of the writer, and the young writer's girlfriend, are transported to the time of the older writer!
However, they can't get back (the time machine runs on two size AA batteries, as does everything in the universe), so it looks like they'll have to stay in the future a little longer...

The series is primarily based on humour, although I have a complex plot all planned out and things get quite drama-ish later on. The fights don't drag on too much, even though they can get a little Dragonball-ish at times. In fact, the whole series has parody overtones - there's a Gegigangar-style series-within-a-series, poking fun at Dragonball Z, and especially FUNi's dub of it.

Well, who's interested in reading it? If anyone is, I'll post it up somewhere where people can get it... that is, after a few people here have seen this and thus, become witness to the fact that it's my idea (in case someone from another board or something tries to steal it, you see).

A good artistic friend of mine is working on a manga for this using my scripts.

So, anybody interested?
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