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here is every chapter of my series in one thread.

What came from the End
Chapter one-the will to live on

Lilith-Rei’s split head was settling on the LCL sea. Misato’s cross was nailed to a post.The silent EVA SERIES stood crucified in the LCL.The waves of LCL were gently
Lapping against the shore of a white sandy beach. Asuka and Shinji where lying side by side on the sand. Shinji turns to see Rei standing over the LCL sea. She then vanishes.
Shinji gets up and moves over to Asuka and begins to strangle her,but with a caress of his
Cheek, he stops himself and starts to sob uncontrollably.

Asuka:” How disgusting”

Shinji continues to sob. Tears were gushing out of his eyes and dropping onto Asuka’s face . When Shinji managed to summon enough strength to say something he said…

Shinji (softly):” Asuka….Asuka…why won’t you help me…help me!!.”

Asuka didn’t answer and non-aggressively pushed Shinji over to the side.Shinji had no resistance and went with Asuka’s effortless shove. When Shinji hit the beach he started
Sob some more.Shinji clenched his right fist and puched the ground.

Shinji: “DAMN IT!!! This is supposed to be my world but…..but it…I don’t …I know this can’t be right. Where is everyone? Rei and Kaworu betrayed me!! I hate this!!! I hate her!!!”

With those last words Asuka started to get up and she did it quite easily considering her condition. When she got up she stared down at the sobbing Shinji.

Asuka:” A man’s own folly ruins his life,yet his heart rages against the lord.”

After those words Shinji stopped sobbing and got up instantly. He went right in front of Asuka and wiped away his tears that covered his face. As his very last tear hit sand and instantly disappeared, Shinji grabbed Asuka’s shoulders and started to shake her.

Shinji: “ASUKA, TELL ME!!! Where is everyone. Tell Me!!!.”

Asuka had no resistance in his shaking and once he stopped she said something with an angelic smile on her face

Asuka:” Be strong in him and in the power of his might. Fear not, for I am with you. I will strengthen you , yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous hands. Keep yourself pure.”

All of the sudden a ghostly Rei jumped out of Asuka and glided off into the air. Asuka
Was possessed by an angel. Shinji looked up at the Rei that flew up into the air. Shinji
Was terrified.

Shinji:” An…an angel… Rei?”

Shinji still was looking at Rei. Rei flew high into the air and turned into a spec of light. It was so bright that It was hard to stare at. Then, without making a sound, she disappeared
Into the clouds and the brightness went away.
Shinji looked over at Asuka….

Shinji: “Is this….is this my I wanted it to be like. It can’t be because I don’t like it. “

Asuka looked at Shinji suddenly and went right next to him.She tried to open her mouth to say something but she was having a hard time doing so with the condition that she was in.

Asuka: “Where am (nggh) I…. wha …what happened?”

Shinji:” I don’t know Asuka. I thought that this was supposed to be my world, my heaven, but right now I am not quite so sure. I can’t tell you for sure. All that I know is that you were possessed by Rei and said something about the future for us.”

Asuka all of the sudden wasn’t struggling anymore and began to yell and curse. Shinji expected it because he knew what she had been through and he knew that it wasn’t easy for her.

Asuka: “ BAKA!!! how could you think that this could be heaven. You always think the most stupidest things. IF this were heaven I would be happy and I’m not.
Don’t tell me that we are all that is left after the 3rd impact because I don’t see anyone else around. And you know that I would rather die than spend the rest of my life with you, Shinji.”

Shinji couldn’t take her usual attitude anymore. He felt like strangling her but he kept on telling himself not to. So he said something that he felt like saying for a long time. He managed to find enough strength inside of himself to say it.

Shinji: “ Asuka!!! why are you so pissed off at me!? What have I done to you? Why Asuka?!….

Asuka unintentionally interrupted him.

Asuka(quietly): “be…. Be cause I need you, Shinji. I cannot live with out you with me.”

Asuka began to sob and a tiny tear dripped from her right eye. She bent down and grabbed some white sand with her right hand. She then angrily through the sand into the LCL ocean. Shinji watched as the tiny pebbles made splashes against the sea. Shinji looked down at Asuka, confused and startled.

Shinji: “I wish that you could’ve told me sooner, Asuka. I knew that you were holding it back, but if I ever said that to you I would be afraid that you would hurt me..and….”

Asuka: “and what? ( she got up suddenly after she said that)”

Shinji: “ uh…nothing, forget it.”

Shinji’s hand began to convulse and twitch with frustration and confusion. He felt a sweat drop from his forehead run down his face. Shinji then looked away. Asuka was facing downwards sobbing. Shinji started to stare at he crucified eva series. The eva series stood on the LCL plain and erect with black reflections running against the sea. He then looked back at Asuka who was still sobbing. Asuka began to whisper.

Asuka: “ what are you staring at?”

There was no answer by shinji because he wasn’t listening. So she said it a lot louder.

Asuka: “ I said what are you staring at? Dummcoff.”

Again there was no answer to her question again. Shinji was afraid to show her and Asuka had never noticed the dead eva series before. She had never looked in that direction before because she was always either staring at Shinji or at the ground. She got so curious that she tried to push Shinji over and se for herself what it was. As she tried to shove him Shinji tried to resist. Asuka managed to push him over but Shinji took his hand and struggled to cover her eyes. Shinji didn’t want to relive her tragedy. Asuka was too strong for Shinji though, so she pulled and took a look.

Asuka: (very shocked) “Wha…what…what is that?! Are they still alive?!I…I… what….”

Shinji stood in front of Asuka, blocking her view.

Shinji: “ stop looking Asuka. Please stop. Now!!!”

Asuka fell down to her knees and she had eyes wider than they have ever been before.

Asuka: (silent to loud) “ go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, GO AWAY!!!!WHY WON’T THEY GO AWAY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Shinji grabbed Asuka’s arm….

Shinji: “Asuka get a hold of yourself. They are all dead. All gone. A memory. A….a … nightmare. Please, for me, would you please put it behind yourself . I can’t bare to see you all like this because I understand how you feel.”

Asuka shook off Shinji’s arm…

Asuka: “ No you don’t.”

Shinji’s eyes widened and he clenched his fists.

Asuka: “ how could you possibly understand me. You aren’t me. You weren’t in my EVA fighting those demons. I went through hell as you were sobbing and depressing yourself to death.”

Shinji: “I know I can’t completely understand but…but…I tried. Please believe me, Asuka I….I.”

Asuka: (sigh) “ I know, I believe you Shinji.”

Shinji: “then why do you treat me like garbage?!!

Asuka: “ I do because I want to feel needed by you. This is the only way I feel that I can get attention. I want to have you completely and if I can’t then I don’t want you.”

Shinji: “then be kinder to me”

Asuka was acting different than she usually did. Sure she still remained bratty, but she would then repel it with kindness like she had two personalitys.

Asuka: (softly) “ will… baka.”

After that Shinji had a hardly recognizable grin on his face. He took a good look at Asuka viewing most of the bandages that covered her body. He then checked out her face that looked as if it was going to cry. Shinji then came even closer to Asuka in such a distance that they could fell each other’s breath on their faces. Asuka’s lips spread apart and she said softly….

Asuka: “ you can if you want to.

Shinji made a big gulp and leaned his lips towards hers slowly and made usual pauses.

Asuka: “ oh, you wimp.”

Asuka then sprang up and kissed Shinji. She didn’t plug his nose like before because his breath no longer tickled her. The kiss lasted a very long time and both of them didn’t seem to want to spread apart from each other.
After they finished Shinji was exhausted and so was Asuka. Shinji told Asuka that he was going to go to sleep for a while. Shinji smiled at her one last time and then laid down on the white beach with his stomach facing downwards. Shinji tried to free his mind of everything and he fell asleep in about 5 minutes. Asuka looked down at the sleeping Shinji. He seemed so relaxed and calm after what had happened to him in the past hours. About 7 minutes later couldn’t take her sleepiness any more and decided to lay down next to Shinji and try to fall asleep.

Shinji had a strange dream that night: it was pitch black and he could hear a cackling voice coming from every direction.

Voice: “ do you really want this world back, Shinji? DO YOU? You’re a fool. I give you paradise and you become some kind of universal savior? You just don’t understand how wrong your theories are. Asuka was indeed smart, but wrong. Now go back to the reality we both need. Get away from this reality that ruined us both.”

The source of the voice became shaped. The face that Shinji stared at was his own.

Shinji: “ so you were the one who changed the universe.”

Mirror: “no, you don’t get it, I didn’t change reality. I created it!!! There had to be an improvement, my dear me. Some kind of improvement.”

Shinji gazed deep into the eyes of his reflection.

Shinji; “ you’re insane, now tell me how I can fix this!!!!”

The mirror nodded.

Mirror: “of course I am! The reality I had created before was…. Ah no need depress you again, you’re going to where you belong so you can continue to live a life that was better than my first one.
The mirror smiled for an instant and then his features turned dark.
Mirror: “you are not planning on leaving are you?”

Shinji shook his head.

Shinji: “I can’t until she(Rei) sets things back the way it was supposed to be, paradise lost or not. Otherwise, the universe may tear itself apart in an attempt to fix itself!”

The mirror clenched it’s fists and looked at Shinji in pure hatred.
Mirror: “ you aren’t listening!!!! I, Shinji Ikari, control my universe, my reality. The very reason this is possible is because you thought it was needed!!! Now get the hell back to where I want you to be!!! Where I want to be!!!”

He dug his hands into his face…
Mirror: “you want the end of everything? Fine….Idon’t deserve anything else anyway……”.

The mirror viciously slapped Shinji and blackness covered everything.

Chapter 2 – Refusal to Die

Shinji immediately woke up from his terrible nightmare. He was really hot and had sweat streaming down his face. He took his hand and tried to feel the sweat drops. The sweat was very close to his eyelids. He then realized that the drops were not sweat, they were tears. He took his index finger and glided it against the tear stream on his left cheek. A think line of tear fluid was caught onto his finger. Without hesitation, he put the wet finger into his mouth to taste the bitter salt from his tears. After sucking on his finger for about 10 seconds, he took his finger out of his mouth and wiped it against his wrinkled black pants.

Shinji lifted his head off the sand and his hair was full of tiny grains of rocks. He took his hand and ran it straight through his hair to get some of it out. Shinji lay there on the sand until he managed to summon enough strength to get up and see what was around him. The sky was dark, so dark that the only thing that you could possibly see was the bright, white moon in the center of the sky. Small streams of thin clouds covered up the moon occasionally in the slowly running wind. Shinji realized that it was still late night and he thought to himself…

Shinji: “Well, day and night are intact. Maybe the world is starting to come back to the way it was. I hope it is so. I have something to live for at least.”

All of the sudden random flashes from his last dream drove fast through his mind. He began to feel a splitting pain in his head. It started to hurt and ache so bad that it felt like a thousand doors slamming vigorously and rapidly against the side of his skull. He felt as if his skull was going to crack. Also, Shinji then heard the voice from his dream echo something into his psyche.

Voice: “You want to die, don’t you? Well, now is your chance. Go ahead, do it!”

The pain suddenly went away n a flash and Shinji had his eyes wide open, staring into the moon.
Shinji tried to stand up, but struggled at first because of his recovery. Once he got up, he felt a shivering feeling run down his spine. His bare feet touched the cold and grainy sand and the frosty air struck the nude flesh at he bottom of his leg. It was still pitch black and he couldn’t see Asuka anywhere. He couldn’t hear her either so it was as if she wasn’t there.

A strange thing happened when Shinji stood up. A small gleam of light was glowing right in front of him. It was bright but not bright enough that it hurt his eyes. Its brightness gleamed onto the silent waves of the LCL making a crisp white reflection on it. Shinji started to walk slowly towards it. The sand was so cold that Shinji had to stop and warm his feet up with his breath every few steps. As he pierced the flatness of the sea with his body he noticed that the LCL was warm, warm like a bath, so he had no problem walking into it. He was about waist level into the sea when a gleam of light could be identified. He raised his arms and cupped his hands around the light. After a second or two the light disappeared and a human sized progressive knife fell into the palms of his two hands. Shinji was shocked at first. All of the sudden the blade emerged from the knife’s handle. Shinji didn’t even touch it. It moved by itself.

Shinji then started to loose control of his right arm. His arm, by itself, took the knife and quickly shoved it lightly against his own neck. The knife was so sharp that it made a small piercing in his skin. Shinji tried to resist it as hard as he could. It was like having someone come up behind you and slit your throat. It was as if he was trying to stop someone else from doing it, even though it was himself the whole time. Shinji grabbed his right arm and tried to pull it away from his neck. He never knew his right arm was so strong.

Shinji started to gasp out loud. Shinji: “Oh, God…no…I can’t die now. I won’t leave her (Asuka). I must fight it! Argghh – for Asuka. I can’t die now, not now, not now, not now!”

Shinji’s right arm suddenly stopped trying to kill and the knife disappeared into the air. Shinji was now very scared. He wondered if it was real or not. It was hard to tell because he didn’t feel any pain from the piercing on his neck.
Shinji (terrified): “It was just a mirage…a fantasy. It wasn’t real. I know it wasn’t real. How could it have been?”

Shinji took his left hand and brought it up to the side of his neck. As he rubbed down his neck with his fingers he felt a wetness running down his skin. He instantly knew that it was his blood and what just happened was not a dream.

Shinji: “No, it wasn’t a dream. It was real. It…I was really killing myself!”

Shinji stood in the LCL for a few minutes to reflect on his strange encounter with a dream that was really reality. After he was finished he walked out of the orange liquid and onto the sand next to Asuka. He could now see Asuka because it was close to dawn and he could see the sun start to rise up slowly in front of him. Shinji lay down next to Asuka in the same position as before he got up.

He stared at her for a little while. She was breathing so softly that you could barely tell if she was alive or not. Asuka looked so angelic when she slept, like a whole different person. Shinji could of stared at her sleeping figure for hours.

(Whispering) Shinji: “I…I guess I really do love her.”

Shinji stopped looking at her face and slowly stared down at Asuka’s entire body. He suddenly noticed something very strange. Asuka didn’t have any bandages on herself. Her playsuit was all that she had on. That must have been why it was pitch black. They were bringing Asuka back to her own self, the way that she was before she got destroyed by the EVA Series.

Shinji: “Yes, everything is starting to come back to the way it was. But, why did I have that strange dream and how come I found that progressive knife. Are my dreams real? Are they…?”

Shinji looked at his hand that was stained with the blood from his neck. He felt his neck one last time (it was completely healed) and then he flopped out and fell asleep. He didn’t have any more dreams that evening.

When he woke up he opened his eyes very slowly because the sun was very bright and the light sand didn’t help very much with it either. When Shinji’s eyes were fully open he realized that he wasn’t laying next to Asuka. In fact, Asuka was not there. Shinji sprang up quickly from his position and took a good look around,. He viewed everywhere around where Asuka could have been. But what he didn’t do was look at the ground. He saw lightly dug-in footprints right next to where she was laying last night. Without a moment of hesitation, he stood up and started to follow her footprints made in the sand. As he followed her footprints he noticed that she had wondered into territory that he had not explored yet. Shinji stopped looking at the footprints for a minute and took a view at the space around him. He was quite shocked upon what he saw around himself. It was like the aftermath of an earthquake, a very strong earthquake. Parts of houses were scattered around the farther parts of the landscape. Parts of wood lumber were sticking out of the sand. Doors were laying over the soil. Other things such as glass, stone, metal and car parts wee also thrown around the beach. The only thing that was actually intact around him was a small apartment building that was strangely similar to Misato’s. It stood tall up into the air with only small chunks of concrete edged on the top corner of structure. He then walked away as far as he could from the apartment building. He was still following the footprints. He didn’t want to relive memories from the times where he lived with Misato.

The footprints went a long way out. But after about 45 minutes of walking, he found that the footprints stopped. Shinji looked in front of himself and saw a drug store, a worn-down drug store that had broken windows and no door. “Asuka must be in here” thought Shinji.

Shinji walked into the store carefully. (He didn’t step on any broken glass). It was hard not to step on anything broken in the store. There was debris pretty much on every stop he took. Nothing really sharp hit his white shoe, though. In the store, as Shinji looked for Asuka, he noticed that nothing was on the shelves. But then he realized that it was all on the floor. It all must have been knocked over by Adam’s shock wave during the 3rd impact. For a drug store, the place was pretty big, but he knew that Asuka was in there somewhere.

As Shinji peered silently around the corner of one of the food shelves, he spotted Asuka. She was sitting on the tile floor eating potato chips. Asuka didn’t even notice Shinji looking at her. She was eating the potato chips like she hadn’t eaten in a week. Shinji wanted to say something but he was afraid of how she would answer back. Actually, Shinji was really angry at Asuka because she just walked off somewhere without even saying a word.

Shinji: “A…Asuka…”

Asuka dropped the potato chip bag and suddenly turned around.

Shinji: “Why did you run off?”

Asuka: “Because I was hungry – duh, Shinji.”

That tipped the scale. Shinji was now really angry. So angry that he would want to strangle her if he had the chance. Shinji clenched his fists and looked disgustedly at Asuka.

Shinji (loudly): “Why didn’t you tell me!!!”

Asuka didn’t even flinch and started to eat the chips again. With her mouth full of chips she talked back to Shinji softly.

Asuka: “I didn’t want to wake you up. You were so peaceful when you slept so I though that I should just leave you alone.”

Shinji cooled down a little but was still pretty steamed at her. Asuka then stood up holding the bag in her right hand.

Shinji: “But, but Asuka…”

Asuka put her index finger against Shinji’s lips and it made him stop talking. Shinji had his eyes wide open and he looked down at Asuka’s innocent looking face.

Asuka (smiling): “Join me for Choshoku.”

Asuka waved some snack products in his face to tempt him. Shinji was pretty hungry because it has been about a day since he had anything to eat. So Shinji shrugged his shoulders and forced a smile back on his face.

Shinji: “Okay Asuka.”

They both sat down ion the tile floor of the drug store and began to eat breakfast. Shinji had some serious things to talk about with Asuka, like what happened last night. So Shinji started to talk to Asuka about it and they both had a very long conversation.

Chapter 3-letting go of what you were

Shinji was happy that he could have a good conversation with Asuka. He enjoyed being with her for “breakfast”. They talked for hours on end about their past experiences.

Asuka: “……..i see. It could have been just you trying to let out your former self. Y’know how much of a dummcoff you used to be? Man, it was probably just you trying to get your own head on straight. I know how suicidal you used to be about a year ago. I used to be like that to. But the dream was just telling you to be a stronger you. Do you see what I mean? The dream was just trying to make you stronger by saying things to you that make you strong and usually smart. Of course, this is just all my opinion. Your mirror didn’t really want you to die, I think.”

Asuka grabbed a handful of chips and threw them into her small mouth. She chewed thoroughly and then swallowed. Asuka wanted to say some more things but Shinji had some more things of his own to say about it.

Shinji: “that still doesn’t make sense. If that was all true about what you have just said, how come I lost control of my right arm and found a human sized Progg. Knife.

Asuka: “ it was probably all your imagination.”

Shinji: “that can’t be true either. Because I have a cut on my neck see…?”

Shinji then leaned his head over to reveal the cut that was made with the knife.

Shinji: “Asuka!!!! You are just telling me a bunch of lies!!!”

Asuka: “ well Shinji, I wasn’t awake when that happened. So how could I have possibly known for sure? Huh? I don’t even know why I even bothered talking to you. In fact, I don’t even know why I am eating with you.
Asuka aggressively threw down the potato chip bag and turned to face the entrance of the store, away from shinji.

Shinji: “ look Asuka, I am sorry for exploding like that. I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you for matters that you don’t even understand. However, I will give you credit for trying and I’ll even thank you for that. But I do not want to get into another fight. This is possibly the worst time to do that. I don’t want us to get separated at a time when anything could happen.

Asuka hinted her face back over to Shinji’s direction.

Shinji: “ Asuka, I know also that you were lying to me when you told me the reason why you ran away was because you were hungry. I’ll bet that you being hungry wasn’t the real reason why you ran way. I think…wait……I know that you are hiding something from me. What is it? Tell me.
I know that you don’t want to tell me. I’ll bet you would rather tell penpen then tell me. But I need to know about you so I can understand you and maybe,possibly even help you.
Do you see what I am saying, Asuka? We need to know and understand each other if we want to survive. I just don’t want anymore fighting right now. You can hurt and hide stuff from me as much as you like when the world is restored. But for now we should stick together, alright?”

Asuka: “(sigh) okay Shinji. If you must know…”

Shinji leaned his body torwards Asuka so he could hear her better. Asuka’s voice was so soft at that moment it was hard to tell if she was even talking or not. She must have been embarrasted about telling him the truth.

Asuka: “I, I wanted mama.”

Shinji: “ eh?”

Asuka: “ I was scared. I wanted to find mama. I had to make sure that she was all right,so I ran off to find her. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I looked for hours but all I could find was a bunch of debris and rubble. But then,you see, I got hungry so I went to the nearest place that had food…HERE. You got that,shinji?”

Shinji: “yeah I got you”.

Shinji got up and scratched his neck. Shinji had no idea apon what to do now.

Shinji: “what should we do now, Asuka?”

Asuka looked up at him and raised her eyebrow.

Asuka: “ why are you asking me? How the hell should I know? It’s your fault the world is like this,so you figure it out.”

Shinji looked up at the ceiling.

Shinji: “ we’re going, Asuka.”

Asuka: “what?why? …….where?”

Shinji: I don’t know.we’re just going.RIGHT NOW.

Shinji bent down and grabbed Asuka’s wrist. He pulled her up off the tile and forced her to go with him.

Asuka: “what the hell are you doing,SHINJI. Get your hand off me.
You hentai.

Shinji didn’t answer. After about five minutes of having to force her to go she accepted what he was doing and went with him.
They walked out of the drug store and onto the sand.Shinji then noticed something.there was no debris anywhere. It was all gone as if it disapeared.

SHINJI: “what happened. I was sure that this place was all scattered with concrete and broken stuff.

Asuka: “yeah,I know. What happened.?”

Shinji didn’t answer for a few seconds. He was thinking really hard. Then he thought of something.

Shinji: “ it must be the world being restored.”

Asuka: “Restored?”

Shinji: “ yes,restored. Rei said to me yesterday that the world would be the way that it should be very soon. She said that it would just take,you know, a while.

Asuka: “oh okay(sarcasticaly)tsk,whatever.”

Asuka all ready knew what was going on. She knew about the third impact and what shinji’s decision was. She just felt like annoying shinji was,how should I say,her hobby.

Shinji: “Asuka,just shut up and follow me. I don’t care what you think any more.”

Asuka didn’t answer back. She felt like she had bothered him enough and if she got him any more ticked off he would probably leave her,and she didn’t really want that.

Shinji and Asuka walked for a long time.about the same amount of time shinji walked in chapter 2. They both arrived at the beach by the shore of LCL.

Asuka: “ why did we come back here?”

Shinji didn’t answer.Shinji just turned his head over to the Giant Lilith/rei head. Its hundred foot almond shaped eyes where staring blankly inot space as it underwent rapid decomposition. It was terrifying to look at it. So Shinji gently eased himself in front of Asuka.

Shinji: “ I’m going to rest. You do whatever you want.”

Asuka: “uhhh…okay.”

Shinji walked ahead of asuka and slowly layed himself down onto the sand.Asuka didn’t really want to do anything(which wasn’t odd because what can someone do when there is nothing but sand and LCL all around you.On top of that she couldn’t find her mom,her angel.) Asuka didn’t want to think of her dead mother so she walked over to Shinji.

Asuka: “ I guess I might as well get some sleep as well.”
With those last few words Asuka sat herslf down gently next to Shinji.
Asuka decided to sleep because she wanted to remove the thoughts of her mother from herself. She eventually layed down and fell asleep.

Voice(whispering) : “I will always be with you my daughter. Sleep well.”

Shinji had another dream while he was sleeping with Asuka. It was almost exactly the same as his last one. Shinji’s mirror poked it’s head out of the darkness as if it were out of a manhole.(OCC:pretend or play “borderline case” from EVA OST2)

Shinji: “shit,----,----,not again.leave me alone dammit.i am not going to listen to you anymore,evenif you are part of my own self.”

The mirror appeared fully and just stared at Shinji blankly.It didn’t even have a recognizable expression on it’s face. It just stood there standing as if it didn’t know Shinji was standing right next to him.

The mirror opened it’s mouth and tried to talk but Shinji could not here him.Actually, the mirror didn’t look like it was talking at all. It was just moving it’s lips.

Shinji: “what are you trying to say. Are really starting to ---- me off? If you can’t say anything why don’t you just go away and let me dream about something pleasant for once.

All of the sudden random scenes from his talk with Asuka at breakfast went through his head.

Shinji: “what? What are you trying to show me?

There was no answer. Shinji got really angry then.
“ dammit,I said answer me!!!or else I’ll…..

Shinji clenched his fist and tried to punch his mirror. As he punched it Shinji realized that his mirror was a 2D object. It was really a mirror. The glass cracked and then all of the mirror pieces went flying torward torwards Shinji. Even though the glass came right at him, none of the pieces actually hit him. They all passed in and out of him like a bullet through a piece of paper,only Shinji couldn’t didn’t feel anything from it. As all of the pieces went through and out of him, Shinji noticed that the pieces were forming a new mirror behind him. All of the pieces that he broke were all coming together.then the last tiny piece merged into the large glass structure to reveal a mirror identicle to his last one.
The only thing that was different about it was that there was no image of himself in the mirror. The mirror was just showing a reflection of the space around him: a black nothing. Shinji walked torwards the mirror.

Shinji: “what’s going on here.”

Shinji then took his hand a touched the mirror. It was hard to descibe what it felt like. The mirror was not solid. It was more like liquid. As his hand passed through the wavey glass he felt a strong tugg on his arm. The force was so strong that it pulled his entire into the mirror. He couldn’t feel a thing as he was being pulled through by some elemental abstract force.
When he passed through the mirror, his surroundings turned bright(like looking at the sun directly) and he immediately woke,realizing that he was never going to have a dream like that again.

What came from the end
Chapter 4-A new Beginning

Shinji flopped up off of the sand to find himself alone again. Asuka was not next to him.

Shinji: “this is starting to get really old Asuka.”

Of course Shinji didn’t even make an effort to take a look around. Asuka was really right next to him (behind him). She looked like she was tampering with something. She was moving her arm forward and back as if she was trying to solve a Rubick’s cube. Then shinji noticed something: he smelt the foul scent of smoke inhale into his nose. Asuka must have been cooking breakfast.

Shinji: “there you are”

Asuka didn’t turn around. There was a long pause before she answered back to him.

Asuka: “it’s about time you woke up Shinji. I can’t believe how many hours you sleep at night. You’re pretty lucky to have a little servant girl to make you breakfast.

Asuka must have waken up a lot earlier. She had made a fire out with wood and some matches. She must have traveled back to the “Ruin” to get some supplies for a fire. Not only did she make a fire, she also had pans, spoons, chopsticks, and bowls. It was like she was going to make a traditional Japanese breakfast.

Shinji looked over her shoulder to see what she was cooking. The pan was covered but he could still smell it. Asuka also had a big bag of food next to her. Shinji had no idea, however ,of what was inside it though.

Shinji: “mmmm…white rice. How come you went through so much trouble Asuka?”

Asuka: “ a bag of potato chips for breakfast really just isn’t my style and I thought I deserved better. don’t you think so?”

Shinji didn’t answer her question (he didn’t want to be rude to her).

Shinji: “how long will it be till it’s ready.”

Asuka: “not to long. It has been cooking for about 20 minutes so it should be just about finished.

Shinji: “great”.

As Asuka was concentrating on her cooking, Shinji took a peek into what asuka had in her bag: shampoo, soap, instant ramen, ice cream, and lots of other snacks. Shinji held up the shampoo and said…..

Shinji: “hey Asuka, don’t tell me that you are planning to bathe in…”

Shinji suddenly stopped. He looked at the ocean. It was no longer orange. It was now blue, the color the ocean should be. The sea had returned to normal. Shinji forced a large smile onto his face. The crucified Evas were no longer there either.


Asuka: “ yeah I know. You must have been crazy to think I would buy shampoo and bathe in LCL. Now stop peeping at my stuff and have breakfast with me.”

Shinji(to himself): “yes ma’am”.

Shinji walked over to where asuka was sitting cross-legged on the beach. Shinji bent himself down and sat parallel to Asuka. It was amazing what Asuka cooked. She had made Miso soup, white rice, and even some steak. Not only did she cook it but she cooked it very well.

Asuka: “LETS DIG IN!!!”

Asuka handed Shinji a pair of chopsticks. Shinji took them from her and positioned them in his hands. He took a small piece of steak and placed it slowly into his mouth. It tasted perfect. It was tender and juicy with enough spice to tingle your taste buds to the max. Shinji couldn’t help but comment…

Shinji(with his mouth full of food): “this is excellent Asuka. I am really amazed.

Asuka: “ could you possibly expect any less from me”

Shinji didn’t answer again. He was to busy with his food. It was just too good. He couldn’t believe how much of a good cook Asuka was. Asuka was enjoying her breakfast as well. She could at least talk while eating though.

Asuka: “so Shinji, did you have another strange dream last night. I heard you kind of moaning and talking in your sleep. You were saying stuff like “dammit, answer me!!” and “what’s going on here”.

Shinji: “ I honestly don’t really know what my dream was about but I do know that it was very strange. I was in this really dark room or something. There was a mirror right in front of me. It had my reflection in it but it was not really me. It had a different facial expression than I did. The reflection of myself started to talk but I could not hear it. It was just moving it’s lips. When it was done I started to get angry and I punched the mirror. When I finished punching it, it broke into billions of pieces. The pieces flew by me and formed another mirror. This time there was no reflection in it. When I touched that mirror something pulled onto me and forced me through it. Then I woke up.”

Asuka: “man, is strange.

Shinji: “ do you have any idea what it was about.”

Asuka put her hand up to her chin as if she was thinking. Shinji was finished with his meal.

Shinji: “where should I put my dishes?”

Asuka was finished with hers too.

Asuka: “just put them in the water.

Shinji nodded his head and grabbed Asuka’s plate and utensils as well. He walked carefully down to the shore so he wouldn’t drop anything. Shinji was right at the edge of the shore. He was about to put the dishes in the water to soak but large splash drew his attention. Shinji immediately turned his head to see where the splash came from. He set down the plates as he looked around. His eyes widened as he saw what had caused it.

Shinji: “ it can’t be!!”

But it was. Rei Ayanami III, youngest daughter of Lilith and initiator of the Third Impact, walked steadily out of the sea and toward the shore. She was dressed in Rei II’s old plug suit, except the sleeves had been cut off to make room for bandages. In her good hand she carried a Longinus Lance. She was using it as a walking stick and giving Shinji an impression of an old wizard.

Shinji turned to where he had first seen the head. It was no longer there. It’s decaying flesh had disappeared into the midst. If Rei somehow managed to survive,and now planned on killing them, Shinji was determined to make sure to weaken her enough so that Asuka could finish her off after she killed him. If Shinji’s death was the only way that Asuka could be saved, then so be it. He spread his arms out like a cross waiting for an attack.

But if Rei sensed any tension, she ignored it. She simply looked at him.

Rei: “ Shinji I have come. You are looking well.”

Shinji stood there embarrassed about what he just did. He immediately dropped his arms and turned over to Rei who was walking ahead of him.

Asuka: “ is everyone else okay, too , Rei?”

Rei: “yes, my plan went well.”

Shinji: “what?! What plan?

Asuka ignored him.

Asuka: “how did you manage to escape though. I thought that you were dead for sure.”

Rei: “ at the point of separation, Lilith was more concerned about keeping her A.T. field active. It was a timely distraction.”

Shinji: “ would any of you mind telling me what’s going on here!?”

Asuka rolled her eyes heavenward, and expected her to scream at him yet again. However, before she could say anything, Rei intervened.

Rei: “ in order to stop the attack from the attack by the JSSDF forces set in motion by SEELE, we had to get rid of it’s head, Chairman Keel Lorenz. I decided to do this by initiating my own 3rd impact.”

Shinji (interrupting Rei): “ that was kind of reckless, wasn’t it?”

Asuka: “yeah, that’s what I thought. Sort of like killing a bee with a bazooka. Just my style.”

Shinji: “ by what other means?”

Rei: “there was no other means. Chairman Keel was bound to this earth until the end of humanity. So the only way to assassinate him was to do just that. At least temporarily.”

Shinji stared at rei and asuka confused.

Shinji: “then how do you reverse it?”

Asuka got up and walked towards him as she answered.

Asuka: “she didn’t. that’s where you came in.”

Shinji: “ me? How did I end the impact?”

Rei: “ Keel wanted to use Eva unit 05 series and Unit-01 to make his own 3rd impact. But what he hadn’t counted on was the pilot inside. As such, you were given the choice to either down the barriers that exist between you and others, or live in your own private world. As such, if you hadn’t made the correct choice, or if there hadn’t been anyone inside Eva-01 to make that choice, the impact would have been permanent.”
Shinji got frustrated and clenched his fist tightly shut.

Shinji: “ this still doesn’t make any sense. I mean why me? Why did it fall into my hands? It’ s not like I’m some sort of god or something.”

Asuka: “what are you stupid? haven’t you ever read the Bible before?”

Shinji: “ what does that have to do with it?!”

“Shinji you idiot! It has everything to do with it” She took a deep breath to calm herself. “all right. Have you ever read the part about the messiah returning to earth to fight off the anti-christ and decide once and for all the fate of the world?”

“Y-yes,” stammered Shinji, and then a slow realization dawned on him. “wait a minute! You mean to say that…”

“Yes”, replied Asuka. “rei over there was the anti-christ”. She pointed to where the giant head used to be. “and that makes you the messiah! Good thing for all of us you decided to live with us humans, right?”

she smiled at him while reaching out to him.

But Shinji pulled away. He went over to the waterfront and knelt down. Asuka and rei’s eyes were wide as they went over to him and knelt beside him. “but that wasn’t all”, murmured Shinji. “ I decided that I’d rather live with the pin of loneliness than having to deal with others. I wanted to be alone. That was my choice.”

“but that was how we all lived before the 3rd impact”, said Rei. “we were all isolated from one another. If you had chosen to take down the barriers between yourself and all humans, you would have consented to the impact, and Lilith would have won. You choice was still the correct one, Shinji.”

“And it allowed wonder girl here to return everyone to earth, and even bring back some people that are dead, too”, added Asuka. “ everyone but Keel, that is”

“Including Misato?” asked Shinji, not certain if he did or didn’t want to face Misato. He remembered her last words to him. She had been right all along. But more important was how she kissed him, promising to “do the rest” when she saw him again. But now that the danger was over, he wasn’t sure that he wanted to.

“Yes”, answered Rei. “Misato, D.R. Akagi, Commander Fuyutsuki, and the Com-father,” she amended. “ are all safe. They are within Tokyo 2, as Tokyo 3 seems to be…. uninhabited”

Asuka snorted. “you got that right.” Shinji suddenly noticed that the antagonism between the two that had always permeated their interaction had evaporated. Apparently, the two of them had somehow worked out their differences while in Lilith.

“but Keel wasn’t revived,” he repeated.

Rei looked at him. “ it was what he wanted. He wanted to initiate his own 3rd impact as a means to his own death. My fusing with Lilith also made that possible.”

“He could have just hired Kevorkian,” muttered Asuka.

What came from the end: Chapter 5, a new beginning part 2.

It was almost dawn. All of the children were asleep except for Shinji. Shinji had his eyes wide open while looking at the stars. Shinji just couldn’t sleep because of the intense day that he had. It kept him wide awake without a bit of sleepiness.

“How beautiful” ,said Shinji, “ without all of the city lights, the sky can look so incredible at night” .

There were billions of stars filling the sky. There wasn’t a single cloud either. All there was was an endless trail of dust spreading over the sky. Shinji lifted his right hand into the air in a futile attempt to grab some of the stars. He clenched his fist against the air and then opened it again to reveal only his sweaty palm.

At that very moment Rei woke up and creased her eyes open. She slowly guided her vision over to where Shinji was lying down. Rei exhaled and got herself up off the sand. She slowly began walking on the cold sand in an attempt to get nearer to Shinji.

A sudden thought went through her head, “why am I doing this? What am I doing?.”
She quickly forgot about her thought and laid down next to Shinji. As Rei set herself down Shinji laid his arm back down at his side.

“ What are you still awake for Shinji?”, questioned Rei.

Shinji’s hand twitched as he answered, “ I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything.”

“Everything?”, said Rei while looking over at Shinji.

“ yeah, you know everything. Like yesterday and the day before that, you know, what happened and stuff”, replied Shinji softly.

“I’m not sure I understand,” said Rei.

Shinji forced a small grin onto his face and turned his side over to Rei. Quickly changing the subject Shinji said, “ Rei, I was wondering, what are you going to do now that this is all over?”

“I was hoping to live with father”, she replied.

“Why him, Rei? What if he tries to use you to create another impact?”, asked Shinji.

“He won’t. he understands that mother-our mother-is beyond his reach, now”, answered Rei. “I’ve…. Dissuaded him from attempting a 4th impact”.

Shinji gave her an “ O.K” sign and just stared at her ruby colored eyes. They looked even more beautiful in the moonlight. They just seemed to stand out more than they do in the day.

Rei continued, “ what do plan to do, Shinji.”

Shinji looked over at the sleeping Asuka. She looked so angelic and peaceful as if she really was an angel.

Shinji replied with a smile on his face, “ I know I’ll think of something.”

Rei got up and started back in a sign of relief that Shinji would be able to get some sleep. At that very moment Shinji stood straight up and said, “ Wait Rei!!”

Rei stopped and turned her head over to Shinji, “ yes?”

Shinji looked down at the pale sand and said quietly, “ Araigato.”

Rei nodded and continued walking back to where she was sleeping.

Shinji watched as she sat herself down and fell asleep against the sand.
When there was nothing else to watch her do, Shinji sat down also and slowly laid down onto the sand. With one last look at the endless trail of stars, he folded his arms behind his head for head support and fell asleep immediately.

Shinji slowly opened his eyes as he woke up the next morning. The sun told him that it was morning. As he stood up to stretch, he noticed that he was no longer standing on sand. In fact, he wasn’t even on a beach at all. The ground was moist and thick like mud. It was brown and not white. There was even a vast field of grass that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Flowers and bushes were also rising from the ground.

Shinji had his eyes full of tears. But they were not sad tears. They were tears of happiness and joy, “has the world been restored? Is this really real?”

A small tear streamed down the side of his cheek. A large smile stretched onto his face.

Then a voice from behind answered, “ yes it is, Shinji-kun. This is how it is supposed to be”.

Shinji, startled by the voice, turned his head around to see Rei Ayanami standing about 10 feet behind him with Asuka.

“It’s about time you woke up, Shinji! You can sleep through almost anything” , hollered Asuka.

Shinji walked over to Asuka. He placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “what’s for breakfast?”.

Asuka, surprised by what he said, answered, “ the usual.”

Shinji smiled, “ good. While you cook it I think I’ll go for a walk around the beach…I mean…field. Rei, you can come if you want.”

Rei answered, “ no thankyou.”

Shinji just shrugged and turned to walk away. The ground was so fresh and the air was so clean. It was like how everything was before the 3rd impact. Every breath he took on his walk was a cherished moment for him. He always inhaled and exhaled slowly. The walk lasted for about 20 minutes. As he walked further down the field he heard birds chirping as they flew through the air. He also saw mice and squirrels walk by his feet every once in a while. This was about as restored the world was likely to be.

When Shinji returned to Asuka and Rei, he found that breakfast was ready. Asuka seemed to have set up some kind of breakfast triangle. Shinji found his plates, bowl, and utensils on the right side of the setting. He knew it was his side because it was the only side that didn’t have someone sitting in it. As he sat down he asked Asuka to fill his rice bowl. She did so. As he rice got scooped from the bucket into his bowl he said, “ so what did you two do while I was walking?”.

Asuka replied, “ not much. All I did was make breakfast and Rei just stood there looking at the sky. For what reason? I don’t know.”

Shinji took his chopsticks and began to eat his breakfast. It was of the same quality as yesterdays. So it was rather excellent. Rei put down her bowl and asked Asuka and Rei a question, “what do you plan to do with your futures.”

Shinji swallowed his rice and answered, “ I was hoping to live in Tokyo-2 and see it through the end.”

For once Asuka didn’t make a verbal comment. She actually agreed with him and made a nodding action with her head with her eyes shut as she ate her food.

Rei opened her mouth and commented, “ I see. I wish you all well on your futures.”

Rei got up and walked away from her half-eaten breakfast. She slowly raised her head and looked up at the sky again.

Shinji looked over at Rei and said, “ where are you going Rei?”
Rei quietly and softly answered, “ I am going to be…..with…father”.

After those quiet last words, she started to fade away into the air. Her whole body became that of a ghost and then she slowly disappeared.

Shinji looked up, “ I guess father must be up* there*.

Asuka just said, “ how rude. She didn’t even ask to be excused.”

Shinji ignored her comment and still just kept looking up. About a minute later he looked back down and quickly finished his meal. Asuka finished her meal about the same time he did.

Shinji looked directly at Asuka and said, “ what should we do now.”

Asuka shrugged and said, “ I guess we should go to Tokyo-2 and find misato and everyone else.”

So they both headed to Tokyo-2 in order to live their new lives. Asuka and Shinji barely talked during their journey (probably because it wasn’t a very long one).

They walked on the soil for about 15 minutes until they both saw a big hill in front of them. As they walked up the hill, they both had a gut feeling that it would reveal Tokyo-2. to there hopes, in front of the hill was Tokyo-2. it’s large buildings and stores were all there. They could even hear the sounds of cars and people talking.

They both quickly ran down the hill and onto the cities grounds. The first thing that was there was the train station.

“ I’m going to go to a telephone and see if I can call misato”, said Shinji running to the nearest one that he could see.

Once he found a telephone booth, he immediately grabbed a quarter out of his pocket (he never remembered having a quarter there before).

As he lifted the telephone up and ready to dial he said, “here goes.”

“Shinji!” Shinji’s sentence was cut off as he heard his name being called. He turned to see Misato Katsuragi, formerly NERV’s Director of Operations, running down the hall toward him. She stopped short of him and quickly wrapped her arms around him in a near-bear hug. “I was afraid I’d miss saying good-bye,” his former roommate guardian said to him.

“Misato,it’s…it’s you..”, said Shinji trembling in her arms. Tears slowly began to gush from his eyes. As the tears ran from his eyes and attached to Misato’s red sweater, Misato whispered to him, “ welcome back Shinji.” Shinji remained sobbing. Misato began to rub his greasy hair with his hand to comfort him. At that very moment Misato noticed Asuka standing about 12 feet behind her and Shinji. “Hi Asuka, welcome back”, said Misato waving her arm.

“ Hi Misato, it’s been a while”, said Asuka walking slowly towards Misato.

“ we should go home now. Are you okay with that kiddo?”, said Misato holding the crying Shinji.

Shinji nodded and they went to her car. Everyone was silent on the way back to her apartment. Shinji was still crying, but not as much as he was before.

They arrived at her apartment in about 10 minutes. Misato and Asuka both got out at about the same time. Shinji was the last one to get out.

None of them waited for him and left Shinji alone. As they both walked into the apartment building Misato told Asuka not to bother Shinji for the rest of the day. Asuka nodded and they both walked in.

Once shinji stopped sobbing, he found the keys to the room in his hands. He stepped out of the car and walked towards the apartment building. Once he got inside he looked at the keys.

“room 303..” he thought to himself.

As he walked up the stairs, old memories came back into his head of himself walking home from school to Misato’s apartment. he had such good times in that apartment. this made him so anxious to get to it. He began walking up the stairs faster and faster until he was running up the steps. Once he reached her room number, panting with breath, he turned the keys in the knob and opened the door. The first thing he saw was Misato’s smiling face. Once he saw that wonderful expression of hers and smelt the scent of the apartment room he said with a smile on his face, “ I’m…I’m home.”

Misato answered back happily, “ welcome home.”

*Perhaps somewhere in his heaven, God was right with the world*


"Everything past and future is vivid. Only the present is fuzzy."
-Yoshitaka Amano
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