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(I would really call this a fan fic, because i made up the story, so i call it an Anime Fic or Anime Fictional Story, Enjoy!)!Hai !Hai !Plushie
Characters: Plushie, Katsu, Michi
Info: !Hai !Hai !Plushie Eps. 1

Ancient Samurai warriors, Giant plush penguins, Giant Mecha Machines, and a Gang of Bikini Wearing Ninja's. You will find all of this and more in the premier fic of !Hai !Hai !Plushie Eps.1
Take a journey to the year 2069 where the world is enslaved by Bikini Wearing Ninja's (and yes their all women) and their evil Plushie monstars. When angered or provoked these kawaii penguins transform into giant plush monsters. Ahhh whats that! You are asking yourself, were are the hero's eh? Well dont worry, thats all up to our three stars Katsu, Plushie, and Michi.
You want more of this eh? Well read on and engulf yourself in the action filled fictional collection of short stories, !Hai !Hai !Plushie!

Episode 1. "The Saga Begins"

(The House-Tokyo Skyrise Apartment Building Rm. 3005)
The three characters begin their morning as usual, 25 mintues late, hair arranged in a distasteful manner, breath is disturbingly awful, and an enourmous apetite. The cute 2ft tall penguine trots his way into the kitchen grabing the nearest box of Blast 'o bites and poures it into the bowl. His loud crunching noise wakes up the other two and causes them to fall face first onto a messy pile of clothes. Katsu stumbles over plushie knocking his bowl of Blast 'o bites all over Michi. After hours of fighting and cleaning the 3 get the apartment orgainzed and ready for work.

Katsu sits down at the vido screen and awaits the newest information on his mision. The video screen on the wall turns on and the shadow of a man appears. His voice is rough and cold. "Katsu....Michi...Plushie... YOU ARE ALL 3 HOURS LATE!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU 3 BEEN!!!!! The three are blasted back into the wall by loud voice of the "Boss". Katsu speaks in a quiet and soft tone...."ummm sir, we were getting ready...." he hesitates and Michi speaks up for him. "Sir! We were discussing what we need to do differant about today's mission...Sir" He responds in a more pleased tone. "ahh thats what I like to hear. Michi why is it that KATSU always screws our missions up!" Katsu leans back and hides his face. "Ummm sir , i didnt think the blasters were loaded or else i wouldnt have shot down building 3.5b in the communication district of Section 3-a of Tokyo. He replies quckly cutting of Katsu, "WELL DONT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!". "Ok, now on with today's mission. Shinsuki, and her army of ninja's are planning on robbing the United Bank of Tokyo branch 350 this afternoon at 1:35. Reports have been made that they are planning on stealing a unit of hover cruisers this time to increase their chances of sucess. This is where you 3 come in, your mission is to protect the unit of hover cruisers so that Shinsuki and her women dont get their pretty little hands on them. Leave the rest up to the cops. Is this mission easy enough for you 3?".Katsu gets back up off of his feet and replies quickly. "yes yes yes sir, i think i ... i mean WE can handle this". The screen goes blank and the three walk out of the apartment to the elevator.

Michi leans back against the rail. "you guys know that if we screw this up "Boss" will have our asses hung up all over Tokyo for everyone to see. We cant screw this one up." Katsu nods , so does plushie and they stop in the lobby and quickly rush out of the apartment building. Katsu looks down to his watch. "Its 11:35 now , we better go get our equipment and weapons, were going to need them this time." The three hop into a taxi and speed off to the armory.
Once at the armory katsu gets his mech suit (about 15 feet tall, armed with 4 laser guided rockets, 3 fully automatic machine guns and a giant Nodachi Sword). He slowly walks out of the armory with the suit and walks into the street where Michi and Plushe are waiting inside there customized Hover Cruiser (2 macine guns, 30 rockets, 2 blaster cannons, 4 guided missles). Katsu jumps onto the hover cruiser and gets out of his suit. Michi drives to the armory and they discuss their plans. Michi speaks in a cold tone, "Damnit katsu dont screw this up again, all we have to do is stop them from getting the hover cruisers, thats all this time, NOTHING FANCY!" . "well im sorry Michi we all mess up some times." Michi hits the acceleration bar and the cruiser increases 60 mph.
The hover cruiser stops instantly as they look on and see the 20 hover crusers bolt away and the holding compound completey in ruins."Holy ----, michi look at that! BOSS WAS OFF THIS TIME" He jumps in his suit turn everything on and bolts towards the hover cruisers. "DAMN YOU, YOUR NOT GETTING AWAY THIS TIME" He increases the speed by 75% and jumps infront of all them. The hover cruisers stop and the bandits stare at katsu.
He hears michi blare in the radio. "! KATSU AIM FOR THE GAS TANKS!" He contemplates about the idea for a second then rushes into the middle of the cruisers and unsheaths his sword. "DAMN YOU TAKE THIS" He rushes them with his swordand slices the cruisers in half were the gas tanks are. 5 of the cruisers explode destroying them. The other fifteen speed off down the street. Katsu turns around and bolts towards them, he looks behind him and see's Michi and Plushie. Katsu jumps on Michi's cruiser and they drive towards the hover cruisers blasting them with maching gun fire, takeing out 9 more of them. Plushie's section of the cruiser floats up and the giant blaster cannon begins fireing multiple beams at the cruisers. All of them but one are destroyed.
Katsu jumps off of the cruiser. He shouts out to Michi. "! ITS SHINSUKI!"
He takes out his sword and stands their waiting for an attack. Shinsuki turns around revealin her face to the trio for the first time. Her beauitful blonde hair sparkles to katsu's eyes and seem to distract him. "KATSU!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!" Michi screams to him, and katsu wakes up from the trance. "yeah , its not gonna be that easy." Shinsuki jumps into her mech suit (simular to katsu's) and jumps into the street.
"Get ready ... This is the fight of a life time." Katsu begins to breathe hard in his suit and his vision begins to get blurry. "Snap out of can win.... calm down....."

"GET READY BOY!!!!!!!!!" Shinsuki screams as she charges the still and scared katsu. Michi and Plushie scream in terror. "KATSU WATCH OUT"
....................................................... ....................................................... .................................

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