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Suu watched as Kazuhiko walked down the street carrying groceries. She followed him along for as long as she could and silently prayed that he didn't turn her way. She knew she was not surpossed to come near him. That she was dead to him and that contact with him could get him killed.

'But he can handle himself...I know what he can do.' Suu thought as he turned the corner.

"Suu?" a scratchy voice whispered into her ear. She turned around to be face to face with her friend and sort of guardian, Silent Angel.

"What are you doing here, why aren't you home?" Silent Angel coughed and rubbed her swollen stomach. Suu sighed at her friend and thought about Lan.

"I told him, Suu. I had to..."

"Well, at least when he dies he'll know...Let's go Angel."

"But why?" Silent Angel moaned, softly.

To be continued...

(By the way, Silent Angel is my made up clover, unlike Suu she's only a three leaf clover.)
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Wow, a talking and moaning clover. Anyway, I like the story so far. Its mysterious and makes the reader want to know and read more of it.
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