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Originally posted by Magnus9
For me the series peeked at FFVI(3 U.S) then steadily went downhill until FFIX which was ONE OF THE BEST RPGs EVER.
Fixed. Seriously. Nine rocked. I was in pure Final Fantasy bliss the entire time I played it.

Eight blew chunks, Seven was excellent, Nine is the best RPG put out on the PSX, or the PS2 for that matter.

The only RPGs better than IX are on the PC - Bioware games / or the SNES's Final Fantasy IV, VI, and Chrono Trigger.

* * *

Ultimately though, to each their own. Squaresoft varies the style of FF with each game, so everyone has something to be happy about. FFIX hit the mark with me, on every level.
If everything seems to be going well, you obviously don't know what the hell is going on.

Everyone is entitled to have a wrong opinion (which differs from mine).
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I love FFVII (my favorite) ... then again I love all the FF games, both new and old. Although I really need to find time to play the older titles through, I've only played a little bit of each.

I wonder if FF:CC will be released here in Australia. It annoys me that Square doesn't release all their games for the PAL format (i.e. Xeno series, Chrono series, FFT). It's not so bad when it's the PS2/PSOne, as you can chip your console and import. But I really don't want to have to import a GC ... I already have an imported Xbox and that's enough of a hassle.

And anyone know when FFT Advance is coming out (English version)?

Abe Babe...

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Origanally posted by Abe Babe
And anyone know when FFT Advance is coming out (English version)?
It's coming out 09/09/2003,Already got it by
*CoughDownloadingCough* and it's really good
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I enjoy crystal chronicles, good for mates and people not usually into RPG.

Curious about tactics now.

FF7 was good. Really good. To say otherwise, is quite frankly to be deliberately trying to dislike it IMO. I wish people wouldnt rank everything against its predeccesor. Each should be tested on its own. FF7 was glorious.
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