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Cool The Choco Factor

ok ok what the shmuck is going on here.....if you are readying this you must have played more than one ff game....if not run because tonberry hates it when you don't pinch him!!! sorry lol

ok well i was realizing while playing Final Fantasy XI that i can't keep my Chocobo (which i would name Mushu lol) and btw if your thinking doh ya i know lol. i was wondering why the heck the let me keep my yellow (sometimes black woot!) friend?? it bugs i mean FFFVII and FFVIII let me...come on square-eniqueidontwannaspellitout(gay merger name btw).

can i get your thought on to why we can't keep um? and maybe some intresting names you named your Choco's ^_^

*i really want bahamut as a summon in FFXI*
Jay Ditto
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