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Orphen Videogame

anyone played it?
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I know Kawaii Filia (heck she's seen revenge and read the Manga) but I haven't. But I do plan on buying it. But first I have to find it. But check out this thread.
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To be fair I haven't read the manga, I only know details. I need to find scanlations badly! *pulls out hair* I also would kill to be able to read the novels - that's where the story really kicks! Grrrr - the stress!

But anyway...yes, I have played the game. I'm yet to beat the final boss...*stress levels rise again*
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my friend has it, and i played it a little....Orphen seems interesting, but all i've seen of it is the game...
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POS.... I can't believe I actually wasted money on it. It tries to adapt a "unique" battle system... this is by far the games biggest downfall. The story doesn't help much either. The only redeeming quality is the anime sequences... and they aren't really that great.
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It's suppose to be a horrible of the worst on the PS2.
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