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Hard Drives?

Is their any such thing as having too many hard drives?, and is their a limit to how many you can have?

Anyway, how many HDD's do you have?

Here is what I have:

1 x 8GB
1 x 40GB
1 x 160GB
1 x 200GB
2 x 250GB
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My god man, do you want to start a server?
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Got heaps... recently upgraded from 6x80GB WD 800JB PATA to 4x 250GB Seagate 7200.8 SATA in raid 5 with hot spare.
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Evil is Good.

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4 x 250Gb..........Always full. I can't burn DVDs fast enough.
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No limit, get more adapters. MORE MORE! Just keep on consuming!

Anyway HDs in use:

2x60Gb IBM Deskstar.
2x200GB WD Caviar Raid 0.
1x80Gb Maxtor Can't be arsed to remember.
1x120Gb Maxtor same.

Heh, I thought I had more. . . .
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I dont think there is a limit to how many hard drives you have, as long as you have enough adaptors.

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5 machines currently running ...

1 dedicated web only = 80 gig WD+ 2 250 WDs (non raid)

2 General purpose gamer (for nieces and nephews)
= 2 36 gig raptors + 2 160 sata 150

1 old Graphic Workstation SCSI x 3 18 gig

1 present Graphic Workstation 2 72 gig Raptor II (OS and Program) = 3 300 gig Sata 150 (non raid) - I don't care for raid.

All the systems house the OS and Program drive in removeable bays ... and if the drive bites the dust or critical files become corrupted - I just turn off the machines and swap drives ... reboot and inspect the failed drive ... if okay reghost the image from the now active "second". (actually the drives usually would "cue" up if the primary fails ... but I like to keep the C drive as the OS drive mentally speaking - habit I guess.

I think therefore I am ... I think :/

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A laptop, so not much...1x40GB. It serves its purpose.
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I have a PC with a 40GB drive. Hooray.
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4×300GB in RAID5.
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I have 3 160gigs and guys if u did not know this ... THE MORE HARD DRIVES U HAVE IN UR SYSTEM THE SLOWER IT GETS. So I recommend u guys to get rid of ur smaller hard drives.
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