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The NEW Character Application Thread

Hullo, what's this? It's a slightly modified character application. You'll notice I dropped the birthday (you can still include that if you like) and stats. A copy may be found on the webpage. Classes and races will go through a few modifications as well, most notably is the addition of a new mercenary class. Further details TBA in the Starting Information thread.

Post Here:

Player Name:
AIM/MSN/YahooIM: I strongly encourage any who hasn't one to get one.
Character Name:
Character Age:

Place of Origin: Specific to city, country, and planet
Melef or Guymelef Name: (If applicable)
Melef or Guymelef Make: (If applicable)

Description: A physical and mental description of your character.
Strengths: (Three) Since I dropped the stats, here you can specify things like high physical strength, high psy, quick reflexes, intelligence, etc.
Weaknesses: (Minimum of Three) Ditto.

History: Family life, childhood, stuff from your old profile, what happened to your character during the year/month that passed (very helpful), etc. goes here. Include only things you want made public, and try to make it understandable to someone who's not familiar with what's happened in the RPG thus far.
Writing Sample: Either write up something original, paste an excerpt from an RPG you have been in previously, or provide the link to the post, not to the entire RPG. Previously accepted players need not include this.

Send in a private message entitled “Escaflowne RPG Application” or something similar to both GMs:

Private History: This is the stuff you want to remain private, your hidden past. You don’t have to have every detail of this worked out, but at least provide an outline.
Character Plans: How would you like to see your character develop? Do you have suggestions the plot and side plots? Same as with the Private History, it need not be detailed, but give me a general idea of what's on your mind. Without it I cannot help your character progress or reach his/her goal.

:3 moo.

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Player Name: Samari
AIM/MSN/YahooIM: Tanuki Ipopo
Character Name: Chigusa Mitsuguri
Character Age: 17

Place of Origin: Kamakura, Japan, Earth (Sort of.)
Race: Human
Class: Bitchmonster
Melef or Guymelef Name: Nope
Melef or Guymelef Make: Nadda
Weapon(s): Bratty attitude and great bluffing skills.

Description: Chigusa is a fair 5'4 with long dark green hair done up in braided buns on both sides of her head. Deep purple eyes are framed by her green bangs and tanned skin (not a kogal.) Chigusa has had all the benefits of a personal trainer and it shows in her slim and athletic body. Though her pretty apperence belies the true person within. When not speaking as a class representative or cozying up to her fathers... "associates" Chigusa is a very withdrawn and socially inept young woman. Chigusa's sharp tongue hides her ongoing depression and fear.

Strengths: (Three) Chigusa is a good liar, is in excellent phsycial shape, and can be a quick thinker.
Weaknesses: (Minimum of Three) Has problems getting close to anyone, Drives people away, has a softness for children.

History: Chigusa's family life has never been easy. Her father was old when he had her and Chigusa's mother was still very young. Despite the fact that he loved Chigusa's mother she never really loved him and she made that very obvious after Chigusa was born. She had only married him to make an easy life for herself as a senators wife. Though even after such declartions Chigusa's mother did treat her kindly. Though the decisive lack of passion in her parents relationship did effect Chigusa a lot.

When Chigusa was six something awful happened. It was all over the news and in the newspaper. At a press hearing someone had attempted to assasinate senator Mitsuguri. Though instead they hit the senator's wife as she had been leaning over. Chigusa had been at home when it happened and watching the press conference with her nanny.

Life became harder from there and Chigusa carried the brunt of her fathers ire and rage.

Years later Chigusa became a "well adjusted" teen in highschool with a smile as fake as the tan she works so hard to maintain.

A powder keg waiting to explode the young senator's daughter was mysteriously brought to Gaia. Unaware of how or why Chigusa has been trying desperately to find a way back to the civilzed world and a decent cell connection.
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Player Name: Ekaterini
AIM: Ekaterini827
Character Name: Idein Dalaramis (pronounce like romanji)
Character Age: 21

Place of Origin: Fanelia, Gaia
Race: Human
Class: Samurai (Guymelef pilot)
Guymelef Name: Escaflowne
Guymelef Make: Ispano
Weapons: Recently Idein discovered that he is able to pilot the legendary Escaflowne. But before becoming a Guymelef pilot, Idein was a basic samurai and a horseman; thus he carries a samurai sword and, when not using Escaflowne, he rides his trusty, well-trained, black warhorse Epos.

Description: Idein has silver-white hair that is cropped short, his bangs parted in the middle of his forehead with a few tendrils sticking up in the front. His eyes are red. Physically Idein is not paticularly stong, but his lean, dancer-like body is quick and agile. Upon his forehead a deep red tattoo, portaying a half-sun and two crescent moons (there are two moons in the Gaian night sky), can be seen between his bangs. It represents Day and Night in One or the duality of human nature and the importance of opposites in the universe.
Idein is generally a serious person, clever, calm and well-spoken when need be. He is not however entirely without a sense of humor or liveliness, and if a person doesn't merit otherwise, Idein is quite kind as well. But while he's aware of his "positive" traits, he would be the last to deny that anyone, including himself, has a darker side. Also, in consequence to a past event, Idein tends to be slow in trusting others.
Strengths: Light and quick on his feet; an excellent horseman; doesn't easily yield to anger.
Weaknesses: Slow to trust; many men are stronger than him; he doesn't yet know why he can pilot Escaflowne nor what this new ability will bring -- disdain or trouble from the Fanelian officials? From other countries? -- and it makes him uneasy.

History: Idein is the son of a horse farmer. With his father and mother, Idein grew up on their large ranch on the borders of the Fanelian city breeding horses (Epos is one of these horses, personally trained by Idein). When he came of the right age, he entered the military to become a Fanelian samurai. Some years ago his parents passed away, and thus he inherited the ranch; when not fulfilling the duties of a knight, he returns to check on his old home but otherwise leaves business to be handled by trustworthy ranchhands. It was during one of his patrols that Idein found a very strange group of travelers.
Among the travelers were people from the Mystic Moon, and remembering the stories his father told him of King Van and the Mystic Moon girl Hitomi, Idein joined the strangers out of curiousity, unable to ignore the parallels between the present and the time of the Great War. He later regretted this observance; as they did one hundred years before, Zaibach attacked Fanelia just as Queen Hikari was crowned the new Fanelian monarch.
In the aftermath, Idein volunteered to help search for the kidnapped queen, but to no avail. In the war now errupting over Gaia, Fanelia needed Escaflowne, and Idein and others were sent to the Mystic Moon. There the original Hitomi guided them to the legendary Guymelef, but as they looked upon their find, an enemy from Zaibach appeared and menaced them. It was then that Hitomi saw a Vision of Idein fighting back with Escaflowne, and she quickly instructed him to do so. Much to Idein's surprise, he discovered that the ancient mecha accepted his blood. It could only mean that he was a descendant of Van Fanel. But how was that so? Confused, Idein and the others returned with Escaflowne to Gaia.
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Ekaterini’s app looks fine. The only thing Samari’s needs to add is what happened to Chigusa during that year on Gaea; post it in your public history or PM it to me. Everyone else, get your profiles updated, or PM or IM me if you need help or ideas.
:3 moo.

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Player Name

evangelionrobby / / --

Character Name
Touji Haruichi Baldur

Character Age
(Birthday: 30th April)

Place of Origin
Kamakura, Japan, Earth



It is a thick long sword given to him by Martys. It is steel (or appears to be) with a wrapped leather grip. The blade is a metre long and plain, but it curves to an eventual 25˚. The word “SHIFTER” is engraved onto the steel cross-guard. Touji wonders whether it is the blacksmith’s brand. (This is not a magical sword.)

His clothes mostly consist of pale blue colours. He has a few pairs of brown pants, but much of the clothing he takes with him is blue and rather plain. He now wears leather boots. He also has a Freidian uniform in his backpack, though he avoids wearing it.

His torso is usually covered by steel plate armour with shoulder guards. He has a leather bracer on his left wrist with an inaccurate engraving of the mystic moon. The bracer is so scratched that it doesn’t really matter.
His belt holds his sword and a pouch. He also has a backpack.

Touji’s hair is brown, messed, and long enough to touch his shoulder guards. His eyes are dark brown. He is borderline muscular. He is 185cm tall (6ft) and tanned. He also has a scar on the right side of his stomach.

Touji was easygoing and relatively social. He was a hard-worker when he needed to be.


Touji is overwhelmed by murder. He finds violence, murder, everywhere on Gaia. He sees death as an outcome that is distinctly Gaian. Thus, he has learnt to hate the Gaians. He hates them all, especially the one who killed Kaiya.

Officially, Touji has joined the Freidian military, but he has little concern for the agenda of any Freidian official. He has gone rogue.

He keeps his once-black school shoes in his backpack as a keepsake.

• Unconventional—meaning he can often surprise people.
• Aware to other's weaknesses.
• Physically strong (at least for his size).
• Stubborn, and mentally strong in given situations.

• Unconventional—well, just because he can surprise people, it doesn't mean it's always to his benefit.
• Prone to bouts of depression. Especially when near the dying or dead.
• Low level training as a knight. His technique tends to be pretty effective, but it often leaves him open.
• Irrational hate and mistrust of Gaians. Especially humans, and those in authority.
• Especially stupid when angry—which is too often.
• Slow—i.e. not fast—i.e. not agile.
• Naive.

Touji had an ordinary life. He lived at home. He studied and visited a friend for some jolly gaming. Nothing special.

One day late at night, he saw Chigusa, staring into the sky. He followed her gaze and saw Gaia floating up in the sky. He ran home, turned out the lights and went to bed.

Since coming to Gaia…
Most of the Earthlings arrived on Gaia before the crash of the leviship. Touji doesn’t even remember seeing it. He awoke in a field, and wandered it, lost and confused. Finally he spotted Freid and headed towards it.

It was then that he met Kaiya, a cat anthro seriously injured in the crash. Touji helped into the city, and up to the castle. He grew fond of her. But she died. The crash had nothing to do with it. Murder, assassination, whatever the distinction, someone broke into Kaiya’s room and killed her.

As Touji searched for Kaiya’s assassin, Owen appointed himself as his trainer. But the deaths continued to grow. The assassin wasn’t responsible this time. It just seemed to be random. Murder after murder of and by people he had gotten to know. Blood seemed to be all he ever saw on Gaia.

They were all sent to Fanelia, and things went relatively quiet for a while. Touji was reappointed underneath Gwyndolen, and Touji explored the ship. When they arrived, the murder resumed. This time, there was war. It was the first time that Touji ever killed.

It was in the aftermath of the battle that Touji was pushed into the Fanelian military. They could recognise his skills, and hearing of his special heritage, they set him up a tutor named Greevis. He had retired from military service and was decorated with medals. Touji hated him. They argued and fought constantly. Touji usually won the arguments; Greevis almost always won the fights. Eventually Greevis decided to get rid of him.

Touji was set a new instructor. And then another and another. Then he got up to Martys. They got along much better than the other trainers. And one exceptional difference was that Martys was a cat anthro. He joined a small group of trainees, but it was immediately obvious that Touji was vastly superior in skill to the others. Martys took him aside and trained him alone. One day Martys arrived with Shifter, claiming to have found it abandoned on the roadside. He cleaned it up and took it out the back to test it.

Three days later he had a sheath made up for it and gave it to Touji, claiming that the design was ill-suited to his own style. Touji took it, and spent the remaining three months together training with it alone, though he often spent his evenings asking about Kaiya and her assassin.

He caught a rumour, once. It was vague, but it was the best information he had.

He filled his backpack, put on his armour, strapped on his sword and headed for the Floresta Mountains.
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Player Name: Eydtman
AIM/MSN/YahooIM: Eydtman/<n/a>
Character Name: Elisan Navi
Character Age: 21
Place of Origin: Zaibach capital, Zaibach, Gaea
Race: Gaean
Class: Mercenary

Weapon(s): Forearm mounted retractable katars, Throwing knives

Description: Elisan stands 6'2 with blue eyes and long brown hair which he keeps out of his eyes with a red headband. Tight purple sleeveless shirt with buckles around the shoulders. Black leather pants with buckles at the upper thighs and ankles. On his arms he wears dual forearm mounted retractable katars that conceal themselves in a housing that appears as a regular forearm protecting gauntlet which he almost never removes. Though these are his personal weapon on choice, he is actually more skilled with a sword than with his katars. The newest addition to his arsenal is a set of throwing knives, replacing his old ranged weapon that he brought back with him from gaea. However, a gun is useless without bullets which his supply of has long been exhausted. He still keeps the gun though as a memento. He still holds his cold demeanour to most people, but to a few that he's spent a considerable amount of time around he's warmed up a bit. He still holds a soft spot in his heart for furry creatures weather they stand on two or four legs. Elisan used to be a Knight to Zaibach, but now he holds no allegiance to any kingdom and became a mercenary.

Strengths: Swordsmanship, Quick reflexes, Tactical intelligence
Weaknesses: Self-centered, Stubborn, Overconfident

History: Elisan was never really a happy child, nor did he really have a reason to be. He didn't come from a happy household. His parents constantly fought and didn't pay much attention to him and with no other siblings Elisan found himself rather lonely. It's not suprising that he got into trouble often. A person is the product of his environment he was brought up in. His passion for Melefs started at a young age when he witnessed a small training battle on the military base just on the outskirts of his neighbourhood. Ever since that moment he knew what he wanted to do with his life. At the age of 15 he lied about his age to join the military and become a pilot. He rose through the ranks rapidly and soon after he was awarded the rank of First Lieutenant. His military career ended abrutly one day however when in the heat of a battle he killed his own teammates. As punishment his piloting status was revoked. This enraged Elisan. His only reason for living anymore in his mind was for the thrill of piloting a Melef in battle. He went to his commanding officer to appeal but his request was denied. In a fit of anger he killed the officer in the middle of the arguement. He was arrested shortly after and was sent to a high security prison. He was confined in solitary confinement in a tiny cell on the lowest level of the 3rd National Zaibachian Prison. After approximately serving two years of his sentence he broke out of jail and fled Ziabach. Details concerning his escape aren't known to many. It was shortly after his escape that he was accidentally transported to the mystic moon. There he found others who had also travelled from Gaea. It was there that he teamed up with Doctor Moromoto, an earthling who was conducting experiments on the other Gaeans. However, they escaped from the doctors lab and when they confronted him for his involvement he pled that the doctor had used a form of mind control on him. They were confronted by the police and fled into the forest. It was there that they were transported back to Gaea. In Gaea they arrived in a Fanelian temple that was partially ruined in the old war. Here they were detained by the fanelian military. Elisan didn't like being confined in the small room they put him in, so he broke free and took a palace servant prisoner as he forced her to guide him through the palace. Once they reached a melef hangar the servant knocked him out and escaped. When he came around, there was a battle raging around him and he commondeered a training melef and went rampant, killing Fanelians and Zaibachians alike. It was on that battlefield that he met up with an old 'friend'. The two battled and ELisan was defeated, but before the finishing blow could be landed the enemy fell back. He was then captured by the Fanelian military and locked in a holding cell. Not wanting to spend any more time in prison Elisan bargained with the Fanelians. They agreed to let him out of prison if he agreed to act as a guide for the team that was going to be dispatched to resuce the queen of Fanelia who had just been kidnapped in the recent battle.
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NPC Profiles

Here are three NPCs. I'll get Aaron's and Seths info up ASAP. If you have any concerns with any of the profiles or would like to tie your character's history to one of the NPCs in some way let me know.


Character Name: E’rth
Character Age: 12, but he’s not sure
Character Sex: male

Place of Origin: Small village of unknown location, Gaea
Race: Lemur Anthro (I wanted something different)
Class: Forestwalker
Weapon(s): Tooth and claw

Description: E’rth's small frame makes him look several years younger. Large yellow eyes are framed in black fur. Gray fur fades to white on his chest, while the fur on his arms, legs, and large ears darken to black. A long black and white striped tail is his most noticeable feature, and he often holds it curled up along his back when content or tucked under his legs when scared.

He’s more confident, playful, and childlike now, but war has hampered his psychological healing. It reminds him of the destruction of his village and his dead parents. He gets scared and nervous when alone and tends to suffer separation anxiety. Physically, he’s much better off. No longer does he wear rags and the collar was long ago broken of, although he keeps it with him always as a reminder of the bad times so he can appreciate the good. Although no longer so severely underweight, he’ll always be small, his growth permanently stunted by his harsh childhood. But he dreams of one day doing something useful or being special, like his heroes.

He’s also very proud of his name given to him by Risa.

Strengths: Quick, agile, resilient
Weaknesses: Small for his age, anxiety attacks, mood swings, nightmares

History: When he was a child his village was attacked and all the adults killed. The children were rounded up and sold. He no longer had a name and eventually even he forgot it. From his first master, a man who bought and sold on the black market, E’rth received his collar marked with the man’s insignia. Life was hard, full of horrors he still has nightmare of to this very day, but he survived, learning the lesson of subservience as he was passed from owner to owner, some cruel, some indifferent, but few kind. One day, however, his latest Master, a leader of highwaymen, was killed and the child broke free. Scared and hungry, he tried to steal food form some travelers, only to be caught. Terrified he’d be punished, he attempted flight then to fight, but eventually Idein and Risa (part of the group) managed to calm the pitiful creature and convince him to come with them. Their kindness immediately endeared both “Idein Sir” and “Risa Ma’am” to him.

Since then E’rth has stuck to Risa like glue. He’s still very nervous around strangers, vacillating between timidity to – if he thinks Risa is in danger – foolish protectiveness. He’s also developed a fondness of Chigusa who helped him once in Fanelia, although he can be overly clingy and adoring like an annoying little brother.


Character Name: Fangolas (Fang for short)
Character Age: 23
Character Sex: male

Place of Origin: Gaea. Desert nomadic tribe.
Race: Human
Class: Guymelf Slayer

Weapon(s): He carries a large saber of approximately 4 feet in length with a wrapped leather handle.

Description: He is a large, burly man with tanned skin, dark hair and green eyes. Strangely, there is a Dragenergist fused to his sternum.
Because Fangolas was raised in the desert he has developed an acute fear of water and boats. Thus he never learned how to swim and if he is somehow dragged onto a boat, kicking and screaming, he will inevitably become very seasick.

- A sort of sixth sense in which he can sense approaching danger and warns him against surprise attacks.
- Fang’s upbringing in the desert gives him a very high tolerance of heat and enables him to go without water for long periods of time. Thus, he has a slight resistance to fire and heat.
- High physical strength.
-Fear of water and boats.
-Can’t swim and gets seasick.
- Sometimes the gem in his chest may cause him to black out and/or unwillingly transport him from Gaea to Earth or vice versa.

History: He was born to a family of desert nomads who were attacked by a dragon when he was only ten. After a long battle, he was the only survivor of his tribe and the dragon went in for the final kill. In a last futile effort of defense, Fangolas held out his father’s sword and the charging dragon impaled himself upon it, falling dead upon the boy and knocking him unconscious. He awoke with the dragon’s corpse on top of him, and although he managed to struggle his way out, the dragon’s gem had fused into the flesh of his chest. He soon discovered that this gem gave him strange abilities. He developed a sort of sixth sense which enabled him to detect elements of danger and warn him against surprise attacks. He also found that in intense situations of stress the energist would react, and he would be unwillingly transported to the other world. Because of this strange power, he often found himself stranded on earth for short periods until the dragon gem transported him back to Gaea again.

Sent to the Mystic Moon shortly after Queen Hikari was kidnapped, Fang took it upon himself to play the role of Dream’s protector. Having been to Earth before and having met the legendary Lady Hitomi on his last unintentional visit, Fang was able, with Dream’s knowledge of the city, to help the group find her and eventually discover Escaflowne’s resting place. Later, remembering the battle with the dragon that the Dr. had inadvertently brought to Earth from Gaea, it was he who suggested Dr. Moromoto’s pillar machine.


Character Name: Foucault
Character Age: 35
Character Sex: male

Place of Origin: Fanelia, Gaea
Race: Human
Class: Merchant / Trader
Weapon(s): A plain ordinary dagger.

Description: A tall (6’5”), thin, wiry man dressed from head to toe in finely tailored black, a merchant and adventurer. A leader of sorts among the merchant’s, Foucalt is a familiar face on the palace grounds, often speaking to the council on behalf of his guild, and while he is an excellent negotiator and politician, he is also, to be blunt, creepy. From under a fringe of limp shoulder length black hair, he regards the world from cold, distant eyes of an inky black, and he smiles that slick politician’s smile, his lips turning upwards slightly in mild amusement. The merchant is the type who likes to be in the know; kinda creepy looking, cold and distant, but kind and polite enough.

Strengths: TBA

History: When Fanelia declared war upon Zaibach, Foucault immediately made the best of the situation. His less than legal dealings have increased, although on the surface he maintains, more or less, his reputable image. Rumor is he’s managed to secure even more influence in the Fanelian counsel, although if it’s through legitimate or underhanded means is unconfirmed.
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Eydtman: The app. looks fine.

Eva Rob: I'll PM or IM comments about Touji's profile once the whole thing is posted. Be sure to send me a PM containing his private history and character plans.
:3 moo.

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Player Name: Megumi H
AIM/MSN/YahooIM: MegumiHimesama/NA/NA
Character Name: Dream Chang
Character Age: 15

Place of Origin: Kamakura, Japan, Earth
Race: Human
Class: NA
Melef or Guymelef Name: NA
Melef or Guymelef Make: NA
Weapon(s): NA

Description: About 5'4", brown-eyed, black-haired, and Asian, Dream is one cute muffin. She likes reading books, watching sunsets, and cute fuzzy things like cats. She gets emotional every now and then, but she tries to put on a happy face for the sake of those around her. Since several of those she has cared for have ended up injured or worse, she has become hesitant about getting close to people.
Strengths: Dream has seen visions, much like the ones Hitomi had. Dream is also somewhat strong-willed and empathetic, valuing life very dearly.
Weaknesses: Dream is not particularly strong, and visions often take a toll on her stamina. She's a bit gullible, and doesn't recover too well from traumatic experiences. She also swims like a soggy mudpie.

History: (yay) Dream's father is an archaeologist currently investigating a site in Japan. Dream's mother decided to have the family tag along as well as experience some cultural enrichment away from the States. Dream was spending her first year in Japan quietly when one night, her cat ran away from home. She followed it and found herself tangled up with some strangers, ending up on Gaea after a violent incident involving the police.
She appeared the Temple of the White Dragon in Fanelia, and was taken to the palace, where she met Seth, an Asturian knight, and Aaron, a half-Draconian with questions about his past. She began to experience visions in the room at the palace, several of which were apparently tied to Aaron's past.
Dream attended the coronation of the Fanelian Queen as a guest of honor, but when Zaibach attacked, she ran into Cain, who eerily resembled Aaron. Cain snatched the newly-crowned queen, and Dream and her companions were forced to flee the city. Soon after the queen's abduction, she was chosen along with a few others to go back to Earth and seek out Hitomi and the legendary guymelef Escaflowne.
After finding Hitomi Kanzaki and hearing the history of Gaea, Dream witnessed Escaflowne receiving Idein. She returned to Gaea soon after, working together with the others in the group to repair and use Dr. Moromoto's experimental pillar machine. But what has happened to Gaea in that month on Earth?

Still working out some stuff... will PM later.
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Any other current players who intend to stick around please let me know and/or get your new profile posted as soon as possible, so I may do some more detailed planing. Danke.

*looks around*

EDIT: Seth's and Aaron's profiles will hopefully be posted within the next couple of days.
:3 moo.

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NPC Postage

ATTENTION! Plot planning is taking place, so post a profile this week, even an incomplete one, or PM me with questions, comments, ideas, etc. or your character may inadvertently be left on his/her own.

Player Name: Kayay
AIM/MSN/YahooIM: Kayay2

Character Name: Seth Alston Jeture
Character Age: 24
Character Sex: male

Place of Origin: Asturia, Gaea (Born in a city near the border; lived most of his childhood in Palas)
Race: Gaean
Class: Samurai/Knight, Commander
Melef or Guymelef Name: Kaileron
Melef or Guymelef Make: Asturia

Weapon(s): Often carries both one long sword and one short sword or dagger, both relatively simple, practical weapons, and the hilts are the most ornate features. They are extraordinarily light and deceptively strong, able to withstand blows from much larger blades, but have no “special” powers beyond that.

Description: Of average height 6’0”and slender build, he has blue-gray eyes. His dark purple-hair, once kept in a long ponytail, is much shorter now and reaches the base of his neck. He has a long scar on his right side from an “accident” a year ago, but he avoids talking about it. While his appearance is important to him, comfort and practicality take precedent over style.

Loyalty, honor, integrity, and friendship mean a lot to him. While he enjoys the company of others and is willing to lend an ear or a sword, he shares little of his own past and is often reluctant to accept help, especially in dangerous situations. He’s not one to stand idly by when trouble rears its head. Sometimes he offers help in return for the promise a favor or information and other times for no reason at all. Considering his past life, he has a particular affinity for daggers (good for piercing armor in close combat) and throwing knives and is a skilled climber.

War, however, has taken its toll. Amongst friends he still enjoys to share a smile or a joke, but being thrust into a position of such responsibility has hardened him to a degree and isolated him more. And he’s been forced to get blood on his hands with increasing frequency, something he tries to avoid as if to make up for his past.

Strengths: Physical strengths are speed, stealth, and agility.
Weaknesses: Reluctant to kill. When some cause or work inspires him, he is capable of such devotion to it that he may drive himself to the point of exhaustion and risk injuring his health. Fiercely independent, he dislikes interference by others, however helpfully intended, accepting it only on his own terms.

History: Having lost his parents at an early age to illness, he lived on the streets as a common thief as a child. There he became part of a band of assassins and thieves and befriended another boy. Tyce was a remarkable person, with wildness and passion for life, everything Seth wasn't back then. He was just going through the motions of life, not really caring one way or another about himself or anyone else, just surviving, not sure why he bothered, but too stubborn or too scared to give in. Tyce became his family, and they were inseparable. They used to sit on the rooftops for hours at night staring at the stars and dreaming of all the grand adventures they’d go on, two young naïve kids with such big plans. It wasn't the best of lives, but it was bearable, even with Jarvis, their 'mentor' and weapons master around. But Seth wanted more. So one day he convinced the guild to let him leave, but he went back days later to convince his friend to join him. They would both become knights and go on adventures just like the stories they made up on those rooftops. But one makes a lot of enemies as a thief, both within and without, and that evening he had returned to the weathered old building he'd called home for years. He was even willing to battle with Jarvis, most likely drunk and dangerously volatile. Instead he found only death. Another band had finally taken action, tipped off by their own “mentor”, and their justice was swift and cruel. They were caught off guard, and no one was spared. Their justice was merciless, but so was Seth’s. He got his revenge then resolved to forget his bloody past.

He rarely opens up to others and is hesitant to let others get too close or fight his battles for him, afraid to be hurt again much when, not if, they die. In a way he also feels he let someone he cared about down, and his current philosophy his way of trying to make up for that. Thus, he willingly agreed to help Aaron, a strange young man who came to him one day in Palas seeking information. Without wanting to, he began to care more and more for those he was now responsible for, and eventually he confided in Aaron his story. He had never told anyone the whole story.

What initially seemed a small but curious job, however, soon turned out to be much more serious than the knight had first thought. And the more Seth learned and the more people he encountered the more bizarre it became, until he found himself caught up in events that threatened the peace of Gaea that’d been in place for over a century.

When the Queen of Fanelia was kidnapped, Seth was part of the group sent to attempt a rescue, but after it failed he blamed himself. Much like the incident with Tyce years ago, although he logically knew there was nothing more he could have done, as one of those in charge he took the failure personally. Thus, he became determined to make up for it. So for a time Seth stayed with the others, trying to be guide, protector, mentor, etc., but as Zaibach launched an all out assault and war broke out he became increasing distracted by his other duties. Months later, still feeling he needed to redeem himself, he and selected members of his company set out on mission. The details were kept secret. Not even their destination was revealed. Within weeks contact was lost with Seth’s group, and he and his company were declared MIA. It’s been months since anyone has heard or seen him or any of his company.


Character Name: Aaron a.k.a. “Laddybuck”
Character Age: approx 21 earth years
Character Sex: male

Place of Origin: Zaibach
Race: Half Doppelganger, half Draconian
Class: Samurai/Knight
Guymelef Name: Castor
Guymelef Make: Oreades (ancient modified model)

Weapon: Abel, a sword that has a dark, bloody red color to it. The end of the blade resembles a grim face that appears to be alive sometimes.

Description: Aaron’s ash gray hair has grown out over the past year. His most distinct features are his different colored eyes. His left eye is yellow while his right is red. As half draconian, Aaron is able to grow a red feathered wing from his left side; the other half is accounted for by a mechanical wing, enabling him to fly.

Aloof and viewed as cold, Aaron is actually quite naïve and uncertain. His memories are fragmented, and meaningless flashbacks come like nightmares. He can now distinguish the memories from what is real most of the time, but upon occasion, he slips into a berserker like mode. Thrust into the company of others, his walls are slowly breaking down, and he’s less wary and standoffish, although he still fears he’ll lose control and hurt someone.

Strengths: Fast, with keen eyesight, and high agility, he’s skillful with the sword as a regular warrior and long range combat when in his melef.
Weakness: Aaron lacks physical strength, but his speed more than makes up for it. He has a strange sickness that causes him to throw up blood every now and then. Anti social and naïve, he avoids conversations.

History: A victim of Zaibach’s Magician’s, Aaron remembers being submerged in a tank of golden liquid with tubes and contraptions stuck to his body like parasites. Figures in the shadows whispered in secret, shaking their heads and rummaging through papers. One scientist, he remember quite clearly, approached and tapped on the glass furiously to get his attention, and in his hand he held something up… a sword, the perfect weapon for the perfect soldier. He remembers a boy who’s face is blurred by time, holding out his hand and leading him to safety. Voices of men looking for them rang from outside, getting nearer. He remembers the same boy fighting back. He tried to calm him, to reach out to him, but his brother paid for his rebellion. He tried to struggle, and he tried to scream, yet he felt paralyzed and helpless as he watched his twin bleeding to death.

How long ago that all happened he doesn’t know. Aaron awoke in incredible pain in the ruins of a lab, ignorant of his past yet with knowledge of warfare engraved in his memories. Exploring, he found a glass case with a sword inside, the end of the blade resembling a grim face with a devilish smile. The dusty metal plate read, “Abel”. Bloody red in color, numerous contraptions, tubes and other weird tools bound it in place, but he felt a connection with it and took it without thinking. Oddly, it felt like a familiar presence of someone close to him.

After leaving the lab, a kind anthro wolfwoman and her adopted children took him in. Living in a shanty town on the outskirts of Zaibach, they found him and cared for him and made him part of their family. The matronly anthro even gave him a name when he could not remember his own, “Aaron”, the name of her long dead son. But then the soldiers came, determined to clear out these outsiders, runaways, and outcasts, an eyesore to the glory of Zaibach. The soldiers surrounded him, and that’s when something inside snapped. Aaron went mad, destroying everything in his path. The memories were like an illusion before his eyes, and he’d mistaken the kind strangers for the scientists and magicians he loathed. And when sanity returned, there was carnage and death everywhere. With blood on his hands he watched the family that’d taken him die, killed by his own sword, and he fled in Castor.

Aaron seeks peace, answers, and his brother. Thus, he came to Palas following the words of a soothsayer: ”The Gemini seeks the path of the dragon. To the north lies a city of illusions overlooking the sea. There lie the shards of the past that will lead you back to your memories.” There he met Seth, seeking information as to the whereabouts of Escaflowne which would in turn lead him to his brother, but the knight, insisting he help, stuck around despite Aaron’s protests. Gradually, a friendship developed.

After the failed rescue of the Fanelian Queen, Aaron mostly kept to himself. During one battle, however, a month or so later, Risa, E’rth, and Chigusa were cornered. Castor was damaged, and in order to save Risa he revealed his wings, thus three more learned the secret of his Draconian heritage. Their acceptance seemed allow him to open up a little and be less standoffish yet still wary. (I believe that makes the people who know now: Findel, Gwyn, Risa, E’rth, Seth, the Duke and King.)

A couple of weeks after contact was lost with Seth’s company, Aaron disappeared, slipping off in the middle of the night in Castor.
:3 moo.

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Your Name: DrZepp
Character Name: Findel Falor
Character Age: 25
Birthday: Second of December
Melef or Guymelef Name: Ecthalier
Melef or Guymelef Make: Basram
Place of Origin: Basram, Gaea
Race: Gaean
Short description: Findel holds a large amount of confidence in himself and his Melef. He has the build of any dedicated samurai and the demeanor to match. Although at times, he has been known to let his emotions take hold of his better judgment: a personality trait which for many years his commanding officers saw as his major flaw as a warrior and samurai.
Strengths: Despite his obvious weaknesses, his pride and confidence serve him well for the most part. While many of his comrades in Basram shared the same qualities, the difference between them and Findel was his ability to know when a battle had been lost.
Weaknesses: Although, at times the notion of a battle lost seemed of little importance. On the other end of the spectrum, many of Findels strengths prove to be his weaknesses when presented in different situations. In reality, the man has a ?soft? heart (read: gay side), and when a comrade has been in his company for a long period of time, he looks at them as family.

History: Findel grew up in Basram, and at a young age was exposed to a fairly technologically developed lifestyle within the army. He trained to become a samurai, but when he came of age, and was given his first Melef, Ecthalier, he found that the world was in a state of peace, rendering most of his skills useless. In an act to try and find worth among the Basram ranks, he joined a unit of melefs sent to overlook the trade routes between their state, Freid, and Asturia. He stayed abroad for several years, only returning to his homeland after spotting a small group of Zaibach soldiers bordering Asturias territory within his unit.
After consulting Basrams council, (and even though his warning was taken with little heed) Findel was sent out with Ecthalier to Asturia in order to inform them of Zaibachs suspected activity.
Upon arriving, his word was taken as a fool?s, which resulted in imprisonment. Escaping with the help of a few others, Findel witnessed Asturia being attacked by a Zaibach fleet, as he had predicted. Now vindicated, he cooperated with Asturia?s King by aiding the allied forces to Freid, and then Fanelia.

Arriving in Fanelia, Findel found himself stricken by the soon to be Queen. He vowed to protect her in the days to come, a commitment promptly followed by another Zaibach attack. Along with Ceren, a newly appointed Basram official- sent to spy on Findel, and Seth, the Samurai charged headlong into battle. After many duels, war cries, regurgitations, and an explosion, the three warriors returned to a war torn palace. Findel was promptly informed that the Queen had been taken, a clear sign of war (like the huge attacks weren?t enough). Committed to doing anything to help the war effort, Findel was chosen for a mission to travel to Earth and recover the Escaflowne. After a months worth of trials, the group from Gaia found themselves with the legendary Melef. Determined more than ever, they head back to their homeland? what adventures lay in store, what danger awaits? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISO- *ahem*
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Findels app looks fine, and I'm about ready to pee in my pants waiting for the next episode. What will become of him?! Also, Dream's app is approved.

I've got a starting post in the works, so it looks like we can begin this weekend, maybe as early as Friday if no one has issues with that.
:3 moo.

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Player Name: Hitomi_333
AIM/MSN/YahooIM: DeathFaerie0 on AIM, livid_corpse on Yahoo
Character Name: Gwyndolin Valdemar
Character Age: 21 now

Place of Origin: Palas, Asturia, Gaea
Race: Gaean
Class: Knight (Caeli)
Melef or Guymelef Name: Eidolon
Melef or Guymelef Make: Asturian
Weapon(s): sword mostly

Description: Only about 5'5 with rather frizzy curly, sandy-blonde hair, which is generally pulled back into a low ponytail (covered with a helm in cases of battle). She has blue eyes that reveal her feelings in most situations. She's of medium build and is rather strong in body as well as heart.
Strengths: swordfighting, guymelef piloting, strong personality
Weaknesses: too prideful, not an imposing physique, her short legs makes running fast difficult

History: Gwyndolin has 2 older sisters, Catherine and Aravis. Her father is a wealthy merchant who lives in Palas with Gwyndolin's mother and sisters. Since she was young, she never had any patience for "proper" lady-like activities and often ran off to play in the fields or forest outside of the city. One day when she was five she met a knight, who taught her to ride a horse and eventually taught her to sword fight. Her mother and sisters were none too pleased with her, but she continued despite what they said. Eventually she began to enter contests dressed as a man, and at 16 won a contest held by the king himself for all of Asturia. At first they refused to make her a knight of Caeli, but after nearly a year they agreed (some say that her father payed him off, though that has never been proven.) As a soldier for Asturia, she was appointed the commanding officer of a fortress on the Fanelian border, but was removed on a mission for the king. Among her tasks on this journey were delivering a message and guarding a boy, Touji, menial tasks as they may seem for a Knight Caeli. However, given the task of watching over this boy, her maternal instincts were brought forward, something unheard of to Gwyn. She began to question the ethics of war, as she watched the slaughter with a new light. The year was spent in battle, fighting against the Zaibach forces for the good of Gaea, despite her new reserve against war.
Writing Sample: Previously accepted players need not include this.

Sorry about the tardiness... let me know if there's anything else I should include.
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Character Name: Risa Misal
Character Age: 26
Place of Origin: Arzas, a village in Fanelian territory
Race: Wolf-anthro
Class: Healer

Description: Risa is a scruffy, brown-haired wolf-anthro with grey fur and white streaks here and there along her cheeks and neck. Her eyes are grey in colour and framed thickly with brown lashes, and her hair is short and bobbed. She wears simple clothes in browns and greens, and is of a stocky, medium build.
A simple a traveller from Arzas (the wolf-anthro village of Fanelia), Risa spends her time either trying to make peace with nature or with whomever she comes across. She has no tragic past; her family is alive and well, and she communicates with them as much as she can. Occasionally, despite her age, she has a child-like mentality and thinks everyone should get along, at least within decent terms. But she has a large, motherly heart, which makes her want to take anyone in and doesn't understand other people refusing her help, since pride has never been an issue to her of course.
Strengths: extremely loyal, kind-hearted, and good with animals
Weaknesses: gullible, slow on foot, and fears heights

History: Before the upheaval, before the war, Risa made an honest living by travelling and selling the furs of common animals she caught in her traps. It was during one of her travels however that she met a strange, pale young man named Aaron and his big, friendly, oafish companion in the city of Palas, Asturia, and her adventures began. Caught up in helping Aaron, she eventually came to Freid and then finally to Fanalia -- just in time to see it attacked. But despite the trouble around her, Risa has found stability in helping others, as she always liked to do. Besides having been a trader, she also has knowledge of the healing power of herbs and other remedies, so now she employs herself by working in one of the makeshift hospitals at the Fanalian camp Matara. In addition, she is the guardian of a small anthro-boy named E'rth, whom she found during the trip from Freid to Fanelia with Idein and Aaron's companion. E'rth is her dearest and the light in her life.
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