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Question A couple dumb newbie questions --

1. Chronicles is the TV series, right?
2. Where is the best site to buy Lodoss DVD's?
3. Are the chinese imports that are so cheap any good?
4. Does anyone know where I could get some Lodoss wall scrolls?

Any info would be much appreciated.
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1. Yes...,
2. Depends on where you are based..., I live in the UK & the best place for US DVD's for me is one of the US based sites, such as,
3. The quality of Chinese import VCD/DVD's can be pot luck at times.., I've have a couple that are damn near perfect.., whilst others have unintelligible subtitles..., or no subtitles at all..., the Lodoss War Chronicles TV series that I have is a DVD set from Hong Kong..., it has a not too bad Cantonese dub..., but appalling subtitles for the Japanese language track...,
4. As for wallscrolls..., like this you mean...?

Hope this helps...,
And yet more bollocks..,

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Thanks much! I've ordered that nice wall scroll and I think I'll go with amazon to get Chronicles. Doomo arigatoo.

How about this 'Complete Series' DVD that comes out July 9th? It's a remastered version of the OVA, right? And it's only $44 -- let's see..... used OVA for $88 or new remastered OVA for $44.....hmmmm....

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