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What anime would you recommend to someone who has never watched anime before?

I thought this might be interesting. This isn't a top ## list or fave anime list. I'm not looking for just what you like the best (granted it could be a suggestion). I'm wondering what you would recommend to a person who has never seen anime before. What would you offer to someone like that in hopes of getting them interested in anime?

Any anime would be fine, but remember: This is for someone who's NEVER seen anime before. I would think long series' or abstract titles may not work too well, but hey, it's your suggestion.
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Depends on the person you want to convert into a fan of animes taste.

If they are a fan of action maybe something like Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, or if they are a fan of comedies maybe Love Hina and such.
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Cowboy Bebop is always a good one.

Maybe Escaflowne... good first one if the persons' female.
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Yes.. I think it would depend on the type of anime your want to watch.

If you want humor, try Love Hina or Tenchi Muyo..

Action? Gunsmith Cats or Trigun..

It really depends.
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Evangelion, 'cos once you've watched that you will want to watch every single other anime.
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Well, Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust has worked so far. Afterwards they'll ask if I've got something similar, and I say "no". Instead, I give them Ninja Scroll, then the Kenshin OVAs, followed by Rurouni Kenshin the series. From there the road is open, and I have created another faithfull follower.

Note: Depending on the person, the followup-anime might be a bit different, but Bloodlust somehow seems to have some weird attraction.
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Well, I'm trying to start my pops in anime, making him forget his prejudices against animation, by making him watch "Perfect Blue". Its short (a movie) and its very intelligent.
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If it's somekind of intellect he is seeking, you should try Spiral. Now, that's psychiatry at it's best.
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mistress bunny
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New to anime eh.

Male or female? How old? Any particular genre?

For females, i'd recommend Fushigi Yuugi. It's a great start, but pricey for the boxsets. FY is a very good series that represents anime and has a bit of everything to cover all your needs. You want funny? You want sad? You want gorgeous looking characters? You want good story? It's everywhere. The only issue is the cost, if that is not a problem, go for it.

(Lent FY to my three cousins & now they're addicted to this show).

For guys
Aside from Trigun, Escaflowne & Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star's a good suggestion for a guy since its along the same vein though I don't think as well done. Or The Irresponsible Captain Tylor = excellent scriptwriting and made me laugh at the same time (heard you can buy this half the recom. price).

Another series that can be share by friends and families, both genders, fun and addictive, is [b]Princess Nine[b/]. I'm planning to this all volumes & it's much more affordable than FY.
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I would also say Cowboy Bebop because it's pumped full of Western culture references and would be easier for a n00b to get used to.

Well I got my Dad into anime with series
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I'd have to say Evangelion or BGC 2040. Eva got me into anime and I think BGC 2040 would be starter series. It really depends on the person.
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i think Robotech will always be the greatest at getting people into did a pretty good job of it when it was released anyway...
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I'd have to agree with the guys that suggested Cowboy Bebop, It's got the perfect mix of action & storyline. I've lent my DVDs of the series to two people I know, as an introduction to anime & they both watched the entire series. Another good one is Princess Mononoke, a great adventure that's suitable for all ages.
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How did Macross Plus not get mentioned? Short, sweet action, good music, interesting story, kickass mecha.
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Killer Eva
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Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop
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