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Manga that should become anime

Have you ever read a good manga saying damn, this would surely make one hell of anime!!!? I wish that this was animated. Well, I have read alot of manga lately that should become anime. My picks are as follows:

Bleach: Very interesting story. It's about a boy whom can see ghosts and ends up meeting the Shinigami and is able to absorb her, (yes it's a female ) and become the "god of death" so to speak. I am definately hooked on this one.

Ichigo 100%: This one is about a guy in school whom happens to go to the school's rooftop, only to see a girl with strawberry panties fall out of the sky. Every since that day he's was mystified by her beauty. Will he ever found out whom she truely is.....I have gotten deep in to this manga. Girls are seemly coming out the wood-work for the main character.

These two come to mind for me although I do have more, but only read a chapter or so.
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Hmm off the top of my head ..

Bad Company
Zombie Powder (aslong as they give it an ending .. sigh I want more), but yes Akutabi Gamma animated .. *drool*
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Death Note. Man, that would be awesome to see in animated form. For those of you who've never heard of it, it's about a guy (Raito) who finds a Shinigami's notebook; all he has to do is write a person's true name in while picturing their face, and they die the way he tells them to - or, if he doesn't specify a death, they die of a heart attack. He uses it to kill off criminals, and the police and a mysterious detective (L) work to track him down.

As long as it was done well, to show the psychological battle of wits going on between Raito and L, it would make a really, really good anime.

But then again, I'd be afraid of someone screwing up the anime and making it so that it's not as nail-biting as the manga can be... so actually now that I've mentioned it I'm not sure if I want it to be animated after all.
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Originally Posted by dheu
Death Note.
Death note is indeed awesome, but a lot of it is internal monologue, so i'm not sure how well it would translate to anime.

Yakitate would make a good anime, moderately silly manga about bread making

I wouldn't mind seeing a full length anime of angel sanctuary also.
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Originally Posted by smeghead
I wouldn't mind seeing a full length anime of angel sanctuary also.
God, I would kill for this.

Anyway, my list:
Nana - It wouldn't have to be very long, nor would it have to follow the manga very well; I'd just like to see an animated version that captured the mood and tone of the series. Or maybe I just want the soundtrack.
MPD Psycho - Six to eight 45 minute OVAs would be perfect.
Pheromomania Syndrome - This is a bizarre romantic comedy currently running in Hana to Yume, and it would make a fabulous anime. Actually, I confess to just wanting to see the curly-haired girl (whose name I have long since forgotten) animated.
the later parts of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou - They're more serious and more interesting than the beginning.
Ouran High School Host Club - If I had to place a bet on which series running in Lala was most likely to be animated next, this would be it. Unfortunately, hardly anything from Lala ever gets animated.
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - Just so the gayness</