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Death Note Finis

Just a few short minutes ago, I finished reading what I feel is one of the best series ever created. It was absolutely riveting from start to finish, genious in plot development and execution, and bears right down to the core of the person.

I know we had a Death Note thread somewhere, but it seems to be just barely clinging to life. I thought I'd make a new one.

I'll warn u all, in case u haven't read it yet, there'll be spoilers from here on out.

The volume begins with Mello kidnapping Takada. He forces her to remove all her clothing so she cannot contact anyone. Near finds this out from Lidner, and tells Light. Light believes him that he's not collaborating with Mello. But unbeknownst to Mello, Takada has a scrap of Death Note hidden on her. She manages to kill Mello and contacts Light. She also contacts Mikami.

Light, having no further use for her, writes Takada's name down in the piece of Death Note he keeps hidden in his watch. He makes her burn the warehouse she's trapped in, destroying any evidence that she killed Mello.

Near and Light decide to go ahead with their original meeting plans on January 28th.

When Light and the taskforce arrive, the 4 remaining SPK members and Near (his face covered by L's mask) are already there. Near insists they all must wait, to see if anyone has been set to die. Once no-one falls, he removes his mask. He then says they all must wait yet again, for a 3rd party is set to arrive. That 3rd party would be Teru Mikami, who'll write down the names of everyone in the room into the Death Note. Everyone, of course, except Kira. Upon hearing this, Matsuda freaks out, afraid for his life. Light believes he's won, that everything is going according to his plan.

Just as Near gets the taskforce to trust that they will not die, a ravaged and obviously insane Mikami arrives and sees the names through a crack he opens in the door. He furiously writes the names into his Death Note. Overconfident, Light decides to claim his victory 35 seconds after Mikami writes the names. At 39 seconds, he says "I win, Near".

No one dies. Light is in disbelief. Mikami addresses his God, begging him to know why they won't die. He is seized, and the notebook taken from him.

Near opens the Death Note, revealing that everyone's name except Light's is written down. Near then explains that he knew no one would die because Mikami was writing on fake Death Note pages. Light knew that Mikami carried a fake notebook, but was sure the one he had now was real. Near explains how both notebooks are fakes, how the notebook Mikami just used is a perfect copy made by Gevanni and Rester. He also says that he owes his success to Mello, who lead him to the real notebook. Mikami had made the real notebook visible by taking it out in order to kill Takada, unaware that Light had killed her a moment before.

Light confesses to being Kira, proclaiming his original motive, and the fact that he had succeeded in making a "better" world. He then asks everyone present if it is indeed right to stop him, God, or if it would just be giving in to Near's selfish wants.

He takes this opportunity to try and write Near's name (Nate River) on the scrap of Death Note in his watch. He manages the first name before Matsuda shoots him in the wrist. Matsuda, in tears, confronts Light about the death of his father. Light dismisses his father as a fool who's truthfulness made him stupid. He then continues writing Near's last name with his blood. Just before he writes the last "r", Matsuda shoots him again, this time in the side. The rest of the taskforce restrain Matsuda and stop him from actually killing Light.

At this point, Light falls apart, begging anyone to kill his enemies. He finally goes to Ryuk as a last resort. But, just as Ryuk said from the very beginning, it is Light's name he writes in the Death Note. Light's last 40 seconds are spent screaming that he doesn't want to die.

The next few pages show us that people who die just return to nothingness, where they are all equal.

We then see Ide and Matsuda, a year later, on their way to a meeting. The world has returned to it's rotten state that is was in before Kira, and Matsuda is questioning whether or not they did the right thing. Ide says that he firmly believes they did, and Matsuda eventually agrees and goes the meeting like he always does.

The last few pages of the story show Kira's followers, white-cloaked mourners bearing candles, travelling up a mountain. At the forefront is a girl (I'm almost positive it's Misa) who sets down her candle and says "Kira, our savior". The End.

Now, this definitely leaves the reader with the question of whether ridding the world of Kira was indeed righteous or not.

So, AB, what are ur thougths on the last volume of Death Note, and the whole series in general? In my opinion, it couldn't have been better.
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The series dragged on. I gotta admit the author was good at keeping me going by twisting things often enough that I couldn't tire of things too quickly (like the introduction of Misa etc).
However, I found Kira to be really pretentious. I couldn't stand him. Even super geniuses can't account for the randomness of the world, and here this guy was just walking around predicting everything. That was irritating. A few things that had a lot of plot pressure on them were just a little too convenient. Like the FBI agent's girlfriend. She is apparently smart, but she raises her voice and draws attention to herself in a cop lobby. She blindly trusts Kira on his word. Worse, she gives him her thoughts and conclusions despite him being just some kid (albeit a smart one).

As it is, anyone working in that area would be slow to provide identification. Especially if they thought that the person they're up against should be able to get that information with a simple enquiry (cmon, if he is working for L, her picture and relationship with the agent alone would completely pinpoint her identity).
I think the original L should've gotten Kira very shortly after. The girlfriend should've left a message with police. Her last known location should be police HQ, standing right next to Kira. (Im pretty sure police record the desk usually?)
I'm glad he got caught, but things were way too convenient for him.
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