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My sudden realizations upon watching lain again after nearly a decade...

Man.. I'm in the middle of watching S.E.Lain again for the... I don't know, umpteenth time. I bought the original VHS tapes subtitled when they were first released. Watched it a dozen and a half times that first year, and now after all this time, watching it again, it's like seeing things in a whole new light.

There are four Lain. 2 entities, each has two separate facets.

This forum needs a spoiler tag.

Well, assuming you're using the default white background theme for this forum, highlight the rest of this post to read it.

Iwakura Lain: The Lain we see the most of is the physical Lain. She's not just some illusion, she's not a "hologram" as Eiri would have you believe. She is one facet of the "real" Lain. The thing is, she's not the "real" lain in and of herself. I haven't concluded her true origin, but what I do believe is that she is a human body, whether prepared from someone else or special grown for the purpose (Note the announcement of Tachibana Lab mapping the human genome.) Essentially, what I'm getting at is, the lain of the real world, Iwakura Lain, is a dumb terminal. A fleshy computer that acts as an interface node. Because of it's limited capacity, and it's base OS as a human being, it has trouble comprehending that fact. Lain of the Wired cannot fully utilize the body at all times (Though it does happen, such as when she meets the guy in Tachibana lab, or when the guy in Cyberia points the gun at her.) She never gains the ability to truly manifest as the one whole Lain, I don't think. She's not a full being in herself, but a facet of the True Lain.

Wired Lain: And finally, we have Wired Lain. This is the one we see taking charge in the Wired (And sometimes, though rarely, manifesting herself within Iwakura Lain.) She is wired facet of the True Lain entity. She's the one Taro (And I as well) has a crush on. There's not a whole lot to be said here that isn't painted pretty clearly in the series itself, once you figure out how to identify between the different Lains.

Cyberia Lain: This is the Lain we see towards the start that tells off the guy. This one that Arisu and the other girls see that night. She's the Lain that JJ is familiar with, as well as the other club goers. This is the Lain that the guy on Accella sees, and later mistakes Iwakura Lain to be. She's very similar to, but is NOT Wired Lain. This Lain isn't real in any complete sense. This Lain was created by Knights. She exists only as a memory. The way this works is, as JJ plays music, a subliminal signal is merged into the sound. This sound manipulates people's minds. It's basically mass hallucination brought on by sound waves. A kind of hack of the Schumann Resonance Field.

Eiri's Lain: This Lain is another figment of another's imagination. Eiri's Lain is the one that is being choked by Wired Lain. This is the Lain that spies on Arisu. The one that spreads the rumors. Eiri's main purpose in creating her is to manipulate Lain. Eiri wants to be the God of the Wired, but he knows he is no real match for the real Lain. He needs Lain to believe that HE is god, but he needs her to have power. He uses her to manipulate Wired Lain into erasing the memories caused by Eiri's Lain, so that Lain can learn of, and learn to utilize her powers. In Eiri's head, he's thinking the result will be such that HE can then use those powers through her, as, if his plan actually worked, True Lain would be his follower. Sure he can already achieve limited instances of memory manipulation through the wired, and project the existence of a person in small environments such as Cyberia, but Lain's powers once fully awakened far surpass the scope of his abilities..

All said and done, I suppose that Cyberia Lain and Eiri's Lain are two facets of the same jewel, the fake vindictive and violent Lain. Just as Iwakura Lain and Wired Lain are the two facets of the jewel that is the True Lain. THIS is the fake god and the true god.

While we're at it, I also think that Eiri in the Wired isn't the "True" Eiri either. Just a copy. The Real world Eiri could have existed at the same time as the one we see in the Wired, had he not killed himself. Eiri didn't transfer his soul to the wired, just his mind.

So, anyone have any thoughts on all that?
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