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Pushers of anime...

The alternate title of this thread is "Anime Pimps"... I had trouble choosing so I decided to write both... Onward to the actual topic...

I don't think I'm very good at recommending anime... Possibly because I have refined taste when it comes to anime... I was discussing anime with my boss the other day when he asked about Evangelion... I told him it was just another "big robots trying to destroy the world story with a bunch of whiny kids and a shitload of philosophy that nobody can understand or should even try to" anime series... When he asked why so many people liked it and found it to be one of the best anime series out there I replied by saying "people are stupid"...

I have promoted Cowboy Bebop and Berserk before but I generally downplay it so that they don't get too excited about it only to be disappointed later...

On to the questions...

How good are you at selling anime to people who have never seen it before or have the common preconceived notions about it? How well have you promoted the popularity of anime in the past?
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Promoting anime . . well ive really only tried to "sell" or what ever you wanna call it to one of my friends and i have to say it worked out damm good.

Introduced him to Akira . . (yeah well . .) he enjoyed it very much and now ive just been lending him anime of mine mostly action anime.

Anyway yeah ive tried once and it went well
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I have little trouble promoting anime because my friends usually like the same stuff I do, excepting Utena. They turned their noses up shortly after I mentioned the girly aspects of it.

Out side of my group of friends, it's harder because most people I've met over the age of 30 have never heard of anime or only the slightest of passing. In cases like that, I'm usually explaining just where the hell "that picture" set as my work PC's wallpaper came from. I have several anime-related graphics on my work PC, and they inevitably draw questions. I try to answer them as simply as possible, explaining the general artform and it's genres. If they express mild interest, I'll plug one or two that I think they might like...but I really doubt any of them will head to a rental shop any time soon.
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recomending anime...hmm...well, none of my friends know that i watch anime except a few that arent really close friends. although within that scope of "few people that know i watch anime", ive succesfully recomended watching zoids: chaotic century on cn and made him interested in Love hina and Vandread.
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Iam pretty good.. I got a co-worker hooked on bebop and my friend hooked on trigun..and he's seen eva and bebop + love hina also.... moi hahahha . Iam a good anime pimp...

You forgot to mention in your desc of Eva.. "A amazingly hot and cool purple haired chick named Misato who has a gun and is really cool! She is good looking and is REALLY FUKING COOL.... I mean could become obessed by her and use her as your wallpaper,winamp skin & could be that obessive and you had a this obession with stuffed Seals and you still sleep with stuffed seals because seals are the best darn animals on earth...and stuff.!"

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I really don't know how good I am at "selling it", but almost always I find myself telling someone about anime while at work, not to my fellow co-workers, but customers. Eventhough I did get one of my co-workers to get hooked on NGE *cough*, but he much rather keep my La Blue Girl tape as well.... hmmm?
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I'm North Dakota's #1 anime pimp

I lend out fansubs and different parts of my anime collection all the time, I haven't had all my tapes, DVDs, and CD's at home at once for a looong time. The main series I've pimped is FLCL, I have shown that show to at least 15 people.
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Series i've pimped are Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin OVAS) and Read Or Die OVA. Samurai X to the english only crowd and Read Or Die others who like subs.

I haven't had all my tapes, DVDs, and CD's at home at once for a looong time

So true for me as well, and the chances of them all being at my place ever again are as much as a new series of EVA of Dragonball being animated (if your seen the end to gt you know its THE END)
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I don't think you should give people just what you like (unless they're a lot like you), I think an anime fan should think about it first. I'll assess the person then give'em what they like. I got some people hooked on Gun Smith Cats, Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, and Card Captor Sakura (before any of them were on TV).

I ask myself whether it's too violent, mushy, deep, chaotic, etc.
I also consider whether it offers something unique from the stuff they already watch.
Usually, something that has a cohesive storyline but is fast-paced.
This usually makes Escaflowne my favorite newbie pick.
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