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I've read the YGO manga at first and it was fun,when Yugi was the one making Shadow Games that required wit and brain.

But now, the stupid card game doesn't make much sense,especially when the character are always drawing the exact card they need.And frankly the whole (don't give up Yugi we're behind you!) thing gets old really fast
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Ok now wait a second. What Yu-gi-oh are you actually watching Wolfpac? If it's Yu-gi-oh: Duel Monsters (the Japanese version) then there is no need to feel ashamed as it is an excellent series (especially once it gets to Battle City) and it contains something that very few other animes have, GOOD filler arcs. Seriously, apart from the main Battle City story with Malik Ishtar I really enjoyed Noa's arc and the Gunmen of Doma arc. It's a good, mature and fun anime.

But if you're watching the unbelievably butchered dub where they squeal about friendship, shadow realm, taking over the world, heart of the cards etc every minute whilst getting rid of any chracter development, then.......(loads sniper rifle)
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Since my little bro tapes Yugioh and watches it religiously i've seen quite a few episodes and I've even kinda got into it lately with this Battle City arc

The first time I watched it was when Yugi was dueling the fishermen guy in the duelist kingdoms and me and my sister were laughing at how stupid Yugi sounded

Kaiba rocks but the Yugi cheer squad and heart of the cards/friendship crap is annoying.

Anyway back to the yugioh gba roms for now
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Originally Posted by Gryshnak
Hey Driz, I know what you mean - it's the American voices that bug me about most dubs! But yeah, the Brit voices in Yugi suck pretty bad too. And what is it with Yugi's HAIR??? I can't watch more than about 10 minutes of this show.

Hey Wolfpac, do they ever explain why everybody seems to have one of these huge arenas in their backyard? No matter where they are, there is always some humungous virtual battlefield just around the next corner! And whenever two people get into an argument, they settle it by challenging each other to a duel (just like they do in pokemon). Get real! One of them should just smack the other in the face, take their cards/chips/badges, and walk away laughing? Teach these kids a bit of reality

What do I watch? I felt the 4th season of Jackie Chan was pretty flat, but I can still watch the previous 3 seasons happily. Fave ep: Jade casting the Duplication spell.

We've just started on the 2nd season of Teen Titans, I've only seen one ep so far and it didn't do much for me. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the others. Fave ep: Nevermore.

What else is on UK TV? Can't think of anything exciting and new at the moment...
WHAT IS WITH THE ARENAS???? And...the "I'll protect you even though you tried to kill me" dogma totally kills me And then, they always ask these totally obvious questions where they can't handle hearing the answer. The characters are almost in a state of shock or determination. It's soooo boring.

Ok...To some degree I do enjoy Teen Titans, although they're kind of ------- up an already good thing. But, whatever. I kinda like it.
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