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Cool Oh, here's the discussion! GG is awesome!

Generator Gawl,

anyone currently watching this series? I just finished it and man it's good. I really love the intrigue with the time travel plus the cool twists through out as to who's the enemy, who's the friend, and what's the "right" solution. HARD question to answer, that last one.

Plus the fact that everything comes to a head all @ the end - usual - like in Bubble Gum Crises and several other Anime. But they do a good job of character development, though some may think it slow, I like it. It has that peacemaker feel to it in that regard let alone it shares a lot from other mecha animes especially "The Guyver" but the change between human and "body armor human" is more costly. Don't want to spoil it for anyone if they've not seen it.

So, anyone see it lately?
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