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disc 1 VS. all

That's right. Disc 1 VS. everybody else. Just like when the 2 good basketball players took on everybody else at recess.

I just watched disc 1 and thought the CGI and flight scenes were very cool. The setting could definately grow on me. I like the obvious reference to revolutionary war era tactics becoming useless. far I feel like the characters, dialogue and plot suck. Generally just a childish feel to everything. The English dubbing certainly doesn't help in that respect either, but it might just be the writing that's killing it for me.

Anyway, if I didn't enjoy disc 1 a whole lot, is there a reason for me to keep watching? Will the plot explode and gain interest? Will the characters too? Will the writing get more mature?
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I actually really enjoyed the series. The war backdrop is pushed to the forefront after the first disk & as a war drama I think the series has it's merits. My biggest problem with the series is the main character Claus. He's a boring, squeaky clean, goody-two-shoes; thankfully, the rest of the cast make up for the dull main protagonist.
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