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Please help me find the title of this movie!?!

Ok, so years ago I had this anime movie on VHS and I want to watch it again all these years later but no longer have the VHS. Not that it matters as who has a VHS player these days, lol.

The problem is I don't remember the name of the film. I will try and decribe it for you tho & hoping that someone will know it and tell me the name.

The film was about a boy who finds this skull of a devil in some mansion and when he puts it on, he gets possessed by it's soul.

He then has to fight all these monsters and I think i remember two of them. One was a horrible slimy thing that i'm sure lived in the sewers who was partially made up of the souls of others (including the main character's mother).

The other monster I remember i'm sure had some sort of fallic (read penis) type arms.

Anyone know which movie this is?

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Sounds quite a bit like Go Nagai's Devilman .... Note bold script

Excerpt taken from:

Devilman (デビルマン Debiruman) occurs as manga and anime character.
Devilman is all about the stripling known as Akira Fudo. Initially, Akira is very mild & avoids conflict. Whenever his parents last away in the business hike, Akira attend stay by owning his childhood friend Miki Makimura (both presently form a close relationship when the story progresses). Miki loves Akira however wishes that he would could have higher for himself once he gets boss around.

1 day, Akira's right friend, Ryo Asuka, shows up & wholly changes Akira's life. Ryo's father got encountered the being of demons whilst he found a mask when you took an excavation of the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. This mask turned dead set become the fossilised demon skull which showed whom ever bore it what the world was prefer once demons ruled above it. Ryo shows Akira how else a world was & informs him just about the demons' revival. Akira so understands Ryo's project, "To fight a demon, one must become a demon."

Demons st& a ability to possess and control human being. Notwithstanding, Ryo believes that Akirthe can be suspire to harness a demon's powers while possessed due to the fact that Akirthe has a pure heart. Ryo will require Akira to a hellish club & begins to bring out the demons in the club. A demons lead off to attack Akira until he becomes possessed by Amon. Amon is a Lord of War & as well one of the strongest demons. His possession of Akira drives Akira to turn into Devilman. Devilman contains a nature & severity and power of the demon Amon, when well as a heart & soul of the individual Akira Fudo, yielding Akira complete control. Fallowing he becomes Devilman, Akira is no yearn cautious & shy. He becomes super aggressive & there is no yearn lets anyone click him in the area of. This freshly vary pleases Miki, although she is unaware of Akira's newly obtained powers.

Throughout a manga & anime, Devilman has several battles by using a demon hordes. He encounters numbers of foes like Silene (Sirene, Siron) the demon bird (she was likewise Amon's lover prior to he possessed Akira), a water system demon Geruma (also known as Gelmer), the big turtle-such as demon known as Jinmen, Welvath, Kaim, Zannin, Zan, Zenon (Zenon is basically Satan's best-h&, and strongest, demon), Psycho Jenny, and Saylos (Saylos is one of the independent villians in the motion picture Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman).

the story stops sustaining Akira discovering that his friend Ryo is really Satan around a inactive state. A final fight between Devilman & Satan so ensues.
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