View Poll Results: You buy DVDs because:
The picture is better. 26 38.24%
The sound is better. 3 4.41%
More language options. 4 5.88%
Subtitle options. 10 14.71%
Extras like commentary and art galleries. 9 13.24%
VHS is being phased out. 4 5.88%
No rewinding or fastforwarding wait time. 5 7.35%
They take up less space than VHS tapes. 2 2.94%
They throw easier than VHS tapes. 5 7.35%
Voters: 68. You may not vote on this poll

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I voted for sound because it makes me feel like im there!!!
I dunno im wierd....
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I like the commentary

Esp. for ones that leave you thinking I.e. Evangelion
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all except "VHS is being phased out" (until HD recorders become mainstream, they won't be) and "They throw easier than VHS tapes." (i have my collection of 350 useless CDs and "coasters" for that ), i'd pic all

Also, Frame capturability is much better and easier on a DVD then it is on a VHS....
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Voted: "No rewinding or fastforwarding wait time."
I'm lazy so digital is always time saveing...
When i get a better TV i'll be watching them for the picture quality... but right now... they just time savers...
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Definitely for the special features and extras, although in most releases I am disappointed.

Next would be the Japanese and English language tracks, and next would be the pretty packaging of the box. They're just so darn stackable I love em!

I'm not a quality-whore (I watch fansubs after all), so I don't care that much for high-quality sound and picture. But that's definite plus.
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I voted picture quality.

This doesn't mean that just because an anime is released on DVD, it will look better than the VHS version. I get annoyed with companies not giving it their best when making the DVDs. But I also tend to be patient and wait till they get it right.

One other reason would be archiving. A DVD (treated gently) is said to last 100 years. Try that with VHS. I think not! When each of us buys a DVD or VHS, what we are buying is the right to view the content, not so much the physical medium itself. Buying a VHS makes little sense, since after a while the content is not what it used to be, and it only gets worse from then on! Eventually, you are left with not much more than static ... and yet you still own the right to view the content!

Sound, of course.

I love the DVD menu system.

English/Japanese language options are nice for added value, but it's not big on my list.

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For me it's all about the picture quality. DVDs are usually never blurry.
Makes it easy on the eyes.
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I love DVD's cuz that have a better picture and lots of extras!
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Sigurd Fatima
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Getting sub and dub all in one is great. I've also tried listening to subs of languages other than Japanese and English. lol

Peace. V
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i voted picture

but DVD outdoes VHS on so many levels, virtually everything about DVD is better than VHS

better sound and pic, multiple languages (+ things like music only tracks), soft subs, extras, no rewinding/fastwarding, easier to handle, easier to store (you can get 2 DVD cases into the space of one VHS, and you don't have to store the DVD's upright), doesn't wear out like VHS.
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i vote picture
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I choose to purchase DVDs rather than VHS tapes for many reasons- the different language options, subtitles, better picture, better sound quality, the extra features... I just prefer the DVDs in all ways.
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DVDs are over all better, and have replaced VHS.
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Picture of course........ but u 4got 1 option...... durability

VHS actually "erodes" or wears away, so your anime on tape now will more than likely not be viewable in a few years time (loss of quality etc)

+ oh yeh, and you can play them on ya PC and rip some 2 ! lol
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These nOOBs are brave ones they are... thou nOOBs renewest dead threads. yah?
...did you know they can hold a liter of water?!?

-Sosuke Sagara

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My very own nOOB= Kaneda
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