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meeting people at cons

My friend wants to go to the Sakura Con 2004 in Seattle, WA, but none of her friends want to go with her. I'd go in a heartbeat, but we're over 1,000 miles apart. She wants to stay in the hotel in which the con will be held, and I told her that she'd best make her reservations right now, while there is still 5 rooms left ^_^. However, once again, her friends will not go with her, but she also cannot afford the room and con price together. She asked me if I would ever find someone going to the same convention and ask them to become a roomate for the weekend to split the cost. I sat for a moment in thought, unable to actually answer.

So that's my question. Would you ask someone, or several people, that you do not know and have never physically met to split a room cost with you? I know that the majority of anime people are truely great people--most people actually are, but we are given such an atmosphere of caution and mistrust. Should you really wait for a convention to meet people? Or is it taking it too far to buddy up with someone as though in a college dorm whom has the same problem as you? Would the situation be different if you were going to a convention for the first or tenth time? How about ages (I'm assuming 17 or 18 and above here)?

I ask if people are going to cons in this forum so that I can make friends at the con. I have friends coming with me this year, so money isn't an issue. That's why I couldn't directly answer this question. However, I think I am leaning towards yes: I would propose an offer to share a room with a fellow con-goer.
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Well, more and more the cons have forum boards like this one. It may be worth while to try to meet a congoer there. Also, ont the whole, the con crowd seems to be pretty friendly, But like in the rest of the world, use alittle common sense things will work out and she will come out of it with new friends.

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Yes I would - because I have.

I put out a cry to share a room in Tokyo for a tour that was leaving from Australia, and lucky me got to share with a couple of other people, saving me hundreds of dollars
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