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these get stuck in my head for hours as soon as I think of them

Chobits - Let me be with you
Sonic X - Sonic Drive
Dragonball GT - Dan Dan Kokoro Hikarateku
Bottle Fairy - Oshiete Sensei-san
Sailor Moon - Moonlight Legend
Sailor Moon Stars - Mekanai
Scrapped Princess - Little Wing

Chobits ed1 - Raison d'etre
Sailor Moon Supers ed2 - Rashiku Ikimasho
Scrapped Princess - Daichi no la-la
Hamtaro - english ending theme
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Ones come to mind for openings:
~Cowboy Bebop: Tank!
~Chobits: Let me be with you
~NGE: Cruel Angel thesis

Here are the ones for the endings:
~Outlaw Star: Hiiru no Tsuki
~Cowboy Bebop:The Real Folk Blues
~Blue Gender:Ai Ga Oshiete Kureta(Love Taught Me )
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im extremely indecisive, so i list many
and i wanted to list so many more.... T_T

Chobits - Let Me Be With You
Love Hina - Sakura Saku
Hikaru No Go - Bokura No Boken
Magical Girl Pretty Samy - Yumemireba Yumemo Yumechanai
Outlaw Star - Through The Night
Ranma 1/2 - Opening Theme (i don't know the name)
Sailor Moon - Sailor Star Song
Akihabara Dennougumi - Birth
Cardcaptor Sakura - Catch You Catch Me

Blue Sub 6 - Mina Soko Ni Nemure (BEST ever, hands down...)
Inuyasha - Shinjitsu no Shi
Cowboy Bebop - Real Folk Blues
Outlaw Star - Tsuki no Ie
Akihabara Dennougumi - Taiyou No Hana
Lova Hina - Closing Theme (i don't know the name)
Chobits - Katakoto No Koi
Sailor Moon - Rashiko Ikimasho
Sailor Moon - Watashi-tachi No Naritakute
Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mirage

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