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alian san
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no has mentioned hack sign thay are relly good and they are in english
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Cowboy Bebop: Tank!, Rain and Green Bird
Hellsing: Closing Theme
Eva: Fly me to the moon and komm Susser todd
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I really, really like the version of Rain from the Cowboy Bebop OST #1.

Blue from the Cowboy Bebop OST #3 is also an incredible song, by any standard.

Also, I absolutely love Komm, Susser Tod from the End of Evangelion OST!

If you haven't heard these yet, you need to. These are some of the best anime songs sung in English by Japanese people you will ever hear.
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english anime songs i like:

Komm Susser Todd - Evangelion
Fly Me To The Moon (Aki Jungle Version) - Evangelion
Call me, Call Me - Cowboy Bebop

Tank is like instumental and Real Folk Blues is Japanese.
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orochi X
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Well Voices has been mentioned alot so yeah Voices (Macross Plus)

Also Info High also from Macross Plus and Idol Talk (Macross Plus) though it aint English it aint Japanese aswell.
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Rain from Cowboy Bebop the one sang by Mai Yamane.
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Originally posted by jennwenn
Fly Me to the Moon from Evangelion. Lets be honest people. The only reason we like this is because its from Evangelion. The pronouciation sucks, and the music can get boring when hearing it over and over and over....Yet I LOVE IT!!!!
No, it's because they didn't horribly mangle the Sinatra classic.
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