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Final Fantasy VII OST

I just got the FFVII OST for Christmas, and I have to say, it is really good! Even though the tracklist is in all Japanese, it still has some cool screenshots in this little booklet that came in it! Plus, my birthday is on Jan. 2 so I will hopefully get either the FFVIII OST or maybe a .Hack//SIGN OST, hopefully the 1st OST! ^_^;;
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I agree, it's a great soundtrack. Here is a tracklist:

Here is something else you might like:

Merry Christmas
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I have that soundtrack too... still can't get enough of it, after like, 3 years Congrats!
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I love the Main Theme. If I ever start a petition for a FF7 live-action movie, the Main Theme will be one of the top reasons!
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Final Fantasy 7 is awesome!
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