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Stingray 67
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The Eye Test Quiz

A friend of mine pointed me to this site the other day:

Eye test

WARNING: This test may be hazardous to your pants

P.S. They have a banner saying "Days until The Matrix Reloaded" - DO NOT TRUST THE BANNER!! When I checked out the site, the number was 88, and when I checked the link, it said 100.

"Brace yourselves.... The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive." - Spock

Now supporting:
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That thing was actually quite interesting until the end
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Lt Zechs
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Yes that was completely odd.
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"The freedom we have, the choices we make, the sacrifices we pay, make life so complicated."
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I ---- my pants
no2 vaporizer
Granny hairy

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Damn I hate those things.
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Telegram Sam
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Good stuff.
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uh.....DAMN I wanted to find out my stats!
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Apparently, whoever had the computer last before me decided they'd leave the volume up extremely high - and well... I'm sure we all know how the story goes. It practically echoed throughout the whole house and startled everyone...

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Sei San
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Very, very wierd...
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Ok that realy startled me! Although I go to liquid generation a lot and I have seen that one. Yet I forgot all about it till now.
cool site
If music be the food of love let it play on.
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Ah, so this is where Allmega got the thing. I'm still shaking...that thing is freaky deaky...
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Spirit Guide
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Hmm, have already seen the movie Braindead 4 times today so that thing didnt work so well.... Aw well... better luck next time!

But it was pretty funny!
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That scared the crap out of me... I thought it was an actual test...

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Wow deja vu, those things are really getting old...
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Damn sentinel! i can't see the site. i have to wait till i get home......
The extensive mathematics behind everything you’ve done and will do is an art in itself. Such is its beauty that some artists go mad. Have you had your daily does of math today?
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