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Lightbulb General OVA questions

In a vain attempt to try and stop 100 post all about the same thing, Iíve posted this thread for people ask any general questions people have about the Angel Sanctuary OVA.

I thought I answer the most common to get the ball rolling

"How many episodes are there?"
There are 3 episode in total all on the one video/DVD. Running time approx. 135min. Until recently there was only a bad HK sub import available, but CPM have resently released a dub version, that out on both video and DVD, though I havenít seen it yet.

"Are there any more episodes coming?"

closely liked with

"Is there are TV series?"
No and sadly no. There is only one OVA and that is it! Yes there is a weird cliff hunger at the end but truly that where it ends. And there isnít any more AS anime planed for the foreseeable future either.

Another reason why paople should buy the manga!

"How much of the story does the OVA cover?"
The OVA covers 3 1/4 of the first 20 manga books. So thatís roughly less then 1 tenth of the overall story and cuts out some of itís best characters.

Any others?
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How were they going to tell a good story in just 3 episodes?
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They weren't. The anime was created for two reasons: to promote the 20-volume-long manga, and as a "gift" to fans of said manga. Tons of anime OVAs are created for similar reasons.
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what there are 20 book? oh! i stoped reading at book 19 because i thought that this story is not going to end!

anyways the ova is just a preview because the story truly begins where the ova stops
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