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Question technical question about lodoss music

Hello everyone,

As you can see I'm relatively new to the board, but since I posted my hello else where I'll just launch right in:

I just finished watching Record of Lodoss War (the version with 13 episodes), and really liked the music during the opening credits (when Deedlit is riding around behind Parn), but I couldn't seem to find it. It has the exact same tune as "Adesso e Fortuna" - but my more musically inclined friend says different girls sing them, and the version on the VHS tape has two less bars of introduction before the woman starts singing (if that helps anyone ). Anyway we were watching the 1996 translation of the 1991 Japanese release. I tried to transcibe the words below in case anyone is more familiar with the music. Please, excuse my horrid attempt to write the Japanese phonetically. If someone could tell me if there were different translations and they changed the words in the main song from one to another, or if they changed the words in the remake of the series (which I have yet to watch), it would be greatly appreciated.


What we heard on the VHS tape:

The way that you
Embrace me with your strong and powerful arms
Your haunting words, keep me close
To everything about you.

Romantic embrace, in wings that almost tear upon my heart
Canít let you go, donít you know
E yo sono brie ju nera
A captive in your gentle hands
A prisoner of your soulful eyes
Your special smile will never part.

If the morning sun should free me
It really wouldnít let me go
Iíd still be caught, inside your love
Canít rise above, the chains of your heart.

And the words to "Adesso e Fortuna:"

Caught by the moonlight
A silent rest a shimmer in the trees
Oh what a night for dreams, a night of destiny
Others are sleeping so wonder where our music in the air
Magic can weep just for me
E yo sono brie junera
Sweet fascination
Though I donít understand the words you say
You wisper soft and low, and I am swept away
But your enchantment
I tremble when you hold me close this way
Drawn like a moth to a flame
E yo sono brie junera
My fate is in your arms tonight
Your love is shining in your eyes
Will you be mine tomorrow
E yo sono
My heart will never more be free
A part of you Iíll always be from now until eternity

Deep as the ocean with every kiss Iím deeper in your spell
Love me again tonight you are my one desire
Waves of emotion I know that this is where I want to be
Locked in your arms with no key
E yo sono brie junera
My fate is in your arms tonight
Your love is shining in your eyes, will you be mine tomorrow
E yo sono brie junera
My heart will never more be free
A part of you Iíll always be
From now until eternity
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