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A nice girl I drew today!

Well, I guess I forgot how to draw clothes again. Fear not tho, this drawing has no nudity and is very innocent. I CGed this then made it black and white to make it a lil more dramatic. Im happy with it, Ive been keeping up my pace of creating one completed drawing a day.. taking up usually 2-3 hours each night. Hey, I cant help but love to draw.

Anyway, this drawin was very hard for me cuz I did a very strange pose mixed with a hard perspective.. I tried my best but there will always be some problems with the foreshortening and stuff.

Here it is, just copy and paste:
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omg another close to naked one. your really testing the barriers now aren'tcha?? but i must admit it very good. but how are you drawings these so fast??
also she seems very happy and young for a picture like this
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A picture like this..i thought it was tastefull. If they mod that one id just be insulted. She looks happy, wasnt supposed to be "young". Hmm.. i guess in anime, ages are a lil hard to draw differently.

Anyway, I really like the eyes on this one but they looked better with color, oh well. I went overboard on the top eyelash, trying something different.

Ohh yea, I was originally gonna do it with clothes, but since I was mainly just working on the perspective and pose.. i thought itd be better without.

As for speed? I dont know, how long does it take the rest of you to make a complete drawing. Im lazy, so I just do one sketch, no rough drafts or that stuff. So, a sketch doesnt take long, and with my cheapskate CGing the whole process is pretty fast.

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This one's fine. It's not that risque.
I like the face.
The angle is very cool.
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..Yeah..I agree with Foxxe, it's not too hentai-ish really, it's Art.....heh, and I like the, she has a nice face....she kawaii.....that's all I have to say.....
Do u know who ur speaking too?

I'm Apocalypse...A spirit from the dark realms of Darkness...So, I finally decided to try something new and join in a Anime Board. I Love to draw Anime, and one day I hope to become a artist on Japanese Animation.....(AP!)
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Sorry to burst your bubble. Get angry all you want but

NO links or urls to images or web sites containing Hentai, adult/nudity allowed.
You've been posting a lot of these kinds recently and sooner or later it'll cross the borderline. It did when you posted 'kitty' girl so consider this your first warning.
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