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((OOC: I'm leaving for the summer, so I'll have limited internet/computer access. I'll most definitely try my best to continue posting, at least once a week, so please don't hate me. I promise to do my best. See you all soon!))
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((OOC: Have fun, Lady Fanel!))

Orahn and Clip charged into the woods, Clip in the lead with a look in his eye that bespoke misfortune for Bravura--or at least a good telling-off. Orahn jogged along behind him still in his usual upbeat mood and thinking all they had ahead of them was a single, not-too-terribly troublesome monster. They'd do their challenge in for the night and return to camp.

Oh he'd get a challenge alright, in the form of a marathon.

After a short run into the forest the pair skidded to a halt when the ground beneath them began to rumble. Deep bellows echoed from the direction they were headed and drew rapidly nearer. "That doth not bode well..," the elder grinned nervously.

Suddenly the two they were looking for burst out of the bushes some yards ahead of them in full sprint directly toward them, but Bravura and Knit didn't appear to see them. The reason came momentarily. They were too intent upon getting as far away from the entire herd of giant, tentacled Ochu hot on their heels as possible. It was enough to make Orahn and Clip stare for a second.

Orahn recovered first and, grabbing the back of Clip's collar ("How 'bout it, in the mood for a race?"), gave him a yank in the direction everyone was running. By that time Bravura and Knit had caught up to them, and the four tore back to camp with the rampaging mob coming up fast. They erupted into the clearing--and soon out the opposite side--unleashing bedlam. Students and teachers alike sprang headlong wherever there wasn't an Ochu, though luckily that was in the same general direction as the horde made quite a wall. Orahn let fly an occasional electric bolt behind him without much hope other than it might slow the pursuing monster down a bit. It was more important to move the heck out the way than stand and concentrate on a decent spell. There were too many Ochu anyway.

He hailed a student running nearby. "Nice night (pant) for a jog, eh Minerva? Somehow though I don't think (pant) running from a lot of octopi (pant) is the prime experience Armistead intended (pant) to make excellent mages of us!"

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*Bwip* Charel blinked once. She'd been sitting near the fire awaiting a meal when the noise had started. It sounded heavy but the chemist ignored the rumble and contented herself with singing off key and waving her hands over the fire.

"Sing a little song, sing a little song... lets all sing a dinner song until the food is done!" Lazily she watched the fire until finally a student ran screaming by. Followed by another... and another. My it seemed like everyone was in a big big rush.

"Hi, my name is Charel..." She smiled and waved politely to one of her panicked classmates.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeglglglgeeee!" Charel stood then, batting her lashes and turning to stare up at the ponderously huge tenctle sporting monster. It was big and green and waved its flange (sp?) garbling angrily.

"Waaaah... you are so big!" Obviously clueless to the danger Charel smiled widely and wiggled her arms in imitation of the creature.

"Grrreeeeeglglee...Do you want to be friends?"
"Ach, Hans its the Lufegorh!"
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Does anyone know the Uchu's characteristics? What can/ca't they do?

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Spoiler: Everyone died
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that is a lot of people............(ouch)
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