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You will be watching Ilpalazzo!

Viz has the rights to the Excel Saga manga. Should be interesting how much of the comics were translated into animation.
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
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SWEET SWEET SWEET AND SUPER SWE.......wait a sec did you say Viz?.......CRP CRAP CRAPITY CRAP CRAP i aint got that type of money....digh..oh well ill start working next month^^
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Actually, Viz is dropping their monthly comics format and switching to graphic novels-only. Their future titles will also be released at a new, lower price point. So take heart. As long they don't get Trish Ledoux to translate it you can expect a reasonably faithful, reasonably priced comic. It remains to be seen whether it will be edited: the anime was also a great deal tamer than the manga.

Oh, and no Pedro, Nabeshin or Puchuus. Those are unique to the anime.
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