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Sergeant Wittmann
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It would suck if one broke open during transport. Seems unlikely though.
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I have to get in on this

Hi this is my first post on Anime Boards, I have been waiting for activation for two weeks and now I am up!!! (I took my name as an appreciative nod towards an Escaflowne character) I have wanted to respond to this thread for all that time, and now I can!

First off: Gasaraki is great. Is it realistic? Not really, but it does make a remarkable attempt to give the story a level of verisilimitude not seen in other anime, which I respect greatly. Its a great addition to my anime library.

AchtungAffen: I have really enjoyed your posts, am impressed w/ your logic and attitude, and I would like to respond to them. I am an American. My family is Sicilian, Corsican, and Irish, making me the prototypical American mutt.

With that said, I would like to address some of your comments.

1. The Crusades were fought for money. THis is true to an extent, and accurate in cases of men like Bohemond Guiscard, but utterly inaccurate in describing others, such as Raymond IV The Count of Toulouse. (If you disagree I can elaborate extensively on this should you choose)

2. THe IMF/World Bank is bad. THis is true, but more complex than you would have others believe. The statement is also heart renching to hear from an Argentinian, because by far Argentina tried to do the most to cast a new page in Latin American history by making such a seemingly miraculous recovery after La Guerra Sucia. This of course occured during your favorite president's reign. Anyways, the IMF has a series of steps designed to combat soft currency, which are really hard to swallow, but they are in most cases necessary. As you know, when a corrupt regime,such as the Junta in Argentina, or the Mexicans in the 80's as well, tries to hide economic problems with inflation, the currency of that country is essentially worthless in combating debt, since its now "soft" and unreliable in international exchanges. THis is what utterly destroyed Yugoslavia before the breakup, where you had inflation everyday. What the imf does, is initiate a series of steps designed to get a country on the track to economic recovery by forcing it to use hard, tradable/exchangeable currency, such as U.S. dollars (which are fairly stable). Unfortunatly the disruption of state controled work forces and other controls required by the IMF are often times unbearable.

Is there corruption? Probably
Is the debt necessary in loans? Absolutely not. I say that the U.S. should squash ALL debt in Latin America and Africa (but my political party isn't doing so well right now) Collecting interst in these times is cruel and saddening.

However the austerity measures required by the IMF and World Bank to restore a corrupted and railroaded currency are necessary.

Calling Bush an Ape. This I object to because he is an admirable person. He called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea Evil. He is the only one in the world that had the "balls" to calls the as_ _ _ _ _ s that run those countries out, for all the world to see. That requires respect. He could just as easily play nice like the Swedes did during WWII, in the name of the Alliance, but he has refused to. You ought to alteast give him that.

Information. Last summer I interned with an "important government agency" (I don't want my ignorance to reflect badly upon them) While there I learned so much about Al Qaeda, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Angola, China, Singapore, etc. which has left me with one startling conclusion: the vast majority of the world knows little to nothing about what really goes down until years upon years have passed. WHat Bush' press secretary says, and what will happen are essentially divorced from each other. Who here besides me and my "friends" knew that Al Qaeda sends information to its followers using messages incripted in Internet Pornagraphy images (like hiding a needle in a haystack) and most importantly, who knows that Ramsi Yosef, the guy that bombed the world trade center the first time around was trained by Iraqi Intelligence? (This has been made public knowledge btw) I am NOT going to miss Saddam when we soon send him to hell. This man put generals that defected into vats of acid, along with their immediate families. He needs to die....soon.

The PLO is out for money. This is absolutely accurate. Statistically they have all of the assets and operational logistics of a Fortune 500 company. They control nearly every aspect of Palestinian life including health care and education (which is great, especially when they have murals in public schools w/ Usama Bin Laden). They also hate Israel, but that goes w/o saying since they were essentially offered a State by Ehud Barak, but turned it down since it didn't encapsulate the area occupied by the "enemy" (Israel).

Guns for bucks. This is certainly true. The U.S. makes a substantial amount of money selling guns & ammo and more importantly, parts and technicians to other countries. But so does everyone, who has them to sell. I own an ak47, an M1, a .38, a .45, .357, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. Am a psycho killer? No just a shooting enthusisast, which is funny because I'm probably the only liberal on the shooting range. It takes a murderous mind to use those weapons. We try not to sell them to nuts, but of course made the mistake of arming Saddam, when he was fighting the Iranians, who during the 80's were a serious pain. THis policy is hard to make sense of, because we try arm the "good guys", who in turn may later become the "bad guys". You can't predict the future. But if we sell a country like Egypt weapons to protect itself from radical elements that seek to destroy it, such as the fanatics who killed their president in 1980, (whose names are enshrined as a street name in Iran btw)
than isn't that a good thing?

U.S. Policy overall. You criticize much of what the current government is doing, and much of what you say is reasonable and logical. Its very easy to criticize the loan super power, because all eyes of the world turn to us, and every action and word is disected. You are right in citing our influence in the Middle East. The U.S. is stronger (for now...all things must end [my money is that the mid 21st century - 22nd will be largely dominated by a Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Singapore alliance, w/ Japan as a lacky]) than any other country in the world. However, in history, what powerful nation has acted more manganmously than the U.S? China? hah. Russia? haha. The British Empire? hah. The Romans? yeah sure... The Holy Roman Empire (Charelemagne)? Ask any Saxons about that. The Ottoman Empire?

Actually the Ottoman Empire is the closest contender, but almost no one reads about them, so I don't have to really worry about that being used to destroy my point.

Anyways, I know that the U.S.' policy is not perfect, but its policy does have a method of reasoning that is the product of an unfortunate marriage between political pressure, especially corporate business conglomerates, interests, and the ideology of the leaders, which is the closest the world has come to having the common man promote their desires in the actions of their goverment.

No other powerful nation, with powerful responisibilities, can make that claim. Norway and Sweden, and likeminded neutrals do not have the burden of the world's problems on their shoulders so its easy for them to make decisions that would be far more difficult for the U.S. to enact. WHen you do, you get something like the U.S. government pre WWI, and to some extent, pre WWII, which is now criticized as "failing" to act in the face of terror, as opposed to the current overacting in the face of imagined terror.

If you read all of this, than thankyou.

I look forward to posting in animeboards (mostly about anime, I won't do this again unless its requested)


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Sergeant Wittmann
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Not too shabby Merle-Meister.
I'd like to say that I agree with your stance on Saddam and those other swine. Well played.
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Isn't gasaraki just a rather bad take on multiple animes before, I'm pretty sure I've seen this under fifty different titles. Although, I wouldn't call it fake, It's an anime, not a reality tv show. if you want reality go out your front door, But I'm happy to sit on my couch and rot under piles of dvd's.
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Because the thread you necrod contains my old pal and mortal enemy, AchtungAffen, I will forgive you your sins.
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John Faulkner
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Did anyone actually go through the whole thread?

Originally Posted by Kizzim, in reply to Fred
If you wish to make this more personal, i will show you how computer literate i am, and i will start DoS attacks, and i will bring yer site down, and everyone on yer links site, that is not a company. Anytime you want to settle this in RL, let me know.
Originally Posted by AchtungAffen, in reply to Fred
You know what, we might be like water and oil but Im starting to like you. Like that physics law, opposites atract. We might meet someday to have a fight or something. Bye
Fucking hilarious!

AnimeBoards - where people defend their POVs to the death!

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Lol, I have just entered the death arena, It's a cut-throat kill everything and then screw it's dead body forum, i thought we would gently discuss animes not shoot everybody else because they like an anime.
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