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opening-Yu Yu Hakusho, X TV, Noir, G-on Riders, SuperGALS!

ending-Vandread: FS, Tokyo Underground, Magical Project S
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Neo Evangelion
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Opening: Azumanga Daioh, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion

Closing: Azumanga Daioh, .hack//Sign, Cowboy Bebop

Behind every villain, there's a soul...
Behind every hero, there's a choice...
Behind every battle, there's a destiny...
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Opening Themes:

Kenshin TV series circa Tales of Meiji Arc

Record of Lodoss War TV opening (Not quite "catchy", but really nice)

"Drivers High" -- GTO

"Give a Reason" --Slayers Next

"Illusion" --El Hazard THe Wanderers

Vandread First Stage opening (Title I THINK is "Together," could be wrong though)

Martian Successor Nadesico Opening.

Ending Themes:

"My Will" -- Inuyasha

"Deep Forest" --Inuyasha

Slayers Next Ending

"Pink" --Banner of the Stars
"Light...or Darkness. Between you and I, all will be decided." - Ashram, the Black Knight

Robotech Master
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Utena's own "Rinbu revolution"

I still remember that day I had my anime music cassette on my walkman at work and everybody was laughing at my back because I was like humming "naranaraku nananaklu ikteyukuouououououou, let go of me take my revolutioouuouououououon", phonetically guessing of course.

But the catchiest theme from anime history, although no opening nor outro, is without a doubt: DO IT MINNIE MAY! from the GSC derived music. And of course, I don't know from what anime, Megumi hayashibara singing Until Strawberry sherbet.
Eva resources en espaņol
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I believe Until Strawberry Sherbet is from either Sorcerer Hunters or the OAV. It's Tira's theme.

Openings: Excel Saga, NGE
Endings: Sorcerer Hunters, Angel Sanctuary

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Songs that get stuck in your head and won't go away...

Lightning Heart (opening theme from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna)
Duvet (opening theme from Serial Experiments Lain)

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Nadesico, Evangelion (i still can't stop mumbling along to it), Lain, Bebop.

Outlaw Star (both, i love the manner in which it's done*), Oh My Goddess, Hellsing.

*I can't quite describe the style, sort of a ballad i suppose.
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mistress bunny
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1. Gravitation TV (Super Drive & Glaring Dream)
2. Gravitation OAV (Blind Game Again & Smashing Blue)
3. Kare Kano (can't remember their titles)
4. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Rinbu Revolution & Virtual Star Embryology)
5. Pretear (White Destiny & forgot the ED song title)
6. Cardcaptor Sakura (first season)
7. Escaflowne
8. Angelic Layer
9. Azumanga Daioh (Soramimi Cake & Raspberry Heaven)
10.Jubei Chan ED song

EDIT: Didn't realized this but should this topic be at the anime music section?

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OP themes:

Onegai Teacher (Shooting star)
GTO (Driver's High)
Cowboy Bebop (TANK)
Excel Saga (AI Sincere Heart)
Serial Experiments Lain (Duvet)

Ending Themes

Tokyo Underground (Dunno the name)
Rurouni Kenshin (4th Avenue Cafe)
Rurouni Kenshin (Heart of the sword)
Cowboy Bebop (Real Folk Blues)
FLCL (Ride on Shooting star)
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Gits: Stand Alone Complex - Inner Universe (i think)
Wolf's Rain - Stray
Love Hina - Sakura Saku


Evangelion - Fly Me To The Moon
Wolf's Rain - (can't remember )
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