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Vampire Girl by Hardcover

A picture of some unknown vampire girl I did using pen and ink originally, then augmenting it using Manga Sudio and Adobe Photoshop, neither of which can hide the fact that my artwork sucks, but here you go.

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Project Akira
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Well everyone starts somewhere so don't be too hard on yourself. There are some things that you did do that weren't too bad. I like that you gave her a prop which a lot of beginners don't do. There are some nice little details that you put in there that I think make it a really good start. I really like the pattern on her skirt.

However here are somethings you can do to improve what you've started. I really recommend drawing from life and trying to understand the form of the human body. Watch how people sit. You can really say a lot about a character with their posture and body language.

Also when you ink varying your line weight is really key to make the picture work. You want things closer to the viewer to have heavier lines and things you don't want noticed as much should have less heavy lines. Her mouth is a little hard to read visually and since she's a vampire girl you don't want that. Her mouth should be a focal point since she's a vampire girl so it needs to be easier to read.

One thing that I really think you should do is maybe look at some fashion so you can make her look more distinctive. I love that purse but it doesn't look it belongs with her outside of maybe that dress. You should make her whole outfit look a little more coherent so that things don't look out of place. Make her hair more asymmetrical, put some things on her wrists, and other little touches to make her look a little more unique. One of the things that's a drawback of the anime and manga style is that a lot of times the characters don't look very visually interesting. Again look at how girls dress to get ideas. Research can really help when coming up with ideas.

I hope these tips are helpful and thanks for posting in here!
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Nice comments Project Akira.

But I really like this picture though! It's not perfect, but it is very very good--keep up the awesome work!
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