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Hmmm... I'm sure you all know this by now, but some time ago Tech TV aired CotS not too long ago... I liked it a lot, but can't find any of its sequals.

Oh, and since I belive Mobile Suit Gundam was out before CotS, I believe it is more groundbreaking. It doesn't hold a candle to Crest, though.

But that's my opinion.
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Originally posted by Andrew D
I wouldn't say that. Remember, Star Trek is the biggest sci-fi franchise of all time and Babylon 5 is regarded as a classic by much of fandom.
That's the answer right there. Star Trek sells, but B5 is much better.

However, the most recent Trek films and series have not gotten good ratings, so perhaps people are demanding more quality plots?

Crest of the Stars is pretty interesting. Don't think most people want to think.
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