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John Faulkner
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What's Up With The New Members?


Questions for Eva2000 and the moderators:

Why are members who have joined after 15.09.07 not included on the members list?

Why is it that whenever I click on a new member to see their profile, a screen comes up saying that I'm not allowed to access it? If I remember correctly, one of the moderators suggested in one of my Introduction threads that I PM new members to let them know that I've made such threads for them - but that's hardly a possibility if I a) don't know who the new members are from the members list and b) can't even see their bloody profiles.

Have you checked that new members have the capability to post? I found some stats on AnimeBoards here:

Here is the graph on new members over the last yr:

The hard facts say that the number of new members signing up per week has roughly doubled compared to last year. This year alone, ~550 new members have signed up. Great. However, none have posted ANYTHING.

So what's going on here? Are these new members robots? Or real people who happen to have an aversion to typing and/or an inability to string s