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Gutentag Folks.

Just wanted to introduce myself to the forums here. Looks like ya'll have got a good thing going here (yes I am a Southerner).

Look forward to posting.
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orochi X
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Heyo Unlikely Fan, welcome to Animeboards and have fun here.
you selfish generation!
you upset all the hong kong people;
and all the hong kong uncle!
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"It has testicles, you know."
"It could scarcely do without them."
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sprechen deutch? welcomen there bud
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Welcome to animeboards. What inspired your username?
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Unlikely Fan
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My name comes from the fact that I'm probably THE most unlikely person that you would suspect watching....much less appreciating anime. When I was in highschool I was a starter for our Varsity Football team (even though I made straight As). Also there is still a very bad stereotype (particularly in the South) that says that Anime=cartoon porn, and MOST people down here don't seem to understand the difference.

I'm trying to teach myself Deutsch as we speak.

Oh and by the way Dranix, Ich rauche Zigarren, danke.
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