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I admit that I don't come here very often due to my busy lifestyle and didn't know about this til I checked my message box . But I must thank my 2 voters (MauveVandal and Orochi X) for their votes and this pleasant surprise.

Congratulations for everyone who managed to win.
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Holy crap in a hat...

I wasn't even aware that I got nominated for something. Good thing I didn't win then. *whew*
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um, golly, do i feel bad! i just learned today i'm a co-winner of the animeboards cowboy bebop honorary awards, so for the past two weeks or more, the poor person who voted for me has gone without thanks. so, well, "thank-you" whoever you are! and congratulations to Drizzten as well.

... didn't even know about this until i logged in today ... gee, how awfully sweet ...
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well, that's all good. too bad there weren't many voters. congrats to all winners
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Thank you.
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I'm sure its already been said, but I'm gonna say it.

Is it me, or does it seem like there was a low vote count in comparison to last years awards?
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