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Post Interview with Franca Dochley

Franca Dochley became an anime action star at the age of 15 when she appeared in Coyote Ragtime Show. Today, her anime and acting career is behind her as she lives the life of a typical college student. We sat down with Franca and asked her to reminisce.

Question: What was it like being an action star at 15?

Franca: Weird. Weird and wonderful. I had a great time overall. I was recognized everywhere I went. People treated me like I was important. The hard part was not letting it get to my head.

Q: And how did you keep it from getting to your head?

F: With the help of friends and my parents. Anytime I started to act a bit haughty, they would let me know in no uncertain terms. They told me when to pull back. I hate to know how I would have turned out if I did not have trusting friends who could speak honestly with me.

Q: So your friends were cool with you being a big star.

F: Looking back, I obviously was not that big. A minor star perhaps. But my friends knew the real me and how to pull her back when the celebrity me started taking over.

Q: Not many stars would react that way.

F: And they are no longer stars. Of course, neither am I any more. (Laughs)

Q: Tell us about your audition for Coyote Ragtime.

F: Would you believe I had two auditions that day? Coyote was in the afternoon. I have no idea what the one in the morning was for. I received a portion of a nameless script to study the night before. When I got to that audition, all I was asked to do was to enter a room, take off my coat, and throw it on a chair. Then they thanked me for coming. I still have no idea what that was all about. It was still on my mind when I went for the Coyote audition. I did not do my best, but one of the producers said I was cute and to put me on call back. I had a second reading with Mister and he liked me. So I got the part.

Q: How did your family react?

F: They were proud. Although my parents did not want me to do anything with too much violence or profanity. So I never showed them the script.

Q; What was your favorite scene in the show?

F: When I make my first appearance in episode 2. Iím running my fatherís old bar, and a fight breaks out. I get to boss and bully these giant six foot plus tough guys. That was fun. The extras playing the tough guys had fun, too. We were really laughing about it between shots.

Q: You had a stunt double, but I understand you did some of those stunts yourself?

F: The simple ones. Also the not so simple ones when they wanted to see my face. I remember one episode where Mister and I had to swim underwater. I can swim underwater Ė when I wear a bathing suit. But fully dressed? The clothes sucked in water and it was difficult to move. I had to smile like I was having fun.

Q: Who was your favorite cast member to work with?

F: I had fun with all of them. Of course I had the most interaction with Mister. He and Katana were always looking out for me. Katana was our union rep on the production, so he was always there making sure I was not being asked to do anything too dangerous. At our cast party, he slipped me a glass of champaign. It was my first drink of alcohol ever. Katana told me I was not allowed to have a second, but I snuck one later. I ended up in a chair dozing off.

Q: Why was there no second season? The series ended with a lead in.

F: Yeah. We all thought there would be a second season. But the network wouldnít pick it up. We did not get super great ratings.

Q: What happened to your acting career then?

F: I only got small role offers. But the fact was I was never serious about acting. This was a one-shot deal. It was fun. I had been in a few kids theater productions and was noticed. My folks and I thought it would be a great way to get money for college. That is all I was interested in. My folks could not afford the education I really wanted. So Iím spending all that money now.

Q: What are you studying?

F: Iím a math major, although I could switch to engineering. I would like to teach, but. . . . Iím trying to keep my options open.

Q: And you have a boyfriend?

F: Oh, yes. He just started grad school. Itís pretty serious.

Q: Do you ever get to anime conventions? And if so, how do they greet you there?

F: I get to a few. I do get recognized six years after. Fans ask pretty much the same questions as you. We did not get the fanatical following other animes get, so we donít have fans that are as pushy. Thatís a good thing, because it is easier to relax. Mister and I did a convention together a few months back. There was a couple cosplaying us. I had to laugh, but I really appreciated it. It was the best complement I could ever get.
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